I’m A Writer, and These Are the 37 Amazon Items I Love the Most

Being a writer means I work from home which also means I spend way too much time at home. So every now and then I like to give my space, and myself, a little pick me up with stuff from Amazon, of course. Like you, I like to keep my things organized and of course have the best gadgets and products that can help me go from working from home to just being home without feeling like you work and live in a mess. Because if we're going to live and work in our place, it should be comfortable and easily organized. That's why I gathered this list of 37 products I love from Amazon and are keeping my work-from-home-life happy. All of these products are tried and true, useful, and affordable. I'm spreading joy and sharing my love of these products and I hope you too get to cart, buy, and love them.

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!

This Bluetooth Speaker That Doubles as an Overhead Light


I knocked my Bluetooth speaker into the toilet the last time I used it in the bathroom — not cool. But you know what is cool? This Bluetooth speaker that doubles as an overhead LED light. It's compatible with most fans, and many reviewers found that installation took less than 10 minutes.

This Power Inverter Lets You Use Regular Outlets in the Car

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Ever wish you could just plug your laptop in while you're driving? Now you can with this power inverter. With two outlets and four USB ports, it's got enough space to charge practically every gadget in your car — and still have space left over. Plus, the tough metal exterior keeps it safe from bumps in the road.

This Carpet Deodorizer That You Sprinkle On and Vacuum Up

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I have three kids and a dog, so my area rugs get dirty and stinky. I use a foaming cleaner for spots, but I've found that this powdered carpet deodorizer is the best way to eliminate odors. Sprinkle it on, wait a few hours, then vacuum. It doesn't leave behind any cloying perfume, but instead gets rid of odors permanently.

Bring the Salon to Your House with this Hair Cutting Cape

Hair cutting cape via Amazon

This soft, lightweight, and waterproof hair cutting cape is the perfect solution to at-home haircutting. Constructed of non-stick material, this cape collects hair so it doesn't go all over the floor, your clothes, or anywhere else you find errant stray hairs after a barber session.

Folds up for easy storage! A great addition to the home and priced at a bargain on Amazon's secret bargain section.

You Can Skip Makeup With This Tinted Sunscreen

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I have a very unfortunate secret to share with you. Despite living in Arizona my entire life, I used to use sunscreen very rarely. I know, I know. It's terrible. The older I've gotten, the more I've realized how much havoc the sun wreaks on your body. I am trying to stay looking as young as possible for as long as possible, so sunscreen is a must-have. That's why you can bet I added this tinted sunscreen. It absorbs very quickly, has a matte finish, and it's so lightweight that you'll forget you're wearing it. Oh, and did I mention that it has enough coverage so you can ditch your foundation for the summer?

These Sleep Headphones Are So Soothing

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I love listening to boring podcasts to send me off to dreamland, but having earbuds in is so annoying once you actually fall asleep. A much more comfortable way is this audio sleep mask that lets you listen to music or podcasts via your phone. It blocks the light and sound, so it's great for travel or sleeping in unfamiliar places, too.

This Solar Lantern Casts Interesting Shadows

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Add a little ambiance to your backyard with these solar lanterns that have clever cutouts to cast interesting shadows all around. This one's cutouts are leaf-shaped, so you get a cool nature pattern splashed in light on your wall and ground. These automatically turn on once it's dusk and glow for eight hours so they'll outlast your party!

Wonder Water That Lives Up to Its Name

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I found out about this product from a Facebook group I'm in and it is hands down, my best purchase of 2021 (and maybe 2020). Dubbed 8-Second Wonder Water for its water-like consistency and wondrous results, this rinse-out product from L'oreal transforms your hair from tangled to sleek in eight seconds. (No lie.) It uses something called lamellar water technology, which means nothing to me except perfectly silky strands.

The Scrapers That Are Tough on Everything From Stickers to Paint

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With heavy-duty blades that power through paint, stickers, decals and stubborn bits of crud, these scrapers are must-haves — even if you don't plan on using them just yet. They're small enough to fit inside your toolbox, and the tightening knob helps ensure that the blades don't shake loose. Plus, the safety cap keeps you safe from nicks when not in use.

You Can Conquer the World in this Summer Dress


You've gotta admit the prints on these dresses are beautiful, if not at least eye-catching. And if you're not into it? You have literally dozens of other options to choose from — including solid colors. Plus, the hint of spandex gives it some stretch so that it moves with you, not against you.

This Plant Based Arnicare Pain Relief Gel Relieves Muscle Pain and Bruises

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Say goodbye to bruises and joint pain with this amazing Arnica Pain relief gel. It is a must have in my first aid kit and I love it even more because it is plant based and therefore chemical free. It is a brilliant for anybody who bruises easily or if you have old sports injuries that flare up from time-to-time.

