TikToker Goes Viral for Incredible Hack To Keep Loose Jeans From Falling Down

Fed up of your jeans always falling down? You should try this incredible hack that a TikToker has gone viral for that will stop your loose jeans from falling down...

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You no longer need to throw out your old jeans that don't fit because now, you can make them fit...


By using a replacement jean button.

This genus product that recently went viral on TikTok allows you reposition the button of your jean to make them fit you better.


With no sewing required, you simply pull this easy clip button apart, place the button on one side of your jeans fabric and the closing on the other then press together! There you have it, a button that has extended or reduced your jeans in just seconds.

Costing just $9.99 for a pack of twelve, these replacement buttons will save a lot of money and from buying new jeans every time yours don't fit...


And as they are made with high-quality metal, that is strong and durable, you don't need to worry about them flying off at any point.

Customers have been loving the button with many describing it as "easy to use," "a game-changer" and "a necessity."


"I freaking love them!! Now I can wear the pants that didn't fit right! It stayed on all day now matter how much I moved. I don't understand the bad reviews, maybe they don't know how to use it. It's easy to put on and out," one customer wrote .

So, in a bid to be kinder to your bank account, stop buying jeans...


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