Man Uses DIY Firework Drone to Clear Street Party

Footage uploaded last night depicted a new, innovative way in which disgruntled members of the neighborhood can intervene when a street party goes on a little too late into the evening.

Frankly, I'm not sure how legal it is to set a drone loaded with fireworks on your neighbors, but I'm sure that many will relish in the concept nonetheless.

Called the cops? They're not interested? Typical. Time to take matters into your own hands... right?

Ever heard of ear-plugs?

If the neighborhood vigilante continues, the poor neighborhood might never be able to have a chilled barbeque or July 4th get-together ever again.

Are there any positive uses for a drone?

Maybe they're too futuristic for my change-hating/modern skeptic brain, but with all the trouble that they seem to cause, maybe we should be more cautious of these flying robots.

I mean, I guess that there's nothing wrong with a helpful drone...

Sadly, they didn't quite figure out how to get the drone to put the dishes onto the table.

This has got to be cat cruelty...