This Cat Scratcher in a Box Comes With Three Refills

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You get six cat scratchers in one with this product! It's got a large rectangular box perfect for a kitty to sit in. Even my big guy fits just fine. And you get three scratching boards that fit inside. Each board has two sides to scratch on, giving you six scratching surfaces total. I put one board in at a time, leaving the rest of the space for my cat to sit on because everyone knows cats love sitting in a box.

These Sunglasses Look Designer

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Can we talk about how cute these sunglasses are? They look exactly like Raybans, but for a quarter of the price–we're talking under $20. They're super trendy and are such an easy statement accessory. There's a reason over 10,000 people love them, after all. Amazon user Angela left a review saying, "It's pretty hard for me to find round glasses that fit my larger face without making me look like I'm part of the 3 blind mice, but these were perfect! I think these would work really well with smaller faces too. It's a great pair of everyday glasses. The case is super sturdy and zips as well. It comes with a cloth to clean the lens. A lot of more expensive brands have flimsy cases. The polarization is great because it doesn't distort color and reduces glare making it easier on your eyes."

Upgrade Your Spice Rack with this Lazy Susan

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This two-story clear lazy Susan rack makes the most of the limited space in your kitchen cabinets, leaving you more room for the snacks you really love. Stack and swirl all your seasonings in one lazy Susan. And if you know your way around the kitchen, she won't be lazy for long! Neatly organize all your favorite spices and seasonings at a terrific bargain.

These Biodegradable Body Wipes Are Infused with Tea Tree Oil and Aloe

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Toss a pack of these Biodegradable Body Wipes in with your gear for a quick but thorough clean-up anytime, any place. Each bamboo wipe is moistened with cleaning agents that don't require rinsing, along with tea tree oil, aloe, chamomile extract, and a light and natural fragrance.

Step Into the Future with This Plasma Arc Lighter

electric plasma lightervia Amazon

This flame-free plasma lighter is a wonderful upgrade from the traditional Bic or barbecue lighter. Simply charge the battery and get 600-800 lights on a single charge. Fun to use and futuristic — this electric plasma lighter on Amazon's secret bargain section is a great deal for under $10.

Keep Your Dishwasher in Tip-Top Shape with this Dishwasher Cleaner

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​If your dishwasher isn't clean, you can't expect your dishes to get clean. Keep your glasses and plates looking nice and shiny, and your dishwasher staying fresh with this dishwasher cleaner. It's designed to power away lime and mineral build-up while your dishes simultaneously get clean as well.

This TravelJohn for When You Gotta Go, You Gotta Go

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Call me weird, but I'm actually impressed with the ingenuity behind the TravelJohn! It's designed to work for both men and women, and the pouch includes a polymer substance that instantly absorbs liquid and turns it into a non-sticky gel. It's just always nice to have a backup option in case you get stranded without access to a toilet.

This Drawstring Tarp Does the Job of Five Garden Refuse Sacks (Without Breaking!)

Amazon.com/Greg Pinsince

After raking leaves or grass clippings, make clean-up easier with this Drawstring Tarp. The nine by 9-foot tarp includes corner handles and a drawstring, letting you cinch it up into a bag. Customers call it a lifesaver!

This Neck Fan is the Solution for Sweltering Hot Days

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You might think this neck fan looks silly, but don't worry — thousands of reviewers are pumped about how it genuinely helps them cool down. "I have hot flashes, and this fan allows me to do my job and not break out in a full-on sweat," wrote one enthusiastic shopper. "I never leave it at home now, or I am hot as heck without it! The battery life is great, and it takes me through an 8-hour workday with no problems."

This Straw Knotted Headband for A Bohemian Look

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Every girl needs a few accessories to complete her outfits, and this straw knotted headband creates a bohemian vibe. It will match your straw beach bag perfectly for an oceanside outing, and all your friends will be asking you where you found it.

These Trail Shoes Give Optimal Traction for Walking or Running

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Wearing the right shoes when you're running or walking has a huge impact on your body. I'm a big walker, and these Barefoot Trail Running Shoes are my go-to for support, balance, and traction. Even if you're walking, you can injure your ankles and feet if you don't get the right support and these come in a range of super cute colors.

These Toe Rings Are So Incredibly Cute For Summer

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Toe rings are another hot accessory for summer once I have bronzed feet from the beach.

I love these adjustable flower rings that adorn my feet with a bit of bling, and summer is the only time of year that they go with my wardrobe.

I Spy With My Little (Camera) Eye

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Before you start thinking of all the sneaky ways you could use this mini spycam, think about the totally reputable ways you can use it such as turning it into a nanny cam or using it for security at your house. Of course, you can also use it to get the deets on someone or something you have questions about. I'm not saying you should, but I'm not saying you shouldn't either. It's a discreet option with a price tag as small as the camera itself is.

