Just 37 Things I Love on Amazon

It's a little obscene how much time I spend browsing Amazon, which inevitably leads to buying things. My bank account's loss is your gain though, because honey, do I have some good product recommendations for you. Telling other people about my best Amazon finds is actually one of my favorite things to do, so we're both benefiting here!

This list is chock full o' 37 things I love on Amazon, whether I own them (yet) or not. From the best cordless Dustbuster to the easiest, coolest t-shirt dress, make this your first stop before your next shopping spree. Happy hunting!

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!
“We hope you find these handy products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: we participate in affiliate programs, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page.”

This Cordless Dustbuster For Small Dirty Jobs

We have a lot of dirty jobs around here, especially during mud season. I love this easy-to-clean cordless Dustbuster that I found by literally Googling "best handheld vacuum". It lives on the kitchen counter and I can conveniently pop it off the charging stand to take care of mud the kids track in, clean up after a messy baking experiment or dust baseboards and stairs in a snap. So much easier than dragging out our huge beast of a regular vacuum for small but necessary jobs!

I Want To Put This Salted Honey On Everything

I love a salty-sweet flavor combination so I'm super excited this Bees' Knees Salted Honey exists - can you just imagine it over cornbread or goat cheese on a baguette? NOM. I don't usually order food on Amazon, but judging by the glowing reviews, I'mma have to make an exception for this liquid gold.

This Pop Up Dinosaur Book Is A Scream

If your kid's deep in the dino phase (or you're an adult still in that phase), you need this dinosaur pop-up book. The amazing 3-D illustrations literally leap off the page and make the dinos come alive in your imagination. Just look at the teeth on that T-Rex!

This Floral Tapestry Is Anthro-Chic

A while ago I had my eye on some pricey wallpaper at Anthropologie, and as it turns out, it was the same pattern as this pretty floral tapestry! I actually like this better because it's not a huge project to hang and you can move it as many times as you want. It'd look so sweet in a kids' room or playroom, just so cheerful!

These Cute Coat Hooks Are So Quirky

There's a time and place for regular hooks I guess, but these quirky-cute coat hooks are welcome in any room in my house. They come in a set of three colors and poses - I love that they're climbing the walls. So offbeat but cute and functional, too.

This Cute T-Shirt Dress Is A 10-Second Outfit

I don't have a long time to get dressed in the AMs since I'm trying to get two kiddos clothed, fed and out the door before we miss the bus, so I'm all for outfits that take a few seconds to throw on like this easy, cute t-shirt dress. It comes in tons of colors and gets stellar reviews - over 2,000 of them! Just add a pair of fun sneaks and you're good to go.

This Pet Teepee Is Everything

Look, I don't even have a pet but can't resist how cute this tiny teepee pet bed is. Can you just imagine kitty or pup hanging out in there like an Instagram model? Squee! It's a colorful, fun piece of home decor, too. Maybe the kids can use it as a doll tent! Adding to cart in 3, 2....

This Laptop Desk Lets Me Work In Bed

As we speak (type?) I'm writing this article on a TV tray table propped up in bed and the angles are all wrong. I can't really feel my hands but am too lazy to go downstairs and find a proper typing surface. This laptop desk is what I need since it adjusts to angles to let me work in bed, standing up or sitting down. It comes in two colors and three sizes so you can find the one that best fits your needs.

This Novelty Ice Mold Is Titanically Awesome

These ship-shaped ice cube molds are wittily adorable  - "Gin & Titonic"? C'mon! That's funny. Too soon? Not according to one person who titled her review "Tragedy + Time = Fun Ice". She continued with "If you're the type of person who, like me, lives alone and is easily amused, and enjoys reaping the attention-getting rewards of posting photos of these types of things on social networking sites, then by all means, you could do worse..." Sold.

I'd Never Take These Memory Foam Slippers Off

I wear slippers a lot since I work from home and don't wear shoes in the house so it seems like it's always time for a new pair! I've got my sights set on these memory foam slippers that come in a ton of colors and have over 2,000 rave reviews for a good fit and heavenly cushioning.

This Instapot Trivet Makes The Perfect Eggs

TBH, the thing we cook most often in the Instapot is hard-boiled eggs since it's just. so. easy. to quickly make enough to eat all week. But sometimes when we pile a whole bunch in there, they don't cook evenly. So last week I got this Instapot egg steamer trivet and have had perfectly cooked eggs ever since! It comes in a set of two that you can stack or use separately.

