Lego’s World Map Allows You to Track Your Travels and Turn Them Into Art

Amazon has released Lego's World Map and it's not just for show! The travel tracker turned art installation is a fully subversive project, perfect for anyone looking to get their hands on something fun...

Amazon has announced it's now selling Lego's largest-ever build set, the LEGO Art World Map.


This map contains a whopping 11,695 pieces, and it's now available to buy from Amazon.

It has forty base plates to build the map on, and you can arrange the image into one of 3 different configurations, so you can put your favorite part of the world in the center of the map.


You can also place pins on top of the bricks to mark places you've traveled to or places you'd like to visit.

The LEGO Art World Map also includes its own soundtrack so "you can enjoy an audio world tour as you build."


You can even hear from Torbjørn C Pedersen, the first person to visit every country (without flying).

The product description reads: "Step back from your busy life, focus on a creative challenge, and build a gorgeous piece that will look great on display in your home or office.


"Part of a collection of inspiring LEGO building sets made for adults interested in art, design, architecture, and pop culture, it also makes the perfect gift for yourself or a hobbyist in your life looking for their next project."

The LEGO Art World Map (LEGO 31203), is available on Amazon for $249.99.


If you're ready for a fully immersive experience, you can order yours here.