My Favorite & Affordable Gift Ideas on Amazon

I don't know about you, but I love buying gifts for friends and family. So much so, in fact, that I often have a hard time waiting until the day of to bestow it upon its recipient. (One year, I gave someone a Christmas gift at Halloween — no lie.) Finding that perfect present feels like a game I must master, a veritable treasure hunt (minus the map) to help me find the loot.

Some people are just hard to buy for, aren't they? (Dad, I'm talking to you.) They either have everything already or they could buy it for themselves. So, I've put together a gift guide with some ideas you probably won't find too many other places. Keep scrolling to find ideas for the musician, the coffee-dependent, and even that angry office colleague who could use a way to blow off some steam. Oh, and FYI, nothing on this list is over $100, just in case you're feeling generous ... or aren't.

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!
We hope you find these handy products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: we participate in affiliate programs, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page.

Make S'more Time For Treats With This Microwave S'mores Maker

Camping sounds like a great time...until you think about the bugs...and hauling gear...and, wait, isn't it getting awfully cold out? This microwave s'mores maker means you can make homemade s'mores year-round without worrying about the elements or a campfire. Add water to the reservoir and then stack your s'mores for an ooey-gooey dessert in less than 30 seconds.

Shoot Your Shot With This Roulette Drinking Game

What happens in Vegas...can now happen at home? This roulette drinking game includes a roulette wheel, red and black shot glasses, and two metal roulette balls to get the party started. Perfect for anywhere from two to eight players, you can fill the glasses with the beverage of your choice. There's also a smaller set available, but what fun is that?

Stop Punching The Air With This Destop Punching Bag

This is the stress ball to end all stress balls: A desktop punching bag that attaches to your desk with a suction cup. (I know, you want one for yourself, too, don't you?) We could all use another outlet for stress relief and this punching ball is not only a great option but one that everyone around you could take a swing at as well. Just back away first.

Call In The Reinforcements With This Army Man Bottle Opener

We all need that one person who's got our six. (That's military-speak for "I've got your back.") Delight the military man or woman in your life with this bottle opener that does just that. Made of diecast metal, it's reminiscent of the "army men" of our youth, just with greater purpose. It would make a great stocking stuffer for less than $7.

Showcase A Coffee Addiction With This Prescription Coffee Mug

Take two cups and call me in the morning! This coffee mug that resembles a prescription bottle will make sure everyone knows just how seriously you take your coffee. Your recipient can pour their favorite brew and following the instructions: "Take one cup as necessary until awake and alert." It's too bad there's not a Monday-specific mug, which would certainly require more than one cup.

Grow, Grow, Grow Your AvoSeedo Avocado Boat

Always have an avocado at peak ripeness with this avocado grower boat, which allows you (or anyone) to spawn your own avocado tree in a unique planter. The AvoSeedo is perfect for anyone who loves avocado, even if they don't have a green thumb. All that's required is changing the water every two weeks. Hey, even I could manage that!

The Bar Bible For Your Favorite Mixologist

I know what you're thinking ... a book? As a gift? This is no ordinary book, though. It's the James Beard nominee for "Best Wine and Spirit" book. This hefty volume includes more than 1,000 cocktail recipes, from multiple takes on the Bloody Mary to gelatin shots for every occasion. This gift will be the perfect excuse to hang out with your BFF's all weekend.

Tote Your Tunes With This Itty-Bitty Bluetooth Speaker

There are times when you want to take your tunes with you, but don't want to be burdened with a speaker larger than, say, your hand. This portable Bluetooth speaker is big on features, but small on footprint — and price. Available in six colors, this little guy has a 10-hour battery life and more than a 30-foot wireless range. I'm grabbing one to gift and one for my own beach bag.

Put California Rolls On Your Feet With Colorful Sushi Socks

No one will really know they're sushi socks once you unroll them, but this sushi box of socks is so cleverly packaged, that it makes a great gift for both foodies and those who like to add a bit of flair to their wardrobe. The box includes two pairs of socks, available for both men and women, but the real joy will be in seeing your gift recipient scope out the packaging once it's unwrapped.

Nothing Butt A Pup Magnet

This one is a quirky gift that the dog lover in your life will surely be glad to get their paws on. The manufacturer of these dog butt magnets cleverly added a fire hydrant alongside the derrieres of a Scottie, Pug, Retriever, Dalmatian, and Poodle. Don't think they're just for decoration either; reviewers rave about the strong magnets that keep papers firmly where they're planted.

Make Your Own Cup Of Kit-Tea With This Cute Cat Cup

Brew and sip your tea from the same glass with this cute heat-resistant cat mug. It would make the purr-fect unique gift for the cat lover in your life. The set includes a strainer, glass cup, and lid, so you can insert a tea bag, pour the hot water over to steep and then remove to drink. The black and white versions are particularly adorable with just a hint of pink on their tails.

