Home Depot Is Selling a Light-Up Christmas Unicorn and It's Magical

Not only are all the products included here hilarious, but they're also great for boosting your mood. From adult-sized dinosaur onesies to space kitten taco dresses (yes, you read that correctly), all the stuff on this list is at least a little quirky. So whether you're looking to brighten your day with some retail therapy, or searching for a stick of bacon-flavored lip balm, or even a giant unicorn to decorate your home, be sure to keep scrolling — maybe even add a few to your cart while you're at it. Can't hurt, right?

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and Brainjolt may receive a share of sales from links on this page.

These Socks That Look Like Cheeseburgers

Who doesn't love a good cheeseburger? I know I do — which is why I grabbed these cheeseburger socks. They arrived in a gorgeous gift box that looks like a real fast food burger container (but way classier, obviously), and the bright colors make it easy to tell what they are from far away. Or, if you're not into cheeseburgers, these pizza socks are just as vibrant, and possibly even more delicious.

This Dinosaur Onesie Made For Adults

This dinosaur onesie is large enough that it'll fit over your regular clothes if you're too lazy to strip down, but also soft and cozy for chilly nights. My favorite part about it is the tail — the toddler in me likes to whip it around while I'm walking, plus it's great for lightheartedly smacking my boyfriend in the face while he's sitting down. Choose from three colors: green, brown, or pink.

A Nature-Themed Tee For Those Of Us Who Hate People

Do you hate people in a general, non-aggressive sort of way? Then grab this tee and let everybody know no matter where you are. I used to wear mine all the time until I realized that I also I hate nature and camping. That's okay though, because it's soft, slouchy, ultra-comfortable, and if there's one thing I love more than I hate people, it's being a hypocrite. Also, it's only $17 — it wouldn't kill you to skip lunch for a day in favor of this shirt, would it?

These Light-Up Gloves For Sleepovers And Parties

It doesn't matter whether you're at a music festival or having a few friends sleep over — these light-up gloves are still a ton of fun. They're made from breathable fabric that don't leave my hands feeling sweaty, plus each pair come with batteries included. And because there are six lighting modes to choose from (including gradient colors, blue, green, and more), it's almost impossible to get bored with them.

A Button-Up Shirt Featuring A Space Cat Riding A Shark

The best clothes are the ones that no one else owns, and I can pretty much guarantee that you don't know anyone with a space cat shark shirt. I bought mine as a gift for my boyfriend, but wound up liking it so much that I got myself one in a small. So far, it hasn't faded, shrunk, or begun to fray at any seams, plus it's made from soft cotton that lets your skin breathe in the hot summer weather.

A T-Shirt With All The Moods Of Nicolas Cage

Some days I'm feeling happy, other days I'm feeling BEES!!! — but since those emotions can be difficult to put into words, I make sure to wear this Nicolas Cage T-shirt to help get my point across. While some themed shirts can be rather cheap feeling, this one is printed on premium, lightweight cotton with a tag-free neckline. And if this isn't enough Nicolas Cage for you, make sure to check out this other option. It's literally his face...stretched out over a shirt.

A Neck Gaiter AKA A Stylish Face Mask

When quarantine struck I immediately went and got a bunch of these neck gaiters, or what I like to call "stylish face masks." It's available in tons of different prints in dozens of colors, and I like to wear mine whenever I'm running outside since it keeps my neck protected from the sun. Unlike other masks, this one also has a clasp on the back that lets you adjust how loose or tight it feels.

These Sweatpants Are Sick

Let's just get straight to the point: these sweatpants are sick. They're soft and comfortable for lazy days on the couch, though I like to wear mine while I'm cooking — the splatter print hides anything that might splash onto me. And if you're not feeling like taking my word for it, I'll let the reviews speak for themselves: "I bought these as part of an 80’s costume but was surprised by how high the quality of these actually are. Very well made and the material feels comfortable. I now wear them at home all of the time."

This Ski Mask With A Built-In Beard

Looking for an easy way to cut the line at the ski lift? Just pop on this bearded ski mask, then hobble your way to the front of the line without saying a word — who's gonna mess with an old man like you anyway? One size is made to fit all, plus it even helps keep my neck warm while I'm going down the slopes. "In 35 degree weather, trail riding from 5-15mph the mask works amazingly," one reviewer explained. "What I didn't expect was the wind resistance and the warmth of the mask at 50mph the same day."

