This Giant Dinosaur Garden Sprinkler Is as Fun as It Is Practical

Amazon's giant garden sprinkler is perfect for all the wannabe paleontologist's out there...

The retail giant is selling a huge inflatable dinosaur garden sprinkler that stands over 6 feet tall.


As the description states, the "plain old yard sprinkler is officially extinct," and we couldn't agree more!

The dino sprays water from its mouth so it's perfect for keeping your kids cool while they're out in the sunshine.


All you have to do to get it going is simply attach it to a working hose.

Once you switch the hose on, the inflatable creature will then start spraying water.


And you'll be pleased to know the dino also comes with a repair patch, perfect for all the accident-prone adventurers out there.

And by the sounds of the reviews, people are loving it...


One shopper wrote: "Bought this for my grandsons who reside in another city, my daughter said it's a very big hit and a big dinosaur, they couldn't wait to get home the next day for more fun, very sturdy and easy to inflate."

Sadly, the sprinkler has sold out online, but it's sure to be back up soon...


So to get the first dibs on the Bigmouth Inc giant dinosaur garden sprinkler, click here.