Ingenious Dip Clip Lets Everyone Enjoy Their Ranches and Hummuses Without Mixing Them All on the Plate

There's no denying that dips can add a whole new element to your favorite foods. But serving them on a plate can be messy and unsatisfying. Now there's a better way - the dip clip.

Here it is!


​It's an ingenious invention designed to hold your dip separately to the side of your plate.

No more mess!


​You can keep all of your dips separate to avoid contaminating their flavors, too.

Each purchase gets your four dip clips, each of which holds up to 1/3 of a cup.


The food-safe plastic is also dishwasher safe, and they won't scratch up your plates or dishes, either.

The dip clips have over 1,500 5-star ratings!


​"I was not looking for these when I bought them. I saw them and thought, "That's the perfect gift for my dad." He puts ketchup on his ketchup. He is like a little kid. His sauces can't touch anything beforehand. He has to have it in a bowl off to the side of his plate. Enter these handy things! He laughed so hard when I gave them to him and he uses them almost every single day. They are easy to attach to your plate if you want or they have a flat bottom to sit next to it. They're wide and deep enough to put a good amount of sauce in and to get your rag in to clean (if you still hand wash as we do). The colors are cute and it's nice to have so many in case you have kids that want to use them all at once. I asked my dad to give me his opinion for his review and his response was to tell you that he loved them. Simple and sweet!" wrote one.

​"You really do not know how badly you need these little cups until you use one. They're fantastic for dips, sauces, and other little garnishments. They are much sturdier and more stable than I had expected. They're also very easy to clean," another added.


Feeling tempted? You can purchase yours right here.