You Couldn't "Pick" A Better Gift Than This Customizable Guitar Pick

Musicians know that guitar picks are a dime a dozen — you buy a bunch and hope you can find one of them when the time is right. The music lover in your life won't lose this personalized pick. Not only is it made of stainless steel, but it can be customized with any message of your choosing. It's a perfect keepsake to commemorate a special event or a special person.

Make It A Potty Party With A Talking Toilet Paper Spindle

All gifts don't have to be serious gifts. This one, a talking toilet paper spindle, would make a great gag gift or present for a white elephant gift exchange. The best part? Opening it before you gift it and recording your own message to play for its recipient. You can record and record over and over again; just be sure to keep plenty of TP on-hand.

Give The Gift Of Espresso On The Go

Most of us just stop at a coffee shop when we need a caffeine boost, but the coffee snob in your life will appreciate this Minipresso portable espresso machine that requires no battery or electricity. Add any type of coffee beans or roast, pour in the hot water, and enjoy up to 50 ml of authentic espresso wherever you are.

Roll The Dice On Dinner With These Foodie Dice

Often, the hardest part of dinner is thinking of what to make. You can solve that problem (for yourself or others) with these Foodie dice that will shake up your cooking routine. The thoughtful set includes numerous cubes that detail options for proteins, grains/carbs, herbs, seasonal veggies, and cooking methods. It's even perfect for your vegan and vegetarian pals. Roll the dice and fire up the oven.

Invite Everyone's Favorite Mice To Breakfast With A Classic Mickey or Minnie Waffle Maker

Ordinarily, a mice at breakfast would be frowned upon (and probably a sign of a rodent infestation, just FYI). Except in this case. Fun for adults and kids alike, this Classic Mickey or Minnie waffle maker puts everyone's favorite mice at the center of the table. It bakes 7-inch Mickey or Mini waffles you can slather with butter and syrup. It'll make your kitchen "the happiest place on Earth" every morning.

Gear Up Your Gardener With This Complete Gardening Set

I love all-in-one types of gifts. Sure, you could give someone a Nintendo Switch, but what good is it without at least one game to play? Same concept here. This 10-piece gardening set is a well-thought-out present for those in your life with a green thumb. All of the tools fit neatly in an included tote, which snaps onto a folding stool seat with a backrest.

Someone In The Future Will Thank You For This Take-Out Box Cookie Jar

Today's fortune: You will buy this ceramic take-out box cookie jar and be this year's most beloved gift giver. How adorable is this handpainted cookie saver? Designed to look like a takeout box, the handle is both decorative and functional. Make it even more memorable by filling with cookies (fortune or otherwise) before gifting. It is sure to add a bit of whimsy to any decor. Unfortunately, this item is temporarily unavailable but we found a retro oven cookie jar alternative which we know you will also love.

Magically Change The Channel With A Harry Potter Remote Wand

Is there anything more magical than changing the channel to avoid sitting through the commercials? I submit that there is not. This Harry Potter remote control wand will add some extra flair to that mundane task, though. Perfect for TV and Harry Potter lovers alike, up to nine gestures can be programmed into the wand including changing the channel or raising/lowering the volume.

No One Would Be Salty Over This Gourmet Salt Gift Set

An impersonal gift doesn't have to be a boring one, and this gourmet salt gift set is living proof. We all have those people on our gift lists who we don't know all that well, but this is the perfect gifting solution. We all need salt, right? Presented in a unique test tube design, this set includes varieties like Pacific Blue Flake, Spanish Rosemary, and Habanero Heat, among others.

Banish The Chill With This Giant Brrrr-ito Blanket

I took some liberties with the name in the title, but isn't brrr-ito blanket more fun than burrito blanket? The original burrito blanket is like wrapping yourself in a tortilla — a big, warm tortilla. Foodies and people who appreciate quirky gifts will love this one that comes in a supersized 60-by-60 microfiber form. Even better, the print is on both sides so you get the full burrito sensation at all times.

Put Some Zen Under The Tree With This Water Painting Set

Even the least artistic of your gift recipients will appreciate the relaxation found in the Buddha Board, a water painting set that can also double as a meditation and mindfulness practice. All you need is water to start creating inky designs that will fade as the water evaporates. This could be a good gift for younger artists, too, in a neater and cleaner package.

Record The Best Gift Of The Year With A Suitcase Turntable

These have dropped considerably in price since they first popped back up at retailers a few years ago and also offer increased functionality. This suitcase record player is a great way to listen to your top tunes (my favorite way, in fact), but also lets those who prefer new-fangled technology get involved, thanks to Bluetooth capabilities. Add some vinyl from a favorite artist and you've got a gift that strikes the right chord.

Clear The Air Anywhere With This Handcarved Himalayan Salt Lamp

There's been a lot of research done about the benefits of Himalayan salt and, while most of us think about ingesting it, there are plenty of other ways to incorporate it into your life. This Himalayan salt lamp is hand-carved into the shape of a rose and, once illuminated, gives off a warm glow while releasing negative ions into the air. Even when it's off, it's a lovely piece of art to add to any room.

