Gigi Hadid’s Secret to Better Looking Lips Costs $7 on Amazon

When supermodels start sharing their secrets, you listen. Especially sensational model Gigi Hadid. Beauty enthusiasts' ears perked up when she gave them the chance to learn coveted tricks of the trade.

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Gigi Hadid has given us some of her favorite under-$20 products…


However, it was one item in particular that grabbed our attention. Turns out she loves a $7 drugstore lip gloss that's available right now on Amazon.

In an interview for Vogue earlier this month, Hadid revealed that her plump lips are thanks to Maybelline's Lifter Lip Gloss.


The product's key ingredient is hyaluronic acid which smoothes the surface of the lips while adding some extra oomph and locks in moisture to prevent dryness.

"Hyaluronic acid is widely used in skincare as a humectant, [a substance that helps the skin hold onto water] and can often be found as the key ingredient in serums, oral supplements, dermal fillers, and eye drops," Dr. Lian Mack, dermatologist and founder of GlamDerm, previously told InStyle.

It's also found in other topical formulations, "primarily for its hydrating properties to plump and smooth the skin," she added.


The Maybelline's Lifter Lip Gloss is praised by over 9,000 5-star ratings on Amazon. People say it glides onto lips and leaves them feeling smooth and soft, and it comes in fifteen different shades that look subtle and natural.

"The texture and color of the lip gloss is as true as their description. Very smooth upon application. The color is as shown in the pictures along with a hint of shimmer," one customer said, impressed with their creamy formula.


"The best lip gloss EVER. It's incredibly smoothing and fills in all the little lines on my lips," wrote another user. "The glitter is muted and doesn't steal the show at all. Not to mention it is none sticky or tacky, and the hyaluronic acid makes my lips super plump."

A final shopper adds, "the benefits of the emollients and plumping power has made this brand of lip gloss my favorite. It feels wonderful on my lips, and I can tell the difference after using it for two days."

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