Hilarious Fake Gift Boxes To Hide Your Real Presents In

Have you ever opened a gift and had to feign pretend happiness to the gift giver?

We've all done it. It's all part of the highs and lows of gift culture.

The funny guys over at gift box company, Pranko, have come up with a novel way to gift-give.

We're talking about the extraordinary concept of the double bluff.

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There's something about guessing...

With a Christmas present, it's all about the wrapping. People like to give those colorful parcels a shake and make predictions on what's inside.

The latest concept to hit the internet will keep people guessing...

Gift box company, Prank-O have invented a novel way to trick whoever you're buying a gift for this Christmas.

"We wanted a Nintendo Wii!"

via: Pranko

You can imagine the utter contempt from your children if you hid their precious Nintendo Wii in this prank box.

"What the---"

via: Pranko

"Only joking! Look inside, there's an engagement ring! Almost had you then... haha. So, will you marry me?"

I'd actually want this...

via: Pranko

Finding anything else inside would only lead to disappointment for me.

"You know for those festivals you can't afford to go to..."

via: Pranko

"Only joking, got you Coachella tickets.." "Only joking, got you Fyre Festival tix."

I mean, again, not a terrible gift.

via: Pranko

I guess it's a bit cruel? I can't imagine my cat Banjo would enjoy swinging back and forth like this.

Ice-cream on the go!

via: Pranko

I wish this one was real! Although I don't have a car, nor am I craving icecream. Well, it's a good job this gift box is really a great big prank. 

Pockets for your socks!

via: Pranko

For the cargo-lover in your life, finally, there are cargo socks. Only joking, we got you a fish. Oh, maybe we shouldn't have left it in the box...

For the selfie-loving mom-to-be in your life.

via: Pranko

I wonder if there is actually a market for this gift... I mean, I wouldn't be surprised.

For the fidgety toddler in your life...

via: Pranko

Only joking, I got you a massive jar sherbet flying saucers! You're welcome.

For the parents-to-be...

via: Pranko

Actually, any new parent will tell you this product is a pretty good idea. Well, at least it's a measure I'm sure plenty of parents wish they had taken after getting poop flying into their face. Alas, this product isn't real either. Guess you'll just have to stick to baby wipes.

A parent's nightmare!

via: Pranko

Now, this is one that would spook any parent. I bet they would be sure happy to find they'd really been gifted a nice candelabra.

Not a great gag to play on a recovering alcoholic...

via: Pranko

Play it safe and give it to your Uncle Terry who stopped drinking because of his diabetes.

Watch the gift-box put to the test...

This is what you can expect to happen when you hide your gift in one of Pranko's hilarious prank gift boxes. You can browse and buy your gift boxes, here.  The boxes retail at 7 dollars each. Continue scrolling for some gift ideas that all retail under twenty dollars... you know, for that special someone in your life.