Here Are My 30 Favorite Things I Ever Bought on Amazon

Eight years ago, Amazon Prime dug its convenient clutches into me, and I grabbed it right back. This co-dependent relationship has been my longest, and boy, do I have some fond memories. Amazon gave me just about everything I could ever ask for — in exchange for my card details, of course.

This wild romp featured some of my favorite online shopping triumphs. Instead of keeping them to myself, I want to share my most beloved items with you. Here are some reviews you can trust from yours truly about all the Amazon products that improved my life.

If you agree that these products are the bee’s knees, we might get a slice of the revenue from your purchase.

This Decadent Hot Cocoa

Pro tip: Cadbury chocolate you buy in America is basically the same as Hershey’s chocolate. Being an avid cocoa lover, especially in the winter months, I make a point to buy Cadbury Drinking Chocolate from England. In addition to making the coziest cuppas (skip the water, just milk or a milk substitute will melt your heart), this cocoa powder is baking-friendly. My chocolate banana muffins have never been the same!

This Portable Ring Light for Perfect Low-Light Photos

As someone with dark skin, I tend to disappear in nightlife photos. Even in this modern age, flash often leads to alien eyes and/or any of my much lighter friends looking like ghosts. This rechargeable ring light clips onto my phone to light both selfies and regular photos. Ghosts, begone! With three brightness settings, I always get great shots without blinding anyone in the process.

A Simple, Refreshing Toner

I’ll be honest, I only really started taking care my face about a year ago, but I’ve grown to love this toner. So many toners rock a million bells and whistles (and price tags to match) when all you really need is witch hazel.This witch hazel toner features rosewater for a pleasant scent and aloe vera — which has definitely helped calm my face down when I over-exfoliate. I never enjoyed using tons of cotton swabs, so I particularly love that they finally started putting this toner in a spray bottle.

This Eye-Catching, Durable Umbrella

After years of buying umbrellas in the middle of a downpour only to have them destroyed at the slightest breeze, enough was enough. After some research, I came across Repel Umbrellas. To punch up my mostly black outerwear options, I went for their yellow umbrella with an open/close button.So far the button’s never jammed, the umbrella has held up to admittedly modest winds, and no one has made any “How I Met Your Mother" jokes.

This Syrup Dispenser That I’ve Never Used for Syrup

I think all the maple syrup bottles I’ve ever bought did the job just fine. This dispenser sits in my fridge holding canned evaporated milk because it makes the perfect cup of tea. Pouring the creamy milk is a spill-free process and I like that the clear glass lets me know exactly when I’m running low. You can use it for its intended purpose or as a table cream dispenser on those big breakfast mornings

These Gentle and Effective Exfoliating Gloves

In my quest for a baby soft face, I decided to up my game from scrubs to some exfoliating gloves. This machine washable pair does wonders with a gentle touch, but a normal touch could pack a punch for rougher areas. Whether you need a clearer face or heels like butter, these gloves have your back.

This Soft, Affordable Yarn

A couple of years ago, I got into knitting, but I wasn’t confident enough to spring for fancy yarn. I came across these affordable skeins and haven’t considered anything else since. Scarves made with this acrylic-wool mix soften up nicely in the wash and provide cozy protection from the elements. The Tonal series creates a nice effect for when you want a little more pizzazz in your projects while sticking to a color scheme.

A Lightweight Vacuum for Lightweight Use

With the exception of clearing up broken glass, there’s not much a broom can do that a vacuum can’t do better. I love using this stick vacuum on hard floors and my low pile area rug. It can also easily get into little nooks and on stairs with the two handheld modes. Contrary to popular belief, filters for this model are available straight from Bissell and I’ve never had an issue stocking up on them.

This Heat Styling Protectant with Strand-Quenching Argan Oil

Heat styling is an inevitability, so how do you keep from frying your hair? There are tons of thermal protectants on the market, but you can feel the difference this one makes, no matter what heating tool you’re using. It’s a very moisturizing spray, so I wouldn’t recommend it if you’re prone to getting oily hair. The spray also contains keratin, so it’ll lock in straight styles and tame frizz.

This Mighty Ceramic Flat Iron

Speaking of straight hair, you don’t have to pay an arm and a leg for sleek locks. This Conair flat iron has a wide heat range and an auto shutoff for those forgetful mornings. The thin plates also make this straightener adept at making a few curls because you really can have it all.

This Sturdy, Rust-Proof Shower Caddy

Who can’t use a little more storage space in their shower? This flexible, yet sturdy silicone caddy hooks onto your showerhead and stays put. Little knob hooks on the side are great for loofahs and there are even circular holsters nearly empty product bottles.

This Washable Scrubber Will Replace Your Sponge

Ditch the dirty sponge and grab one of these scrubbers. Unlike other eco-friendly options, they hold suds well, so you rest assured that you’re dishes are getting clean. The best part? They’re machine washable and dishwasher safe, so you can keep using one for up to a year!