These Leggings With A Gorgeous Mandala Print

No matter what season it is, I still love to wear these mandala leggings. For one thing they're incredibly comfortable — I can wear them to everything from yoga to cycling class without having to worry about chafing. For two, they also dry incredibly quickly so I'm not left basking in my own sweat until I get home. And if you're not a fan of the mandala print, don't worry — they're also available in pink leopard, blue feathers, and more.

A Pair Of Spooky Leggings For Spooky People

For some people Halloween is a state of mind, not a holiday — so why not add some spook to your spooktacular day with these skeleton leggings? They won't fade or shrink like other printed leggings, and they add some nice variety to what is probably a closest full of plain black leggings (which is exactly why I bought them.) Dress them up with a denim jacket, or even throw on a loose hoodie for a relaxed look.

A Wig For When You Can't Make It To The Salon

I haven't been able to get my hair done since February, which is why I throw on this wig anytime I'm going out to dinner. And while I like to have pastel pink hair, you're not limited to fantasy colors — there are also natural shades of black, brown, dirty blonde, and more. Unlike other wigs, this one is large so that it's not squeezing your scalp all day, and the hairs are heat-resistant so that you can also style them using hot tools.

This Dress With Tacos And Kittens And Burritos

Adult clothes don't have to be boring — a prime example being this taco kitten burrito dress. It has a flattering A-line cut that looks good on literally anybody, plus you can easily dress it up or down with heels, flip flops, or even a belt around the waist. Unlike other printed dresses, I've been able to put this one through the wash multiple times without any shrinkage.

A Hoodie That Looks Like A Jar Of Nutella

Nutella is delicious, but you know what else is also tasty? This Nutella hoodie — in the non-literal sense, of course. I haven't tried eating mine (though the print is so rich I can't say I haven't thought about it) so I can't tell you how the flavor is or isn't, but it does have a slight stretch to it that makes it almost too comfy. One reviewer even wrote that "The material is smooth and soft, and the design is bright and over-the-top."

A Men's Romper That Makes You Look Naked

I got this naked man romper as a gag gift for my boyfriend, but he wound up loving it so much he wears it around the house all the time — so you could say the gift backfired just a tad bit. It's perfect for theme parties or simply grossing out your girlfriend in the middle of the workweek, and several reviewers commented about how it fits true-to-size.

These Joggers That Are Only For Cool People

If you don't think these cat riding a unicorn joggers are sick, then I'm sorry — you can't buy them! No, that's not a thinly-veiled attempt at reverse psychology, it's just the rules. They fit true-to-size so you don't have to worry about sizing up (unless you'd prefer a baggier fit), and one reviewer even wrote about how they're "very comfortable — silky on the outside and very soft on the inside."

A T-Shirt With Sage Advice From Yoda

The next time you need a good piece of advice, just take a gander at this Yoda t-shirt. Even though it's sized for men, I bought a small so that I could wear it to bed. It's made from soft cotton, plus it's even pre-shrunk so you don't have to worry about tossing it into the dryer.

This Cute Rainbow Fish Dress

Remember the book The Rainbow Fish? Well now you can dress up just like that fish (minus the glitter) with this adorable dress. The A-line cut has a cute flare that lets the bottom flow with your body as you move, and it's made from breathable polyester — come to think of it I don't think I've gotten too hot wearing it, ever.

Wear This Taco Tee To The Gym Or Buffet

With this T-shirt, you've got options — wear it to the gym to get your sweat on, or put it on the next time you go to an all-you-can-eat buffet. Or, if you don't go to either, just save it for your next Taco Tuesday. And if you're wondering how it fits, one reviewer wrote that "It's soft, washes well, and I like the fit."

A Lip Balm That Tastes Like Bacon

Who doesn't like bacon? No one, that's who — which is only part of the reason I bought this bacon-flavored lip balm. The other part is because my lips are so chapped from spending time out in the sun, but after just a few days of using this tube they're back to being smooth and silky. Not only does it taste like bacon, but it smells like it too — what's not to love?

