Mom Shares All the Genius Ways She Baby-Proofs Her Home

A mom on TikTok has shared all the products she uses to baby-proof her home. And they're all on Amazon...

She showed off 3 useful items essential for any new parent...


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Including table corner guards, clear stove knob covers, and cabinet locks.

Amazon's corner guards protect your baby from the sharp corners of coffee tables, desks, TV cabinets, and other edges around the house.


You can get a pack of twelve clear guards for just $9.99 here.

Amazon's safety stove knob covers feature a clear design that is almost undetectable...


They have a hinged lid for easy adult access but remain baby-proof. They are durable and heat resistant.

You can order a pack of 5 here.

Amazon's baby-proof cabinet locks use strong adhesive tape that prevents babies from getting access to draws and cupboards...


No matter how hard they tug!

Get a pack of twenty safety locks here.