Get Your Life Together With a Headrest Hook Hanger!

On this week’s episode of Get Your Life Together, Joseph’s life is in shambles. He’s just trying to fit in with the cool kids, but the cops had other ideas. On the way to pick up his pal, Joaquin, he’s casually enjoying the California sun in Laguna Beach, and LBPD totally BUSTS him… He’s got two choices, y’all. Sit on the curb or “Feet don’t fail me,” get to fleeing from the fuzz. Oh, and somehow the best-selling headrest hook hangers are involved in all of this!

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Uh Oh...

After getting a citation, he goes to pick up his pal, Joaquin to hit the town, but wow—he needs to clean up his act… Will he clean himself up? Will headrest hook hangers save the day?

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Headrest Hook Hanger

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Ugh, have you ever slammed on your brakes and had the stuff you had in your bag go flying to the floor, or even worse, it ends up hitting the side of your head (or has that only happened to me?). I mean in an ideal world this wouldn't happen, no loose items in your car should be bouncing around. But life sucks, and sometimes it's just hard to keep your car clean and things just happen to spill out everywhere. Well, what if I told you that you would never lose the contents of your bag again, or that you could neatly hang items with these handy Headrest Hooks?! Of course, the hooks can be used to hang other things – like your groceries, clothes, kid’s bag, your kid (just kidding). It can also be turned around so that you can hang things on the front side of your passenger seat (if you tend to drive without passengers). Well, did we convince you? What are you waiting for? Go check out the headrest hook hangers!

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