Footage uploaded last night depicted a new, innovative way in which disgruntled members of the neighborhood can intervene when a street party goes on a little too late into the evening.

Frankly, I'm not sure how legal it is to set a drone loaded with fireworks on your neighbors, but I'm sure that many will relish in the concept nonetheless.

Called the cops? They're not interested? Typical. Time to take matters into your own hands... right?

Ever heard of ear-plugs?

Even though this DIY venture does sound like something that Ron Swanson would do, in terms of noise, Ron actually always opted for the less passive-aggressive, sound-repelling headphone option.

Love thy neighbor?

Some people might think that a tirade of fireworks in the middle of the night is a bit excessive. Scaring neighbors surely isn't the best way to stay in anyone's good books...

But a good night's sleep is the most important thing.

"I don't care if it's your birthday, your graduation, or your retirement... some of us have to get up at 6am!" And, heck, who knows? Maybe this neighborhood vigilante has a newborn baby that they'd just put down for the night.

No party is worth waking up a newborn.

The parents will be grey and organizing their own retirement parties before they can get the kid to settle again.

The DIY Firework Drone Dude remains a mystery for now.

Maybe it was the same drone joker that caused chaos at London's Heathrow over Christmas last year.

Remember the Heathrow drone guy?

Britain's second-largest airport, Heathrow, suffered major delays and closures last December. The airport was closed for thirty-six hours after a drone interrupted the landing gates and closed for a further couple of hours on December 21st after the drone was spotted again.

They never found who was controlling the drone.

As you can imagine, whoever did it was not popular with the general public. Police and military were called in to try to stop the drone and 1,000 flights and 14,000 passengers were affected over the Christmas period.

"Anti-drone" equipment is now being installed in major airports.

After the witnessing the effects of London's drone disruption, Britain's defense secretary, Gavin Thompson, claimed: "All airports should be investing in detection and deterrence systems....owing to drones being flown close to the runway.'

Maybe this neighborhood will need anti-drone equipment, too.

If the neighborhood vigilante continues, the poor neighborhood might never be able to have a chilled barbeque or July 4th get-together ever again.

Are there any positive uses for a drone?

They can be used to make beautiful videos from a bird's-eye point of view, but it seems that the only things that drones are used for nowadays is disrupting people in multiple different ways.

Personally, I think that drones are pretty spooky.

Maybe they're too futuristic for my change-hating/modern skeptic brain, but with all the trouble that they seem to cause, maybe we should be more cautious of these flying robots.

I mean, I guess that there's nothing wrong with a helpful drone...

This man has figured a helpful use for his drone, sometimes we could do with an extra hand I suppose!

This restaurant thought out of the box...

Sadly, they didn't quite figure out how to get the drone to put the dishes onto the table.

This has got to be cat cruelty...

I hope that it's not a real cat and that it's some sort of clever camera trick. If it is real, I hope that the owner got cat sick on the top of their head.

Why you shouldn't hire a drone as a babysitter...

For anyone wondering whether attaching your baby to a drone might be a fun and wild experience, I think that this prototype example will prove otherwise.

Having two drones is a game-changer...

Alright, even I, a drone skeptic, can't deny that being carried around in a hammock would be great.

Enough with the drone/pet contraptions!

Now I know that some people find that walking their dog a pain, but getting a drone to do it for you isn't a viable option! Look what happens with this poor mutt. Get your dog walked the old fashioned way... get a kid to do it.

Why does everyone think that their pet wants to fly?

Look at this poor rat, I really don't think that he wants to be strapped to this drone. Petition for drone users to not be allowed to involve their pets in their drone-doings...

Petition against the Firework Drone guy?

No one wants to have fireworks set off on them, even if they are being a little noisy... least of all fireworks set off by a drone (as you have witnessed, this equipment isn't exactly stable).

See for yourself and decide what you think.

If this was one of my neighbors, I reckon that I'd be looking for a new place to live... I'm not up for civilian warfare, least of all with drones involved... yeesh.