37 Gadgets That Were Probably Invented by Geniuses

Have you ever seen a product so awesome you wanted to kiss the inventor right smack on the mouth? Good thing I'm in the business of recommending highly awesome Amazon products - this post is chock full of 37 of the smartest things ever invented. (However, I'm not in the inventor-tracking-down business, so you're on your own there.)

Not only are these products ingenious, they'll make every day tasks faster and more enjoyable and life just generally better! Some of my favorites: "lazy spectacles" for when sitting up to watch TV is just too much to ask and a super-stylish, colorful flat water bottle flask that takes up hardly any room in your bag. I think you'll find something on this list that'll blow your mind without draining your bank account - go forth and seek awesomeness!

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!
We hope you find these products as cool as we do. Just so you know, we participate in affiliate programs, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page.

This Power Scrubber Is Like An Electric Toothbrush For Everything You Own

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You know how much cleaner your teeth feel when you use an electric toothbrush instead of a few lame swipes with a regular brush? Picture that in a powerful oscillating cleaning brush that scrubs 60x per second! It'll make quick work of your filthy shower, food baked onto the stovetop, gross bathroom sinks...yeah, you get the idea. Just picture the satisfaction when you finally find out what color your grout's supposed to be.

If You're Lazy But Still Love A Good Hair Day, You Need The Octocurl

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Look, I get it. I play fast and loose with the snooze button too, but "Becky with the messy bun" doesn't project a totally put-together image you want in a 9AM business meeting. Enter the Octocurl, which efficiently and painlessly curls your hair with no heat WHILE YOU SLEEP. Before bed, just wrap the baby-soft microfiber elastic strips (tentacles) around sections of your damp hair, then wake up in the morning and shake out your gorgeous loose curls, beach waves or spirals depending how tightly you wrapped. I'm no fortune teller but I predict many good hair days in your future!

This Bacon Cooker Makes Cleanup A Breeze

Bacon is incredibly delicious but so messy to cook and clean up. This microwave bacon cooker eliminates greasy splatter  - simply lay bacon in the tray, zap it for a few minutes, then let the strips crisp for a minute. The grease stays in the bottom of the container so you can pour it out - no need to use a forest's worth of paper towels to sop up the liquified fat (mmm). I'd even argue this cooking method makes bacon healthier since you're basically air-frying it!

This Bluetooth Scale and Body Composition Analyzer Knows You Better Than You Do Yourself

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Whether you're a gym newbie or a health supergeek, this bluetooth scale and body composition analyzer will reveal everything you've ever wanted to know about your body fat, muscle and bone mass, protein, skeletal muscle and so many more data points. It also syncs your data with its proprietary app, Apple Health, Google Fit or your Fitbit app so you can track progress or health concerns. Conveniently, multiple family members can use the scale to track their own data at the same time when they connect it to their own apps - fam fit goals!

These AirPod Covers Keep Ear Pods In Your Ears

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We've all been there - you're a few minutes into a workout, just hitting your stride, listening to your fave tunes then BAM, your AirPod falls out and you almost kill yourself on the treadmill scrambling to retrieve it. So annoying, right? These AirPod covers solve your audio woes - the comfortable silicone earphone covers hook securely over your ear so you never miss a beat. Bonus - the design helps block ambient noise so you don't have to listen to the hardcore muscleheads grunting to let you know just how hard their workouts are!

This Master Can And Bottle Opener Stays Gunk-Free

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Every time I use my regular old manual can opener, I'm disgusted by the black gunk collected in the cutting wheel that accumulates when it cuts into the top of the can and touches the food. It also happens to be impossible to totally de-grossify it, even with disinfecting cleaning wipes. That's why I'm enamored with this Master Opener that cuts the outside rim of the can and never touches food! It'll also effortlessly open bottles, pop and pull tops - that's why it's called the master opener!

This Elegant Tipcup Teacup Is Your Moment Of Morning Zen

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How cute is this tipcup teacup? It has a self-straining insert, so you can just put your favorite loose leaf tea (which we all know tastes way better than the bagged stuff!) in the smaller section, pour in hot water to steep and tip the cup towards you to brew the perfect cuppa. The glossy BPA-free cup comes in seven gorgeously modern colors - the cherry blossom and fresh lemon have me thinking spring!

This One-Handed Soap Pump Keeps You Healthier

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Think of the dirtiest, germiest part of your hand, and it's gotta be your fingers and palm. Especially if you're in the middle of cutting raw meat or catching sneezes (yours or the small people that populate your house). This one-handed soap dispenser is awesome because you dispense soap by pressing with the back of your hand, i.e. the non-gross part, so you lessen the chance of contracting an airborne or foodborne illness next time you suds up.