A Men's Romper That's Perfect For BBQs

No matter whether you're grilling or at the beach, this pineapple-printed men's romper will certainly get the conversations started. It's made from fade-resistant fabric that's breathable so you're not left feeling sweaty, and many reviewers wrote about how the sizing is accurate. " I was nervous about the size because I’m a bit hip heavy and this is obviously a men’s outfit, but whew! The medium was PERFECT! (I’m generally a size 12 women) it’s stretchable and breathable and just perfect."

This Toilet Survival Kit For Dirty Public Bathrooms

Some public bathrooms are absolutely disgusting, but you don't always have a choice — so give this kit a look. Each one comes with a toilet seat cover as well as two antiseptic wipes, and the latex-free disposable gloves keep my hands clean while I'm laying everything out. It may not seem like much, but trust me — you'll appreciate having it the next time you get stuck in a gross airport bathroom stall.

This Sweatshirt For When You're Freaking Cold

On the days where I don't feel like a space cat riding a taco, I just pop on this sweatshirt whenever I'm feeling cold. And in case anyone else was wondering how my body temperature is doing, they can just read the front and find out for themselves. My favorite part? It's not super thick, which means you can wear it in all seasons.

This T-Shirt Of Donald Duck

Not only is this t-shirt officially licensed by Disney (no need to worry about any misprinted knockoffs), but who doesn't like Donald Duck? The collar is tag-free so that there's zero risk of getting an itchy neck, though one reviewer put it best: "Shirt is AWESOME. Wasn't really excepting the face to be as big as pictured, but it is!! Runs a little big, but great overall. Plan to order Goofy next!"

These Bandages That Are Printed With Shakespearean Insults

Calling people "stupid" all the time gets old, but you know what's more clever than the usual ol' disses? These Shakespearean insult bandages. Examples of insults include "Do thou amend thy face, and I'll amend my life," as well as "Thy wit's as thick as Tewksbury mustard." Do you need to know what Tewksbury mustard is to get that you were just insulted? Not at all — and even if you don't look it up, you can always just play it off like you're totally in the know.

A Tinfoil Hat For The Alien Hunter In All Of Us

Sure, you could make your own tinfoil hat, but this one features an elastic chinstrap so that it doesn't go flying off your head when you move. But why tell you the benefits of wearing tinfoil on your head when one reviewer put it best? "When I read the reviews for this product, I guffawed. I could not imagine how gullible these people were to buy a tin foil hat to stop the 'rays' sent out by the government or the aliens (which anyone with any intelligence knows are one and the same). Everyone also knows that those rays cannot be stopped. However, to give credit where it is due...it did reduce the rays to a mere whisper rather than a roar. "

A Wearable Horse Head For Terrifying Your Friends And Family

When my little cousins are acting out of line, I like to put on this horse head mask and hide behind a door. When one of them walks by, I jump out and scream NAYYY like the obnoxious older cousin that I am. It's sized to fit most adult heads, plus it's great for costume parties when you're too lazy to figure out an actual costume.

This Graphic Tee With A Dark Sense Of Humor

Happy birthday! Except oh wait — you're in quarantine and no one can come over. That's okay though, because you still have this shirt to keep you company. It's made from 100% cotton for comfort in any season, plus there are seven colors to choose from: black, grey, Heather green, royal blue, and more.

A Blanket Sweatshirt That's Literally Called 'The Comfy'

It might look like it's meant to be worn indoors, but I like to wear this blanket-sweatshirt hybrid anytime I'm cold — outside at sports games, campfires, etc. It's lined with soft microfiber sherpa that keeps me warm even if it's windy outside, and one size is made to fit all. Choose from 12 colors, including burgundy, purple, teal, and more.

These Crocs That Are Actually Pretty

I know the joke is that Croc shoes are hideous, and they are — except for these ones. The pastel tie dye colors give them a cute update, plus they work great for theme parties, or even just cleaning around the house. They're safe to wear in water, plus many reviewers raved about the vibrant colors.

This Workout Tank That's A Little Spicy

You don't have to go to the gym to wear this tank — just don't save it for family dinners. It's lightweight and soft against my skin, plus it's perfect for running since the racerback cut allows the breeze to slide through better than regular shirts. Choose from five colors: red, grey, yellow, pink, or blue.

