Adorable Kids' Farmers Market Stand Is Getting Rave Reviews From Parents

Amazon's farmers market stand for kids is a huge hit with parents, and it's currently on sale!

The wooden Farmers Market Stand will provide hours of fun for your child, while also expanding their interpersonal skills...


And it also helps teach them about money!

The stand contains over thirty Pieces...


"25 Fruits and Vegetables, Fruit Jams, Cash Register, Chalkboard, and Shopping Bag."

It's made from "sturdy all-natural wood and non-toxic paint" and is suitable for ages 3 onwards.


The description reads: "Pretend play with Svan Farmer's Market Stand will inspire your child to create and imagine creatively. Children will also learn social skills when they have to share and play together."

And people are really loving letting their kids run wild with their imaginations...


‚ÄčOne shopper wrote: "Easy to assemble with a little help from the kids. Portable so you can use it as a lemonade stand on the street or in different rooms/backyard. My girls (3 and 5) are obsessed! Really adorable, and well thought out design. The little hidden shelf behind the stand and the wood fruit are heavy enough for the kids to feel like it's real... yay for no cheap plastic! Highly recommend!!"

The wooden farmers market stand is currently on sale for $99.99 down from $119.99...


So you'll want to get your hands on it while you still can! You can order yours from Amazon here.