Here’s How to Fix the iPhone Glitch That Turns the Letter "I" Into Indecipherable Symbols

The latest iPhone operating system comes with a glitch that is driving people nuts. Android users everywhere are doubled over laughing at the helpless iPhone users who can't type a simple uppercase "I."

There is no question that the engineers, designers, and programmers at Apple are amazing at what they do.


Apple sets the standard when it comes to sleek design, usability, and cachet. Each generation of products includes new must-have technology, leaving consumers envious of friends whose phones are eligible for upgrade. Apple's newest phone, the iPhone X, comes with a staggering price tag, breaking new ground in cost as well as in technology. But along with the new phone, the release of the latest operating system iOS 11.1 comes an annoying bug that's driving everyone insane.

Who needs to type a capital "I" anyway? Is it really that important?

Even if you don't have an iPhone, you've undoubtedly seen friends' social media posts with mysterious symbols rendering them nearly indecipherable. The culprit is a glitch that autocorrects an uppercase "I" to "A ⍰" or "!   ⍰", annoying everybody on Earth.

Considering how much Apple customers have paid for their devices, the fact that they're upset about this annoying glitch is totally understandable.

There's a simple way to fix this by manually entering a text replacement in your settings. It's easy:
  1. Go to settings > general > keyboard > text replacement
  2. Tap +
  3. For phrase, type an upper-case 'I'. For shortcut, type a lower-case 'i'.

Even with the simple fix, people are peeved.

This glitch has been replacing people's "I"s for awhile now, you'd think Apple would release an update. They will, we're sure. Who are we to question what those geniuses should work on? Just kidding. We're the customers! Apple, do better!

Not long ago, the idea of a handheld device that could instantly give us a flashlight, a soufflé recipe, or the actual (non-douche) lyrics to "Blinded by the Light" seemed like futuristic sci-fi magic.

Now we have all this power, and it's easy to take it for granted. Maybe our inability to type "I" is meant to humble us, to slow us down enough to appreciate the majesty of the several-hundred-dollar device we're swearing at. Sure, it can't type "I," but it can summon up a handy carpenter's level from outer space for you within moments. What more do you really want? OK, you want the letter "I." Fair enough. !   ⍰ do too.