This Finger Massager Feels Like Heaven

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Sure, a dedicated finger massager may seem decadent - but not if you think of it as "hand therapy"! This handy little gadget has over 570 five-star reviews and deserves every one: according to two super fans, "Doctors should give these out to patients with lupus, or arthritis in the hands" and "Self-care at its best". Whether you're working with your hands or typing away all day, you'll love the dual-sided massager to soothe your aching hand and finger joints.

This Baby Shusher Is Worth Its Weight In Gold

The simplest things are often the most ingenious, don't you think? This amazing baby soother comes highly recommended by everyone from the author of "Happiest Baby On The Block", brand-new parents sleepwalking through their days to newborn photographers alike. The little noise machine makes a shushing white noise that you can set on a 15 or 30-minute timer to put tiny tired tantrummers to sleep in a hurry. I've seen this baby freakout stopper in action and let me tell you - it just works - should be the top of any new parents' gift list!

This Sushi Bazooka Gives You Perfect Sushi, Every Time

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Sushi is hella expensive and it was hard to duplicate restaurant results at home..until now! This sushi maker helps you make killer rolls as easy as ichi, ni, san - simply fill the BPA-free gadget with rice and your ingredients of choice, then plunge your perfectly round cylinder of sushi onto a nori roll and wrap tightly. Now you're Jiro Eating Sushi instead of just dreaming about it!

These Keychain Eyeglasses Are Necessary If You're Over 40

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The closer you get to 40, the more you notice restaurant menus (and checks) are harder to read. If you don't want to ask your younger dinner guests what the special of the day is, keep these fold-out keychain reading glasses on hand. These ultra-slim life savers have over 1,300 five-star rave reviews for the smart design, portability and the fact that they stay on your face - it's a win-win for farsighted peeps!

This Smart Funnel Lets You Use Every Last Drop

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When you only have a small amount of dishwashing liquid or laundry detergent left, but you still have to store the big, bulky bottles, it's a small-space nightmare in the making. Enter these smart funnels, which are made for transferring slow-moving liquids to smaller containers. Think glue, soaps, lotions, condiments - anything that takes forever to drain is ideal for this funnel that clamps onto the bottle so you can walk away and do something more interesting!

This Refrigerator Organizer Is Like Getting A Bigger Fridge

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Has anyone ever said, "Gee, I wish my fridge had less storage space"(Except for maybe Europeans or fancy peeps that shop at quaint little markets every day)? This Zip n Store Refrigerator Organizer holds ten quart-sized Ziploc bags full of leftovers, lunch meat, pre-cut fruits and veggies, kids' lunches, or whatever you need to store, and installs in under two minutes. You can also install the organizer in cabinets or under shelves to hang bags of craft supplies, pantry items, small parts or hardware!

The Rollie Egg Cooker Is Simple Enough For Kids

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Even though this Rollie Egg Cooker is easy enough for little ones to use with minimal supervision, it produces professional-looking results! It'll quickly make omelet rolls, frittatas and Paleo & Keto-friendly breakfast sandwich rolls, no bread required! It's also healthier because the durable, nonstick cooking chamber means you don't need to use any additional oils or fats. I'd use this to make fun lunchbox bites for the kids or fancy party apps that secretly took zero time to prepare.

This Pizza Pouch Is Desk Lunch Living Its Best Life

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I mean, do I really need to say anything about Pizza Pouch except for how awesome it is? Ok - how about how it makes your favorite food extremely portable in case you get hungry while walking the dog, in line at the amusement park or even in an important work meeting when it would be impolite to duck out for a snack break. Never leave home without your trusty, cheese-covered sidekick!

These Amazon Echo Buttons Are The Future Of Board Games

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If you're tired of Scattergories and Cards Against Humanity, try these Amazon Echo Buttons for playing any game on Alexa at home! You can choose from hundreds of Alexa skills, or create your own custom trivia game skill which would be awesome for engagement and bachelorette parties, family gatherings or alumni parties. When you're not playing games with this set of two Echo buttons, you can also trigger a smart home routine like turning lights on/off with the press of a button - that was easy!