A Plush Mask That Makes You Look Like A Rooster

Are you looking to inspire nightmares, scare small children, but spend less than $15 to do so? Then this rooster mask is right up your alley. It's made from soft polyester, and if you get your significant other to buy the horse head mask then you can terrify your neighborhood together.

These Slippers That Give You Monster Feet

With non-slip grippers on the bottom, these slippers are great for lounging around the house as well as fetching the mail. They're safe to toss into the washing machine if they get dirty, and they're available in a ton of different styles — including polar bear/yeti paws, which are my personal favorite.

A Humorous Book That Sorta Teaches You The Alphabet

I got this book as a prank gift, and can personally confirm that it'll teach you the alphabet — but only if you're really good at spelling, which is all part of the fun! For example, "G" is for "gnat," "A" is for "aisle," and "D" is for "Djibouti." If you already knew how to spell Djibouti, then congratulations — you are smarter than this book. For everybody else, a little refresher never hurt.

A Runner Rug That Looks Like A Crisp $100

I put this runner carpet in front of my stove — not just because it looks good, but because it's also stain- as well as fade-resistant. The rich colors look great, and unlike other printed carpets this one doesn't have that fuzzy outline from shoddy printing. Unlike other rugs, this one doesn't require a gripper floor mat since it's backed with non-slip rubber.

This Chocolate Bar Maker For Rainy Afternoons

I'll be the first to admit I'm a sucker for candy, which is why I started making my own with this kit. It comes with all the tools you need to melt, mold, and decorate your chocolate, plus the entire kit is completely PBA-free. Many reviewers wrote about how it's easy to use, with one even writing that "I bought this for a 10 year old boy as a gift. He loved it! As soon as he opened it he started making candy. Kids can be hard to buy for but this one will hit it out of the park."

These Lightweight Pants That You Can Wear Anytime

I bought these harem pants to prepare for my trip to Thailand and Cambodia, but I've wound up wearing them on a regular basis back here in the United States too. Each pair is made in Thailand, and they have a silky feeling to them that helps you keep cool when the weather is hot. Grab them in more than 10 colors, including indigo, red, crimson, and more.

A Stylish Backpack That Changes Color In The Light

Depending on the light you're standing in, this backpack can be a striking shade of purple, a dusty black, or even multicolored. The drawstring closure helps keep things from falling out, while the buckle gives it a little more security. I like to use mine as an alternative to bulky purses, since it's the perfect size for a water bottle, wallet, book, and a few other small items.

The Sassy Kitty Tee That Flips People Off

If you pull down the pocket on this tee, you'll discover that the kitty inside is flipping you off. But in case you need more of a visual... [caption id="attachment_811131" align="alignnone" width="662"]Via ripndipclothing[/caption] What's not to love? The fabric is soft, the design is a mix of cute and mildly crude, and besides — who doesn't love a good ol' sassy cat?

This Pair Of Instant Underwear That Only Requires Water

All you have to do is add water, and these underpants will unravel so that you have a fresh pair no matter where you are. One size is made to fit all, and one reviewer even wrote about how they were able to save him after he had an "accident" at the office — "Today i soiled my underpants at work and was so prepared! I went to the bathroom and put these in water, and after the five long minutes of standing pant-less in my office bathroom, and a few weird glances from my boss, I put them on and my life was changed!"

A Mug With An Adorable Sloth Hanging On The Rim

Even though I'm not a big sloth person, I got this mug because I appreciated the quote at the bottom — "Today, I will do absolutely nothing." Those words speak to me on a personal level, as I enjoy doing absolutely nothing on an everyday basis. It's large enough to hold my morning cup of coffee, plus it's safe to put into the dishwasher as well as the microwave.

But this unicorn from Home Depot might be the most cheering product yet.

Just look at it!

It's absolutely huge.

Definitely a show stopper.

And strangely ... kind of beautiful?

Loving the lilac, pink, and white combo!

And that furry tail!

Too cute for words.

It's just $129.

A small price to pay for some joy, right?

Want in?

You can purchase it right here.