'Genius' Shopping Cart Bags Are the Answer to at Least 12 of Your Problems While Buying Groceries

If you're sick of the endless mound of plastic bags stacking up in your home, then Amazon has the answer...

They are now selling the ideal set of 3 trolley bags, and they're even color-coded for all your items.


The reusable shopping bags are all different sizes and colors for easy organization when you come to packing your goods, making unpacking at home a breeze.

The bags are also fitted with removable rods at the top, which are designed to rest on carts while you're shopping.


Scrub Daddy bags attach to one another with Velcro so you can use as many or few as needed.

They also store compactly when not in use, perfect to leave in the trunk of your car.


Not to mention, they're also machine washable, so they're perfect to use as everyday shoppers.

So not only does the 3-bag system eliminate the need for harmful single-use plastics...


It also provides a faster and more organized method of shopping. And we're always on board with that!

The set of 3 Scrub Daddy trolley bags are priced at just $26.99, and for a bag that lasts forever, that's a bargain!


You can buy your own set of 3 bags here.