I've Convinced 37 People to Buy This Mattress... and You May Be #38

It all started when I needed comfortable affordable mattresses to outfit the 6 beds in my two Airbnb rentals. I bought another for the guest bedroom in my house as well. One by one my friends and guests would say “that is the best mattress I’ve ever slept on. Is it expensive? Where can I buy it?”.

I would search back through my old text messages to the last person I send the link to and copy and paste it to the new eager buyer. The reviews for my vacation rental have comments about the beds being “the most comfortable bed they have ever slept in”.

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The best part about it is the mattresses are INEXPENSIVE and truly the best sleep you are going to get. Every single one of my = friends has bought this mattress with the exception of the one who claims she likes her drooping ancient mattress.

You can buy it in medium, soft or firm. I like the medium the best as well as most of my friends. That said, my best friends bought the firm mattress and they love it. It is firm but I could sleep fine on it when I was cat-sitting at their house.

Go for the medium! It ships to your doorstep rolled up in a vacuum-sealed bag just like the other expensive mattress companies advertising to you on your Instagram feed. It is heavy but I dragged it over to my bed frame just fine. Be careful splicing the plastic wrapping open so you don’t accidentally cut the casing on the mattress.

It is mesmerizing to watch it inflate. Pro-tip, buy a mattress protector because the mattress will last you a long time and it’s nice to keep it looking fresh and clean. I rotate mine every 6 months just in case but have honestly not noticed any sign of wear or use.

About 1 week after I would text over the link my friends or guests would follow up saying how much they love it. Who would have thought I would hold the keys to the castle of the inexpensive and quality mattress.

Not convinced yet? Read the incredible reviews, then make your choice!