These Pan Scrapers Are Made For Cast Iron

The hubs babies his cast iron pans like nobody's business, and these pan scrapers are the only things he'll use to clean them. They gently but effectively get all the cooked-on gunk off and leave the all-important pan seasoning intact. God forbid I should come anywhere near the dirty pans with a dish brush!

This Cast Iron Pan Does It All

My husband's been on a big cast iron pan kick for a while, and this was the first one he bought. We use it weekly for searing meat, cooking fingerling potatoes with the perfect crust, sauteeing veggies, even baking pies and it does an amazing job no matter what we throw at it. Seriously a kitchen must-have.

This Jewelry Cleaning Cloth Just Plain Works

I have some silver necklaces with my kids' initials on them, and even though I don't wear them everyday, they get tarnished from just hanging on my jewelry stand - quelle annoying! I tried a regular cloth but got nowhere so I found this special jewelry cleaning cloth on Amazon and it made quick work of the gray tarnish to reveal sparkling metal beneath. There's cleaner embedded in the yellow side of the cloth, then you flip it over to the blue side to polish to a glowing shine.

This Weighted Blanket Puts Me Out Faster Than NyQuil

I had a hard time falling asleep so someone recommended a weighted blanket, and let me tell you - it'll knock you out in a good way. It comes with a removable, washable minky fabric cover which makes it impossibly cozy, and is just heavy enough to be relaxing, not suffocating. I swear I sleep better with it on - just add a white noise machine and slip into the beautiful abyss!

This Cat Costume Is Hilarious

Like I mentioned before, I don't own a pet (yet) but just looking at this cat costume makes me giggle even when I'm in a supremely pissy mood. I wouldn't wait until Halloween either, this would be a regular Tuesday afternoon outfit for Fluffy.

This Modern Florals Drawing Book Is So Easy To Follow

You'll be creating gorgeous floral illustrations like you see on Instagram in no time with this Modern Florals Drawing Book! The step-by-step instructions are easy to follow and really work. Doodling is such a stress-reliever or boredom-buster, and your skills will level up basically overnight.

This Bento Lunch Box Is Adjustable

I love using cute containers for my kids' lunches but sometimes what I'm trying to fit into the existing compartments doesn't work. That's why I love this bento lunch box that has a removable divider that you can adjust to fit whatever's for lunch that day! Slide it way over if a sandwich will take up more room, then slide it back if it's a snacky kind of meal (i.e. the best).

These Magnet Tiles Keep Kids Busy For HOURS

These magnet tiles seriously keep my kids occupied for whole afternoons, which is extremely rare for any toy. You can rearrange them into a million configurations and they stick together so easily my four-year-old makes multi-level houses and castles all by herself. They still entertain my eight-year-old too, so their useful life is much longer than most toys, too!

These Modern Vases Are Stunning

It's always nice to have cut flowers around the house, whether they're from our garden or wildflowers the kids have picked. These modern minimalist vases are so gorgeous for displaying a single bloom or small bouquet. You can choose from a few sizes from small to large depending on the look you want!

This Lensball Makes The Coolest Photos

I've never seen this lensball before, but it's the ultimate photo prop that anyone can get an amazing result with, judging by the user-submitted photos. The highly-polished crystal that lets you capture a 180-degree view of your surroundings to add a cool, creative touch to your pics. You don't even need a fancy camera - the shot above was taken with an iPhone!

These Pretty Notebooks Are The Perfect Desk Accoutrements

I like having a lot of notebooks around so I can jot down important thoughts like "buy more peanut butter" when the notion strikes. This set of two pretty notebooks, decorated with gorgeous floral prints in metallic ink are just the thing for all the lists we make, from meal planning to endless To-Dos.

This Giant Cold Brew Maker Is The Stuff Of Dreams

I like my tea ice cold and copious, which is why I'm obsessed with this giant, gallon-sized cold brew maker. It comes with a mesh insert that you can use with looseleaf tea or coffee grounds to make 16 cups of delicious caffeine. I'd likely drink it all in one day, which is not good for anyone, but it'd be delicious. Hashtag "WorthIt".

This Modern Jewelry Stand Has Space For Everything

I own and love this modern jewelry stand, with its minimalistic lines and space for everything. It holds a ton of necklaces from the arms, has room for bracelets and rings at the base, and slots for earrings in the crossbars. Love it when something so useful and functional looks this pretty!

