Fitness & Health Products Everyone Should Own From Amazon

Sometimes our health and fitness game needs a little "leg up," right? Fortunately, there are a ton of great products on Amazon that can give us the boost we need - without busting our wallets in the process! Still, there's a lot to sort through all by yourself, which is why we've put together a handy list of the best fitness and health products that you can find. Whatever type of item you're looking for, you'll likely find it here. Are you a runner? Or a fan of hiking? Maybe you're looking to get into yoga; it's incredibly relaxing and so good for you! Plus, there are also good old lawn games. Or maybe you are into a hardcore workout with weights and need the right equipment. Maintaining your health can also mean throwing around a frisbee and keeping your water on track with a cute new water bottle. So keep scrolling and see what you might want to add to your collection of health and fitness products - you're sure to find something enticing here!

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!

This Water Bottle Keeps Liquids Ice-Cold

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It doesn't matter if you fill this bottle with ice water or cold soup — the insulated walls will keep whatever liquid's inside ice-cold for up to 24 hours. Each order comes with two leakproof lids: one with a sipping spout, as well as one with a screw-top. And since it's made from stainless steel, go ahead and drop it — it won't break. But like, don't throw it anywhere, you know what I mean?

This Anti-Chafe Balm is So Brilliant You Just Have to Buy It

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Consistent exercise is all well and good, but it can start to hurt in more ways than one! There's achy muscles, and then there's the propensity for chafing. Wherever your skin is sensitive to rubbing, this anti-chafe balm can help you stay comfortable during intense physical activity.

This Cupholder Expander Holds Your Biggest Water Bottles

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It's such a pain when your water bottle's rolling around the front seat and onto the floor because it's too big to fit in your cupholder. Now there's this cupholder expander that can fit even the biggest water bottles! It also has a cut out for a mug handle if you're toting your morning cup of Joe.

This Foam Roller is the Best Remedy for Tight and Sore Muscles

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When Tina Turner sang about "rollin' on the river," I don't think a foam roller is what she had in mind. Nevertheless, this award winner (a Runner's World Editor's Choice) is a dream for improving flexibility, increasing oxygen flow, and targeting muscles. It's only $20 on Prime Day, down from the regular price of $40. This roller is made of professional-grade foam that can hold more than 2,000 pounds — in case your friendly neighborhood rhinoceros wants to get in on the action.

These Flashlight Gloves Keep You Out of the Dark

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Fingerless gloves with flashlights attached sound like a gadget straight out of a bad spy movie. But in reality, they're actually quite useful. If you've ever worked under a sink or on a car, you'll immediately understand how helpful these gloves can be. Once you own them, you'll quickly realize how useful they can be for even the smallest tasks.

This Pilates Ring is Essential for At-Home Workouts

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Are you a Pilates pro? Whether you are or aren't, this Pilates ring will tone stubborn areas of the body like the inner and outer thighs, upper arms, hips, butt, and neck. The description calls it "like a thigh master, but better." (Watch out, Suzanne Somers!) This must-have Pilates accessory is lightweight and portable and includes a convenient carrying pouch that is available in pink, purple, blue, or yellow.

These Trampolines Aren't Strictly Just for the Kiddos

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This may be the most fun workout you've ever tried. Grab a mini trampoline on Amazon for right around $40 and you'll enjoy three guided workouts with your purchase and an LCD monitor that tracks your workout metrics. One reviewer said it was "very secure" with a "good bounce." Don't think a trampoline can get your heart pumping? Send your kids outside on their own for 20 minutes and see what happens.

Here Comes the High Stepper for Maximum Booty Training

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Aerobic steppers have been around for a long time and for good reason. This stepper improves coordination and cardiovascular fitness with three settings, for more strenuous exercise, muscle building, and toning. Supporting up to 550 pounds, this step is lightweight, easy to carry, and convenient to store. All that's missing is your favorite internet workout routine so get to steppin'!

This Dumbbell Set Will Level Up Your Workout

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Are you looking for some weight training? This dumbbell set is awesome because it lets you adjust to one set before moving on to a heavier one, until you can lift all three with ease!

This Wobble Board Targets Your Core for Washboard Abs

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I love a challenge, and trying to stay upright on this wobble board — which helps engage your core muscles — seems like just the right one to try next. Plus, I'm always down to try anything to help up my plank time in the future.

Get a Gallon Water Bottle to Keep You Hydrated All Day Long

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Are you drinking enough water? Probably not — but this gallon water bottle can help change that. And even if you are staying hydrated, this leakproof bottle still lets you keep water with you at all times. Plus, there are even time markings on the side to remind you when it's time to take a drink.