You Won't Cut Your Bangs at Home Without This Clip Ever Again

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When you don't have time to make it to the salon, this little clip can help you trim your bangs — competently. No, you won't wind up with a bowl cut after using it, as hundreds of reviewers raved about how it helped stretch the time between haircuts. Plus, there's even a built-in level to make sure you don't cut yourself crooked.

This Bathing Suit is So Flattering on Every Body


This bikini is such a good example of a piece you can wear year after year, and you won't have to worry about it going out of style. They're the right amount of cheeky, yet the high-waisted bottoms hold you in, so you can rest assured that you'll feel your best while you take on beach days. The best part is that it comes in a variety of colors and patterns to suit your taste.

This Earwax Removal Tool Cleans Out Gunky, Wax-Filled Ears

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Let's face it — your ears could probably use a little cleaning while you're at it, and this earwax removal kit lets you see exactly where you're poking around once connected to your smartphone. The camera is waterproof, so there's no need to worry about it breaking inside of your ear. Don't tell me you aren't just a little curious about what's happening in there.

This Custom Star Map is a Unique Birthday or Anniversary Gift

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Affordable and personal, this Custom Star Map is a lovely way to commemorate a special date, such as someone's birthday or anniversary. Customize the date and other information, and your unique map will be printed on high-quality paper and shipped flat.

This Hammock Chair is So Comfortable

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Hammocks are great, but they take up so much room! This hammock chair is an excellent compromise - it's so comfortable and makes the perfect spot for chilling out with a good book. It's durable too and can hold up to 265 pounds.

These 3M WorkTunes Headphones Protect Your Hearing

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If you're operating a lawnmower or other loud machinery, it's a smart idea to protect your hearing. This pair of 3M WorkTunes Headphones not only provides noise-reducing protection for your hearing but also lets you stream audio via Bluetooth. These headphones even have a built-in microphone for phone calls or voice commands.

This Nail Glue is Crazy Strong

Amazon.com/Kiersten Rhoads

Since I'm no longer getting acrylics every two weeks, I try to at least use press-on nails from the drugstore to feel like I have my life together. Unfortunately, the glue that comes with them isn't the best. I came across this nail glue on TikTok (no surprise there) and every comment was about how well it works. So I figured why not? Especially when there are reviews like this, "I'm giving this glue 5 stars because it is definitely a super-strong nail binder as advertised. It took me an hour to get my nails off after having them on for a week. The nails literally dissolved before the glue. It's kind of frightening how well it worked." Can't wait to try it out!

Keep Pets More Comfortable With This Cooling Dog Bed

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In warmer weather, dogs can get overheated and might not be comfortable on a plush bed. If that's the case, this Cooling Dog Bed might be a better choice. The elevated design and breathable mesh let air circulate, keeping dogs cool.

This Bathing Suit Cover Up is Simple Yet Stylish


I'm a firm believer that when buying staple pieces, you want things that are versatile–much like this cover up. It's so cute, in fact, that you could wear it as a dress. It comes in so many bright colors, and the ruffles make it super girly in a subtle way. The hardest decision you're going to have to make is what color to buy it in. But I say treat yourself and get multiple.

The Minimalist Table Lamp On Everyone's Wishlist

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I've been eyeing this lamp for a while and it might be my best purchase yet. Style meets practicality with this adorable bedside lamp. Perfect for reading, this lamp gives off all the Nordic minimalist vibes and I'm here for it. Add this to your wishlist rn because I doubt it will stay in stock for long!

This Eva Naturals Neck Cream Restores Firmness


You might be asking, do I need a separate neck cream that's different from my regular face or body cream? The answer is yes, especially when it's this neck firming cream from Eva Naturals. It's got special ingredients like peptides, hyaluronic acid, and glycolic acid to firm turkey necks and sagging jowls really fast - just ask one of their thousand + fans.

These Mosquito Repellent Incense Sticks Smell Great

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While citronella candles may be effective in keeping skeeters away, they're not my favorite scent. This is why I was so happy to come across these mosquito repellent sticks that yes, contain citronella, but also cedarwood, peppermint, lemongrass, and rosemary for a heavenly scent that still keeps bugs away. You'll get a set of 12, so you'll stay bug-free for a while!

Customers Love How this Writing Desk Improved Their WFH Life


When have you ever seen such a sleek and modern writing desk available for under $30? This affordably priced writing desk is ideal for small spaces, tight corners, or any other at-home space you need to transform into a home office. Easy to set up and available in three sizes. Now you can really get some work done!