This Bad Girls Throughout History Book Is For Badass Ladies

How does that quote about strong women go - May we know them, may we be them, may we raise them? I happen to be raising two firecrackers who have no interest in being well-behaved ladies, so this Bad Girls Throughout History Book is just the guidebook they need to leading a self-sufficient, adventurous life!

These Retractable Gel Pens Won't Dry Out!

I love using colorful pens for doodling, writing to-do lists and doing adult coloring books, but the ones I have seem to dry out super quickly. These soft-touch retractable gel pens are such a better idea because they won't dry out! This set of 20 gorgeous colors won't smudge either, so you can use them to write cards without worrying about a huge mess.  Write on!

This USB Light Brightens Just Where You Need Him

Not only is this astronaut USB light adorable, he's totally useful for those of us that type in the dark! I don't like bright overhead lights, so it's usually really hard to see my keyboard after the sun goes down. I have a desk light, but it's way too bright and makes my screen hard to read. This little guy plugs right into your USB port and provides soft but sufficient light so you can see what you're typing! Pretty bright.

This Smartphone Projector Makes An Instant Movie Theater

This mini overhead projector works with your smartphone to create a pop-up movie theater anywhere! The 2400lux is brighter than most mini projectors, has full HD resolution and works with smartphones, tablets, laptops, gaming systems and streaming video services like Netflix and Hulu so you can get the big screen experience from the comfort of your living room or backyard!

This Sweatshirt Blanket Is Beyond Cozy

I adore cozy things, and this sweatshirt blanket is no exception - it looks amazingly snuggly and so much more stylish than a Snuggy, no? It'd be perfect for camping, winter nights or just wearing around the house. Totally acceptable as everyday wear in my book - is this the new athleisure? Talk amongst yourselves.

These Reusable Storage Bags Are Ultra-Durable

With two kids and a husband who pack lunch most days of the week, we were going through a lot of plastic zipper bags. A much more eco-friendly idea are these Stasher reusable silicone bags that are easy to close and easier to clean than other ones I've used. They come in different sizes and lots of colors and patterns - we have the red circus one which my preschooler loves!

This Kindle Paperwhite Is The Ideal Travel Buddy

My mom gave me her old Kindle Paperwhite which I've been using non-stop to read at night after my husband goes to bed. I've also started reading in the bath tub, which is a dangerous proposition since it's not waterproof. Know what is? The new Kindle model, which has 2x the storage of the previous version along with being thinner and lighter - making it the ideal travel companion to take along a library of books and magazines in the palm of your hand.

These Secular Candles Are Hilarious

Those decorative tall religious candles every store carries are so pretty, but I'm not religious so I don't know what the different saints signify. These secular candles though? Witty and informative, along with being a unique decor conversation piece! My favorite is Oliver Sacks, but there's also Ella Fitzgerald, Freud, Lennon, Einstein, Darwin, Carl Sagan, Ada Lovelace, Eleanor Roosevelt and more famous figures from the pages of history.

This Tortilla Warmer Speeds Up Taco Night

Taco Tuesdays are a big deal around here (we've even got special plates that hold the tacos upright so they don't spill during filling!)  This tortilla toaster is a genius invention since the big round disks can't fit in a regular toaster and it's tedious to try to brown them in the oven. This gadget toasts six tortillas at once, so nobody has to wait for a warm taco shell!

This Pet Carrier Is Endlessly Amusing

If you're going to carry your pet like a baby, you might as well try to coordinate the pet carrier with your outfit. This Baby Bjorn-style sling comfortable holds Fido (or strangely cooperative cats) on your front or back for a walk around the block or a quick shopping trip. Prepare to get allll the attention!

These Milestones Wine Labels Are A Great Wedding Gift

Life should be about celebrations, no? This set of milestone wine labels thinks so, and it covers everything from first big purchase to first baby. Each of the five labels also has a funny little motivational poem that offers some perspective on this crazy thing we call life. These would be an amazing wedding gift the recipients are sure to use!

This Chocolate Fondue Maker Because Duh

What's better than chocolate? Warm, melty chocolate, mmm. This cute chocolate fondue set lets you customize your dipping experience with separate compartments for white, dark and milk chocolate, or just fill them all with your favorite kind! It comes with four dipping tools if you're in the mood to share.