‘Impossible’ 1,000 Piece Moon Jigsaw is Driving People Crazy

Jigsaw puzzles are now more popular than ever thanks to so many of us staying home and looking for things to do other than Netflix.

It turns out that not only are they a great way to pass time, but they are also very fun and entertaining — which is exactly what we need while we're living in lockdown.

Well, the folks at Blue Kazoo have just introduced their latest puzzle. The 1,000-piece moon jigsaw puzzle. It features the most vibrant and high-resolution image of the celestial body ever taken.

If you think you're up for the challenge, you can buy it here.

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The Moon Jigsaw

via: Blue Kazoo

This gorgeous 1,000-piece circle puzzle of the moon shows the moon looking just as bright and beautiful as it does when it makes a full appearance once a month.

The attention to detail is something else...

via: Blue Kazoo

The dark areas we see across the surface are vast stretches of lava rock that create a stark contrast against one of the moon’s most well-known characteristics — craters.

But despite the huge sizes of these craters...

via: Blue Kazoo

In this puzzle, they’re shown with such clarity and detail that it makes the whole moon feel like it’s so close it’s just a ball you could pick up and throw with one hand.

The puzzle is made from high-quality recycled cardboard and packaged with minimal "puzzle dust."

via: Blue Kazoo

The image is crisp and vibrant, and the shapes are cut with maximum precision to ensure each piece fits tightly together, no matter how many times you choose to take this puzzle apart and put it back together again. If that isn't enough for you, you can get the earth, sun and moon collection here.