These Silicone No-Tie Shoelaces Help Kids Get Out The Door Faster

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I've almost lost track of how many times my eldest has missed the bus due to shoe-tying drama, but needless to say, I need these silicone no tie shoelaces in my life! They turn any shoe or boot into a slip-on, even hightops, and are waterproof and come in a billion colors (including rainbow). Just pop the flat "laces" into the eyelets of any shoe and you're good to go! Great for adults with limited mobility (or laziness = me) or pregnant women who can no longer bend over to put shoes on. The struggle is real.

This Air Travel Cup Holder & Device Holder Makes Coach Feel Like Business Class

via: Amazon / DeniseM

The cattle call that is flying in coach class makes travel less than glamorous and more like a sardine tin hurtling high above the Earth. Reclaim some precious personal space with this Airhook Air Travel Cup and Electronics Device Holder! It'll hold your drink or headphones and any phone or tablet up to 8.5 inches tall for your hands-free viewing pleasure. Tall travelers also love that the tray table doesn't take up all their leg room anymore!

This Flat Water Bottle Flask Is A Total Space Saver

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Lately I've been toting one of those big, insulated water bottles everywhere I go, and it's always a giant space hog in my bag. This 22 oz flat water bottle flask's design is so smart and durable - it won't shatter if dropped like other plastic water bottles because of the colorful silicone sleeve. Speaking of, it comes in tons of cheerful hues like coral, mint, blush plus sophisticated neutrals and has a handy carrying strap, too!

This Boil Over Stopper Will Save You Tons Of Stove Top Cleaning

Know what's surprisingly hard to clean up? Boiled over pasta water - the free floating carbs immediately turn into a messy film once it hits your hot stove top.  Tomato sauce boil overs are also not a barrel of monkeys to clean up. Save yourself some time and scrubbing by using this cute flower-shaped boil over stopper! It fits any pots or pans 6-10 inches diameter, so it's also great for stopping oil spatters.

This Meatball Maker Fixes Dinner Faster Than Your Italian Grandma

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I have an amazing meatball recipe but don't often make it since rolling 40 of those suckers takes all dang day. Well, put on a pot of tomato sauce because this Meatball Master makes tons of meatballs in a few seconds! Just fill the BPA-free silicone mold with your meat mix and press - you get 32 perfectly formed meatballs that'll cook evenly since they're all the same size. Make meatballs once and eat for weeks! You can also use it to shape and store protein balls, falafel and sushi - amazing, right?

These Self-Sealing Water Balloons Are Pure Gold For Kids' Parties

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Ok, they're fun for grownup parties, too! The riskiest, most tedious parts of water balloons are the filling and knot tying - one wrong move and you're soaking wet. What would you say if I told you this pack of 300 self-sealing water balloons does all the hard work for you? Simply connect the included attachment to a hose, and you can fill 100 water balloons in 60 seconds! Get ready for the most epic balloon battle of your life! The popped debris clean-up is less fun, but if kids are involved you can bribe 'em with sweets.

This Collapsible LED Lantern Is An Amazing Nightlight

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Although this ultracompact collapsible LED lantern and flashlight is made for camping, we use these all the time during power outages or if the kids need a little extra light to scare off the monsters under the bed. Reviewers love it for durability (i.e. kids can drop it, pets can step on it) and longevity - 3 AA batteries give you 50 hours of use time, so it's excellent in emergency weather situations or long power outages!

This Single Cup Coffee Maker Is Made For Travel

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Staying in a mediocre hotel and don't want to drink their crappy coffee? Take this travel k-cup maker along and make a 6, 8, or 10 oz cup of your favorite life-giving caffeine for a comfort from home. Reviewers love using it while traveling, camping, festival-ing, in the cubicle or just at home if you've got a small space or don't want to invest in an expensive full-size machine.

This Travel Pouch For Women Keeps Important Stuff Safe

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Pickpocketing is incredibly common, happening as close as your morning subway commute or as far as backpacking on the other side of the world. This secret bra wallet is like a James Bond-level strategy to outsmart thieves! You'll never feel it if your pocket or backpack gets picked but if someone's trying to access this travel wallet, they've gotta get pretty up-close-and-personal. Smart idea for keeping cash and cards safe when you're close to home, and any travel documents and passport when you travel!

This Extra Large Bag Clip Is A Handy Helper

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If you've ever lugged big bags of pet food, kitty litter, driveway salt, rice or what have you, you know how hard it is to get and keep a good grip while trying not to throw out your back. These extra large bag clips, which are called The Handy Camel for some reason, make light(er) work of hauling heavy bags around and they get a perfect five stars from reviewers!