A Tissue Box Holder That Feels Like Home

Let your tissue box become decor with this little house. It fits standard-sized tissue boxes while looking adorable. Just make sure you remove all of the plastic from the top of tissue box to stabilize it and you’re good to go.

This Stream of Consciousness Novel You Won't Be Able to Put Down

Darcie Wilder’s “literally show me a healthy person" fills a little over a hundred pages with darkly hilarious musings and anecdotes. The lack of structure in this emotional rollercoaster is an exciting way to get back into reading and the length means you’ll actually finish it.

A Little Oil Diffuser for Small Spaces

Originally purchased for my work desk in my woefully dry office, this diffuser is an excellent humidifier. Now that I have it at home, I’ve started experimenting with essential oils and my apartments never smelled better. Though you can choose what color it stays on, I particularly like letting it cycle through different colors for some fun ambiance.

This Artistic Food Coloring Set

Any adventurous baker will tell you that you need a lot of traditional food coloring to get bright colors, especially with a dark batter. Unfortunately, you can taste all that dye in your pretty confections.With this gel set, however, you only need a drop or two to get vibrant batters and frostings. Eat your heart out, “The Great British Baking Show!"

This Color-Changing Light Bulb Is Pretty Smart

I essentially live in a cave, so my favorite thing to do with this smart bulb is set sunrise alarms. I use the app to set the bulb to slowly brighten to the color of my choice over the course of 30 minutes. In addition to helping me rise and shine, the bulb can emit light in more colors than I could ever choose in my lifetime.

This Powerful, Stylish Space Heater

Space heaters often look quite industrial, so I love how this one blends in with my decor. Don’t let the size fool you; it can heat up a room in no time. Fellow forgetful klutzes will enjoy the auto-shut-off for when it tips over or reaches a certain temperature.

This Sleek Air Purifier Will Help You Breathe Easier

I took a chance on this air purifier last year when it was pretty new. Over a year later and tons of reviews from those caught in proximity to California wildfires, both me and thousands of people agree that this purifier’s a hit. It has a True HEPA filter — replacements are dirt cheap — that will help you do everything from dusting less to surviving wildfire season with intact lungs.

This Money-Saving Period Product Alternative

Anyone who experiences periods knows how expensive they are and probably knows how bad disposable products are for the environment. I started using menstrual cups about four years ago and I’ve easily saved hundreds of dollars. After some test cups and many Youtube comparison videos, I found my “Goldilocks cup." The Lena cup is the most comfortable cup I’ve tried that’s also sturdy.

This Ultra-Soft Bath Mat

Okay, so this is actually my desk rug. Yep, a rug for my desk. They add a bit of texture to the space while also being a comfy resting place. I went for this Stainmaster bath mat, so I knew I’d be safe from any coffee spills. So far, so good!

This Handy Power Drill for Small Projects

After my faithful IKEA drill installed its last wall anchor, I found this Black+Decker drill. I didn’t want to spend too much because I mostly use it when I move, but I wanted something durable enough for the occasional DIY project.

Swimsuit Tape That’s Almost Too Sticky

I’m the proud owner of a knockout one-piece with a plunging neckline that is a wardrobe malfunction waiting to happen. This tape sticks fast, well, and it’s waterproof. Peeling it off after a beach day is a price worth its effectiveness.

A Thick Yoga Mat for a Little Extra Support

Remember me? The klutz? Many falls throughout my childhood left me with rather mediocre knees, so paper thin yoga mats don’t cut it for me. This plush, easy-to-clean mat helps me tackle Camel Pose without fear or pain.

These Color-Coded Clippers to Get Your Fade Right

In the natural hair community, many people do “big chops" where they cut off their chemically treated tresses. I’ve done two buzz chops where I got rid of everything and these clippers performed well. I also ended up cutting, much to my terror, a few of my friends’ hair over the years as well, so I got good use out of the blade guards to get the right lengths.

This Onion Chopper Locks Away Your Tears

I’m not crying, you’re crying! Oh, wait, it’s the onions. Chopping onions got easier and far less dramatic with this nifty gadget. It’s also a great way to avoid chopping peppers and then accidentally touching your eye.

Some Airtight Containers for Your Lunch or Leftovers

These containers are great for leftovers, but they really shine on-the-go. The airtight seal has kept my soups and curries from leaking during my commute. They’re freezer, microwave, and dishwasher safe, and they’ve never stained!

A Klutz-Proof Travel Mug

It’s hard to be coordinated before you’ve had your coffee. Luckily, this commute-friendly travel mug creates an autoseal that you unlock by pushing a button when you want a sip. Need to throw it a bag? There’s a hard lock switch as well that’ll keep your belongings dry.

These Festive Blank Holiday Cards

I love writing personal notes in cards instead of giving people pre-filled cards. The glossy cardstock feels great and the variety of cover designs lets every new card feel fresh.

These Heavy Duty Command Hooks

What was renting even like before all the Command hanging products? These hooks hold up to 5 lbs. and can even hold up to some bathroom steam. I’ve used a few as towel hooks and even the wettest towels couldn’t bring these little marvels down.