LEGO Are Releasing a 'Friends' Set to Mark the Show's 25th Anniversary and It's Perfect

"I'll be there for you," they said, "when the rain starts to pour," they said.

This promise was reiterated to us week in week out by the TV show and, because we're all gullible fools, we believed it. Well, there has been plenty of rain since that fateful evening of May 6th, 2004, when Friends ended and we had no more new episodes to look forward to.

Just like that, cya later - Jenifer Aniston has been off making plenty of movies with Adam Sandler, or is Ben Stiller? They both look the same to me... Courtney Cox did Cougar Town, Matthew Perry played Zak Efron (if you know, you know...). David Schwimmer was an animated giraffe and then Kim K's dad. And Lisa Kurdow's... been around, hasn't she? Matt Le Blanc had that unsuccessful Joey spin-off and most recently took over Top Gear (ugh) but I think he's finished with that now...

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But, whatever they've been up to, what they haven't been up to is returning to their orange couch-shaped thrones at Central Perk.

I wish that I could tell you that, to mark the show's 25th Anniversary, the cast have reunited, but that would only be half true. Well, in a way,  the cast have reunited. Only it's in LEGO form. That's right! LEGO has teamed up with whoever owns the Friends franchise and has decided to bring out a Friends set!

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Would you look at that...

via: Lego

I think that LEGO have done themselves proud with this latest set. Talking about the collection, Lego has teased: "The one with LEGO bricks. Coming soon." Genius.

LEGO first hinted at the release on Twitter.

I think that we can all appreciate @bread_Walsh's reply: "the true f.r.i.e.n.d.s were the ones we built along the way."

So, who features in the collection?