This No Tip Coffee Mug Is A Klutz's Must-Have

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I've lost count of how many times I've spilled a tasty beverage all over my computer and whatever else happened to be piled on my desk - it's like my elbows have a life of their own! That's why this no tip coffee mug is a gift from heaven. A team of smartypants mechanical engineers and designers worked together for 3 years on the Mighty Mug's Smartgrip technology, which creates a powerful airlock seal when knocked into. The mug will grip and hold tight to a flat surface but when you go in for a sip, the airlock is released. Seriously genius.

This Weekly Pill Organizer Is Like Marie Kondo For Meds

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I have and love this fashionably useful weekly pill organizer. It has four compartments for each day - morning, noon, evening and bedtime - packed into slim oval containers that fit neatly into the vegan leather case. It's way less bulky than other pill organizers that can hold this many vitamins or meds, and helps keep my scatterbrained self neatly organized.

This Sweater Shaver Removes Pills Like A Champ

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I swan around in cashmere year-round, you too? I kid, but seriously I wear sweaters all year up here in the north, even on summer nights. And pretty quickly they get those annoying little balls of fabric on friction points and start looking shabby. This gentle fabric shaver & lint remover is the ultimate fuzzbuster - it comes with three interchangeable heads to remove pills from all types of fabric - wool, cashmere, cotton, fleece, polyester and more! Even couches and upholstery aren't safe from this sleek depiller, and it all comes in one pretty, travel-ready pouch.

These Lazy Spectacles Are A Couch Potato's Best Friend

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Sitting upright is just so taxing, don't you think? Good thing someone brilliant invented these lazy spectacles that let you watch TV or read without even raising your head! These lightweight, high definition prism glasses that let you lie flat on your back and still see get high marks for being comfortable and working incredibly well. And the reviewer photos are hilarious!

These Antimicrobial Cutting Mats Have A Hot Secret

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This set of three BPA-free, antimicrobial cutting mats are not only color-coded to avoid cross contamination (check out their cute little fish, veggie and meat icons!) but they have a secret cleaning hack...When you're done cutting something that can cause foodborne illness like raw meat, simply rinse the cutting mat, fold in half and secure with the tab, then microwave for one minute to kill 99.9% of all bacteria! Feel free to wash that remaining .1% off with regular old dish soap.

This Donut Warming Mug Is Like Holding Heaven In Your Hands

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Whoever designed this donut warming mug is basically the smartest person alive. Just think of the possibilities - donut warmed over coffee, natch, but what about homemade chocolate chip cookies over hot cocoa? This little mug just might make me appreciate winter here in the cold, snowy north. Maybe.

These Disposable Drink Pouches Are Perfect For Beach Days and BBQs

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I like it when my kids drink organic juice boxes, but I do not like the high grocery bill. Now I can do the same thing with a bottle of juice as I do with a big bag of Pirate's Booty: save money by portioning it out into single-servings - these drink pouches are key for my money saving plan!  This set of 50 pouches even comes with a cute little funnel and festive straws.  You can also pre-make margaritas or pina coladas for your next BBQ and have them ready and waiting in the cooler for guests - you win all the hostess points!

These Erasable Gel Pens Are A Bullet Journaler's Dream

via: Amazon / HKellyB

Who cares if "man plans, God laughs", now you can have the last laugh with erasable gel pens! Don't pencil in social engagements and appointments any more, boldly write them down in your favorite of seven ink colors in this pen pack (choose from the usual suspects - black, red and blue, plus fun wildcards pink, green, purple and turquoise!) Nearly 4,100 fans gave these smooth, satisfying pens a perfect five stars. They'll even make meal planning fun! (Disclaimer: nothing can make that fun).

These Dust Mop Slippers Mean A Clean House Without Lifting A Finger

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I loathe cleaning my house but at the same time get incredibly mad every time the sunlight softly illuminates the previously hidden dustbunnies. That's why I need these dust mop slippers - just slide a foot along the baseboards and under the bed and you're all ready for company! Definitely key for dust mite allergy sufferers - you literally don't have to get your hands dirty to have a spotless house!

These Dusk-To-Dawn Lightbulbs Will Save Your Electric Bill

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We recently installed these dusk-to-dawn lightbulbs in our outdoor lighting and they. are. amazing. They have sensors inside that can tell light levels outside, and automatically turn on once it reaches dusk, then turn themselves off in the morning. It's like having tiny little robot children that do what they're told while saving you money on your electric bill - the future is now! (We got the cool white ones which produce a very blue-toned light - I'd recommend the warm white style for a cozier glow).