You Can Get an Inflatable Sunbathing Tub That's Perfect if You Haven't Got a Pool

Summer is well and truly in full swing now and with temperatures soaring, we're trying to find ways to keep cool over the next few weeks. Of course, the best way to do so would be chilling by the sea or the pool, but not everyone in the world has that luxury, so I'm here to tell you about the next best thing...

Amazon's inflatable tub lounger.


Wave goodbye to those pool-less days and say hello to your own mini version. Available in 2 colors, this inflatable product allows you to get a nice tan while also remaining cool in the comfort of your own backyard. According to the description, it was "built for comfort" to help you "keep cool" over the summer.

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It contains an "integrated removable headrest and ribbed interior construction create the ultimate lounging experience built for hours of relaxation under the sun" and also "doubles as a mini water station - fill the interior with water to really bring out the TUB in the suntan tub" while also having a "clear top design to keep you and your lounge cool as you enjoy the sun."

What's not to love?


Not only that, but it also has "integrated pad eyes and grab lines for floating maneuverability" so that you can be stable while cooling down in your own mini pool lounger. And if you've got a pool, then even better because it works as the perfect floatie.

I'm just kicking myself at the fact that I didn't find this product earlier.


And if you don't want to take it from me, take it from the thousands of 5* reviews left on the official Amazon page - 3,394 to be exact. I'm sure they'll give you that extra nudge to add this to your basket and checkout.

"I live in Texas and I don't have a pool. Once it gets sunny outside it is miserable to try and layout on the concrete, even if you have a nice chair because it is just TOO HOT! I filled it up with water so that it just covers my bottom side and I can dip back and forth as needed to be nice and cool and comfortable. I am thinking a bucket of ice will do nicely in here for August," wrote one satisfied customer. "Also, the pillow is fantastic - it allows you to lay on your stomach and rest your arm in the "water hole" beneath it. Super comfy."

Another customer added: "This is by far the best float I have ever bought. It's very comfortable and you could definitely fall asleep in your pool."

So there we have it, the perfect summer buy to help you keep cool. Click here to have a look at it for yourself and happy shopping!