How to Make a Cloth Face Mask at Home (2020)

Face masks are one of those things that you never thought you'd need a year ago but now can't imagine your life without. And while you could spend upwards of $20 bucks per cloth mask, wouldn't it be better to make your own for a fraction of the cost? Here are the simple step-by-step instructions for making your own DIY cloth face mask.

From what materials to use and what patterns to follow, here are the instructions for how to create an effective DIY cloth face mask that can be re-used over and over again.

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...just don't do this with them after you make them.

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We participate in affiliate programs and may get a share of the revenue from your purchase.

First up, grab some fabric.

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According to the CDC guidelines, you're going to want to use cotton fabric since it's the most lightweight and made from all-natural materials. The color and pattern of your fabric, however, are completely up to you. Choose a neutral if you want something that will go with everything, or go bold with a pop of color.

This fabric assortment is a fun, fresh option.

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If you're big on patterns but also want something that won't clash with everything in your closet, this 100% Cotton Craft Fabric Bundle Patchwork is a great choice. It features six different bolts of cotton fabric with various blue-themed floral patterns. If florals aren't your thing, this set also comes in a variety of color and pattern options.

Grab a piece of fabric and a tape measurer.

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Measure out two rectangles that are 10-inches by six-inches. It helps to lay your measuring tape down on your fabric and marking it out with a white fabric pencil or ballpoint pen before cutting it so you can ensure an exact measurement.

This measuring tape is cheap and high-quality.

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Getting your dimensions right is a must when it comes to making an effective mask, and this Soft Tape Measure Double Scale Body Sewing Flexible Ruler is a sewing staple that everyone should have in their kit. It features large, clear markings and a flexible design that allows you to move it into any shape to get the most accurate measurements.

Now let's get to the actual sewing part of this DIY face mask tutorial.

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Lay your two cloth rectangles on top of each other so they're perfectly aligned. This allows your mask to have two layers, which is what the CDC recommends since it gives you double the amount of protection. You'll be sewing them together as if they were one piece of cloth.

Turn your rectangle so that the longer part is facing up.

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Fold the top side over 1/4 of an inch and hem. Repeat on the bottom. Them, take the short sides and fold both layers of fabric over 1/2 of an inch and hem. If you need to upgrade your sewing kit, this Coquimbo Portable Mini Sewing Kit has everything you'll need for small sewing jobs like this one.

Now let's add ear loops.

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Take some elastic string and measure out two lengths of six inches each. Slide each piece of string through the wider hems on the shorter sides of your fabric until they're completely through. Tie each piece in a knot and tuck the knot into the hem so it doesn't show for a cleaner look. Then, stitch a line down the elastic to hold it in place.

Elastic string is a handy product to have in your sewing kit.

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This Elastic Strap Round Elastic Cord Stretchy Elastic Rope is made from premium polyester nylon spandex, so you don't have to worry about it snapping when you're working with it. It's versatile enough to be used for a wide variety of crafts and the stretchy design gives you a customized fit.

Now all that's left is the nose strip.

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This step is optional since all it does is keep the top part of your mask conformed to your nose for a more comfortable fit. Take a metal nose strip and remove the backing. Stick it to the top of your mask where the fabric sits on your nose. Put your mask on and position your nose strip until it rests perfectly against your bridge.

This 100-piece set keeps you stocked.

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These Nose Bridge Oceantree Aluminum Metal Flat Strips are made from 100% aluminum so they're strong yet bendable for a perfect fit. The super sticky backing means they'll stay secure, and you can cut them to the exact length you'll need. No go rock your new mask and teach your friends and family members how to make their own!