Don't Be Fooled By the Rock(Tape) That I've Got

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I've struggled with plantar fasciitis (self-diagnosed, thank you to Dr. Google) for a couple of years. Well, imagine my surprise when someone on Facebook recommended kinesiology tape to help alleviate pain and discomfort. I tried it once and I was hooked. This tape is the best of the ones I've tried because it adheres well and stays put. The roll also comes in a travel case, which is handy for grab-and-go usage.

Coax Out Your Inner Gymnast With These Rings

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If there's one thing I missed from the crazy year that was 2020, it was seeing the Summer Olympics — and the gymnastics competitions specifically. There's something so graceful about watching athletes perform on the mat, the uneven bars, and the rings. I'm not saying you'll be Olympics-ready if you buy these gymnastics rings, but you're guaranteed a killer full-body workout that'll have you groaning (in a good way) the next day.

Achieve Perfect Crunches With the Ultimate Neck and Back Support

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I love crunches ... those little crispy bits coated in milk chocolate ... wait, that's a Crunch bar. Never mind. But, enough Crunch bars will lead you to need one of these crunch assistants. You can use it literally anywhere to increase your ab game. When you're finished with crunches, flip it over to perform push-ups and dips.

This Kan Jam Game for Portable Outdoor Fun

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Have fun this season with Kan Jam, the award-winning outdoor party game that gets everyone off their phones and having fun. The set includes two goals, a flying disc, and instructions for the competitive game. One Amazon customer has this to say, "This is an absolute blast and fun for all ages. We all enjoyed playing and range from age 8 to 43."

Get More Out of Your Squats and Lunges With This Booty Band

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Made from fabric with non-slip elastic grips on the inside, the Booty Band is a more comfortable alternative to rubbery exercise bands that dig in and chafe the skin. The set of four bands has gradual resistance levels, so you can work your way up to the most challenging level. Here's one 5-star review: "These bands are absolutely amazing! As everyone has said, they are well made, they don't roll up, have perfect resistance options, and the carry case makes storing them super easy!"

These Lock Laces Are Ten Times Better Than Normal Laces

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If you're already treating your sneakers like slip-on shoes, you might as well invest in a few pairs of these Lock Laces, an elastic no-tie option for your existing tennis. The Lock Laces are one-size-fits-all for kids and adults and come in a ton of fun colors like purple and neon yellow. These elastic laces conform to your foot for a custom fit, adding the teeniest bit of compression to help reduce discomfort.

Get Carded for Your Dumbbell Routine

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Many people have had to fend for their workout lives over the past year with gyms closed, social distancing enforced, and reduced hours and capacity. If it were me, I'd need all the help I could get, and these exercise cards offer a great starting point. Billed as the "most complete workout deck on the market," this set contains 50 of the most effective dumbbell exercises, seven workouts, and goals and guide cards. All you have to do is draw and you'll be on your way to a workout.

This Cell Phone Armband is Great for Jogs

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There are times when you want to hit the road carrying as little as possible, like when you're going out for a jog. This armband is perfect for storing the bare essentials without adding weight or bulkiness to your body. (Now that I think about it, this would sure come in handy when you're out dancing at a nightclub, if you could find a way to make it work with your outfit!)

Keep Everything You Need Within Arms Reach With The GO Belt

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I take my dogs on a walk every day and there's nothing I hate more than not having pockets to carry around my keys, phone, and other random items I want to bring along. With the GO belt, you can store your money, keys, wallet, passport, and more, so you can be hands-free at all times.

This Agility Ladder Will Put You Through Your Paces

You've seen these agility ladders used in training for athletes on football and soccer fields near and far, but have you ever considered adding one to your fitness arsenal? Collapsed, they take up very little room and can be transported outdoors or to the park quickly and easily. The agility ladder comes with 12 durable plastic rungs that take up 20 feet and help increase speed, leg strength, and balance. Also these things will work you way harder than you thought possible.

This Putting Green for the Home Will Keep Your Shots on Par

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You don't even have to like golf to appreciate this putting green. At nine feet long, it's actually large enough to do some real putting practice — or even just whack a few balls between Zoom meetings. And with a non-skid back, it won't shift around as you're standing on top of it. This is my kind of home upgrade.

Elevate Your Core Strength to Super Human With These Gliders

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The first time I tried sliders in a gym class I was amazed at how much they put my core to work. If you're looking to try some out, I love these as one side is smooth so you can use them on the carpet and the other side is textured so you can give them a whirl on hard floors. They are portable so you can throw them in your backpack and use them anywhere. A simple and cheap way of improving core strength and toning your tummy.

