The Viral Rolled Ice Cream Makers Are Available on Amazon for Perfect Ice Cream at Home

Social media caused the viral sensation that is ice cream rolls to rise in popularity over recent years, and now you can make your own tantalizing treat at home, thanks to Amazon's Sweet Spot ice cream maker.

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The Chef'n Sweet Spot Instant ice cream maker includes everything you'll need to make delicious homemade ice cream and other frozen desserts in minutes.


Simply take the plate out of the freezer, combine double cream and condensed milk with your chosen toppings, then chop and mix all your ingredients together using the scoops.

Once it's all mixed together, spread it out so it covers the pan and let it freeze...


Then voila! Roll up your ice cream and you've got yourself a delicious homemade treat!

The set includes the ice cream maker, scoop, spade, and recipe book. And will create 1-2 servings in each batch.


Perfect for kids, or just a fun night in for yourself!

It's no surprise TikTok is going crazy over this dessert maker...


Making rolled ice cream! 🍨 #icecream #rolledicecream #satisfyingvideo

One Amazon shopper wrote: "THIS THING IS AWESOME!!!! Absolutely love it. I am able to make even more than the 6 batches they suggest, it works so well."

With over 700 5-star reviews, you can't go wrong with this ice cream maker...


Get yours here.