You Can Now Make Sick Beats by Having Siri Crunch Numbers

If you thought you were just catching up with the crazy Internet challenges of 2018, well get ready – 2019 is coming in hot with a new one that is sure to make you laugh and most likely dance.

We've all asked Siri some crazy questions before, waiting for a response in that technologically charming voice. Her answers, as accurate as they may be, always bring some subtle humor because you're basically talking to a pocket robot with the most inhuman voice to ever exist.

Some iPhone users are finding out that Siri can make a pretty sick beat when you ask her a few math equations and the results have already spurred on a 2019 Internet challenge that might be the freshest start to the new year we've ever heard.

Now all you need is a pencil.

If you add a few tapping noises, you automatically get an insanely sick beat.

Now we're really making music!

This guy grabbed his mic and a looper and it feels like a whole new world of music that our ears have never heard before.

It's even better when you rap with it.

These guys rapped along to Siri's endless fire of zeroes and I think we've got a new single about to top the charts.

Could you imagine the rap battle?

There is so much potential here. I would kill to go to a live #SiriChallenge battle and hear our girl go at it, head to head with people making great beats and teaching the world a math lesson while she's at it.

It even sounds great when you change Siri's voice.

You know how you can change the accent of Siri to sound like a hot Australian or British man? Even the male Siri can bring the heat and makes a great song as well.

Listeners are shook.

People on Twitter were really impressed with the #SiriChallenge because who knew she had it in her.

Lunchtime is about to be bumpin'.

Lunchrooms across the country are about to be turned-up to a whole new level and all kids need is Siri and a few pens to make the whole cafeteria a dance club.

Not everyone is cut out for this challenge.

Others tried it, and let's just say not everyone has the gift that Siri has to make sick beats.

This guy has got it down.

Siri and a few lucky collaborators made a sick beat together, like this guy who made an entire song out of it. Please tell me I can get this on Spotify soon!

Android users, you'll also have to sit this one out.

There is another group that can't participate in this trend, and that's the group of Android users, who have no access to Siri. At least they can watch the videos on Twitter!

We are thriving already.

2019 is bringing the heat and I'm not even mad. This is a challenge I stand for.

Here's one for the road.

It's one whole minute of bumpin music with the wonderful sound of so many zeroes. You're welcome.

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