These Wearable Weights Add Intensity to Your Workouts

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Simply wrap these weights around your ankle to increase the burn when performing exercises like leg raises and fire hydrants. They have an adjustable velcro fastening, so they won't slide around as you move. Plus, they come in nine different weights allowing you to decide how much you want to up the ante.

This Utility Rope Never Tangles

If you're a camper or hiker, or just want to keep this on hand in case of emergencies, you're going to love this tangle-proof utility rope. It's extra strong at 1100 pound test, comes in a shatterproof container, and includes a rope cutter incorporated right into the container's lid. Use it to tie down, tow, or in emergency situations.

This Balance Disc Assists You Keeping Your Posture During the Day

via AmazonWe all know sitting all day's bad for us, but it's so easy to do, especially when you work from home! I'm tired of my wobbly middle, so I'm getting this balance disc so I can work out while I work. Multitasking at its finest. It'll also improve your posture, which I could also use! Got a wiggly kid who can't sit still? This seat's great for that too, since it'll take concentration for them to balance on it while they're sitting.

This Easy to Store Strap Works for Stretching and Strength Movements

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We could all stand to be a little more limber, couldn't we? I don't mean at contortionist-level ready to take the stage in Las Vegas, but just generally more flexible and pliable as we go about our daily routines. This inexpensive stretch-out strap features 10 loops perfect for pre-and-post-workouts, Pilates, yoga, and even physical therapy. Not sure exactly how you'd utilize this? No worries; a stretching guide is also included.

This Collapsible Water Bottle Rolls Up for Compact Travel

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I've purchased tons of water bottles over the years, but this Collapsible Water Bottle is truly one of my favorites! It's made of flexible silicone that's freezer and dishwasher-safe and features a leak-proof cap. I also appreciate the included wrist strap.

This Hand Therapy Kit That's Great For People Who Type All Day

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Typing on a computer all day can truly wear you out. This kit, however, is the perfect way to recover at the end of the day. Roll it over your fingers and across your palms to release all that stress built up over the course of the day. Plus, it's made by Gaiam, one of the leading companies that make yoga mats, balls, and accessories, so you know they know a thing or two about releasing tension. This will keep your hands healthy and ready to go for years to come.

Calling All Yoga Lovers

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If you love a good yoga sesh, you need this mat. It's anti-sweat and slip-proof so you can practice yoga without worry. Plus, the cushioning is so thick and soft that we know your knees will thank you. Protect your body while staying in shape - what more could you want?

Get Out Some Pent Up Frustration With This Punching Bag

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I'm such a big advocate for workouts that also help you release tension or frustration. Spin class is like therapy for me. I'd imagine boxing is the same for others. Pick up boxing at home with this punching bag. Therapy and a workout? It doesn't get much better than that! Plus it takes up almost no space, so it's the perfect gadget for someone in a small apartment.

Stretch, Balance and Tone with this Yoga Ball and Resistance Bands Set

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I swear by my yoga ball. It does my back wonders to roll forward and backward on it every day, stretching my vertebra. It also makes a great desk chair that keeps my core engaged, which takes the strain off my neck and back. Choose from several different colors, plus some add-on equipment if you want to step up your workout.

These Paracord Bracelets Helps You Start Fires

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The ultimate accessory for any outdoor adventurer, these paracord bracelets will help you stay alive in a pinch. The built-in compass will keep you on track, and the flint steel will help you start fires. In an emergency situation, the extra loud whistle will direct rescuers to your location. They're also adjustable for small or large wrists so you can get the perfect fit.

This Sling Bag Customers Call "Surprisingly Roomy"

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Hikes, theme parks, beach days--there are a lot of outdoor activities that will be enhanced by this handy Sling Bag! It's lightweight and features an adjustable strap and plenty of pockets. Lots of customers write in the reviews that it holds more than they expected.

This Backyard Game You Can Take Everywhere

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Since this ladder toss game comes packaged in a handy carrying case, it's easy to take it practically everywhere — not that you'd need it with you at the bank, of course. But who knows? Maybe your teller is really good at tossing bolos onto ladders, and you two can form an unlikely friendship over it. But assuming that doesn't happen, it's still a really fun way to spend an afternoon with friends.

This Portable Ab Roller is Compact Enough to Fit in Your Suitcase

Being out of town is no longer an excuse for skipping exercise. This Portable Ab Roller is an ingenious device that gives you a solid workout anywhere with enough floor space. The handle rotates to line up with the wheels for storage, so it takes up very little space in your bag.

This Flashlight Beanie Will Light Your Path

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Rather not wear flashlight gloves? That's fine; there's more than one way to hold a flashlight without actually holding a flashlight. How about this flashlight beanie? It's simple, looks awesome, and features a bright LED light!