Bestselling Handheld Massager Is ‘Perfect for Tight, Sore Muscles’ or if You Just Need To Relax

We all know that modern life can be stressful. And even if you don't notice it, your body sure does. At the end of a long, hard day, you may notice your muscles are all tensed up like tightly wound strings. This can make it difficult to switch off and relax - causing even more stress in the future.

So how do you break the cycle? Well, the internet has an answer. You can use a handheld massage device to unclench those muscles and ease you into your downtime. It's basically like getting a professional massage, but for every day!

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Over 30,000 5-star ratings cannot be wrong, right? The clever gadget works by stimulating blood flow to the skin, which can promote quicker healing. It vibrates up to 3,600 times per minute. The massager has 5 different heads, 5 levels of intensity, and 4 different modes, making it suitable for massaging any part of the body. The long handle means you can massage even the hard-to-reach places, like the small of your back. It's cordless but never fear - one full charge offers 140 minutes of uninterrupted massaging.

People are going absolutely wild for the tool. "I have a pinched nerve in my back and there are days when there is literally fire running down the side of my thigh. I had a massage with two heads that plugged in, but it was so heavy it was hard to use on myself. I decided to try this one because of the single head. I never noticed it was charger-based/cordless. I was immediately worried it wouldn't be powerful enough to help with my pain. Well, I can tell you my fears were completely unjustified. This little unit is just perfect. Light enough that I can control it, powerful enough to work out the pain radiating down my thigh," wrote one 5-star reviewer.

"This exactly what I was looking for to help relieve lower back and hip pain. It's a pulse/vibrating massager. It comes with quite a few head options, all seem pretty effective for various areas (back, specific spot massage, broad massage, leg massage, etc.). It has a few different settings for the massage frequency and type as well as a low, medium, and high intensity. It is fairly intense at the highest intensity. I don't find this heavy at all, it's the proper weight and easy to use. Will see how it holds up. Does not work when plugged in and charging. So far, I'm pleased with this purchase," another added.

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