C'mon And Mess With This Texas Box Sign

If you're friends with a fan of the Lone Star State, look no further than a gift they're sure to love. This Texas-themed box sign puts your feelings on full display. Not obsessed with Texas? No worries. In the Primitives By Kathy store on Amazon, you can find the same concept in the shape of other states, like West Virginia, Florida, and Indiana.

Give Your Sweets A Five-Pound Chocolate Bar

I'm just going to come right out and say it: you can never go wrong with chocolate. With that out of the way, this giant milk chocolate Hershey's bar is certain to wow whoever is lucky enough to receive it. Don't worry about it keeping fresh; the five pounds of chocolate are individually-wrapped to ensure it remains fresh. Does anyone know where I can get five-pound marshmallows?

Butter Them Up With This Nostalgic Popcorn Maker

A lot of people still haven't returned to movie theaters and many of those theaters remain closed until further notice. Now you can give the best part of the movie theater experience with this kettle popcorn maker that looks just like the real thing. This tabletop maker pops up to 10 cups of fluffy corn at a time. I can smell the butter and salt already.

A Cutlery Conversation Starter That Doubles As A Knife Block

This is knife block form. Made from solid maple and walnut, this spartan knife block presents a unique way to display your kitchen knives. To be clear, this gift would come without knives, but most people have their own already, don't they? This is simple a clever storage solution that's also certain to be a conversation starter. Don't take a knife sharpener to a knife fight, though.

A World Coffee Tour In A Box

Coffee lovers will be positively giddy if you choose this gift for them, a sampling of 16 different coffees from Seattle's top roasters. Enjoy a buttery Ethiopian blend from Slate Coffee Roasters or a full-flavored roast from El Salvador thanks to Water Avenue Coffee Company. If your recipient finds a brew they just can't live without, each packet includes information on how to buy more.

Gift This Herschel Duffle To Your Favorite Bag Lady (or Lad)

No one can have enough bags in their life. Whether it's to throw in gym clothes and head out for the day or pack to the gills for a weekend trip, this Herschel duffle bag is going to get a lot of use — and love. Designed in black with tan synthetic leather, it's effortlessly chic and an ideal weekender that features a functional side-access shoe compartment.

Fuel A Budding Photographer's Passion With A Zink Polaroid Instant Digital Camera

I grew up in the Polaroid camera era, where you'd shoot your subject, the photo would eject, and then come to life as you fanned it around. Today's Polaroid cameras look a lot less clunky and a lot more chic, like this Zink instant digital camera. The resulting pictures — which require no toner and no ink — are 2-by-3 in size and come with an adhesive backing so you can stick them anywhere.

Beef Up WIth This Push-Up Board System

I couldn't tell you how long it's been since I did a push-up on purpose...probably high school. I digress. I know there's someone in your life who is a faithful pusher-upper or enjoys hitting the gym anytime it's open. This push-up board system features 30 different combo positions to target a variety of muscle groups such as triceps, biceps, back, and shoulders.

A Concert Ukulele For You And You And You

Ukuleles are all the rage, thanks to a number of televised talent competitions where they've recently been en vogue. So, yes, you can buy the miniature guitar-shaped instrument on Amazon. This concert ukulele, complete with mahogany top, back, and sides, is great for beginners — or for a niece or nephew you're hoping might annoy their parents with a new hobby.

This Fire Pit Might Get You Invited Over More Often

This is one of those "I got it for you, but we can all enjoy it" gifts. This Bromley fire pit in black is a super reasonable, highly impressive gift for less than 70 bucks. A seven-inch deep fire bowl keeps the wood contained, while decorative cutouts and legs make it a stylish addition to any backyard. Be everyone's favorite gift-giver by assembling it beforehand so it'll be ready to go as soon as the last gift is unwrapped.

Pick Up A Salt Plate For A Foodie

This is one of those gifts that's perfect for that person who has everything. The Himalayan salt plate and holder set is one of those interesting foodie gifts that most people won't splurge on for themselves. The salt plate works on the grill, gas range, or in the refrigerator and includes a recipe book to help your recipient make the most of their gift.

Make Breakfast In A Flash With A Complete Breakfast Sandwich Maker

Breakfast sandwiches, am I right? There's no wrong time for one — a mess of English muffin, meat, eggs, and cheese; does it get any better? For one lucky person on your Christmas list, it might with this Hamilton Beach breakfast sandwich maker. It's breakfast from start to finish: Add your own fresh ingredients and then finish getting ready. The sandwich maker will let out a "ding" when breakfast is ready.

Maneuver Through Christmas Gifting With This Volador Longboard

The designs on these Volador 42-inch freeride longboard complete cruisers are stunning, adding a little something extra to this gift for the adventurer on your list. Longboards are a great option for guys and gals alike and are a bit longer (the name gave it away, didn't it?) than a traditional skateboard. I love the "floral vintage," but the "solar" variation is equally as cool.