Amazon Reviews Say This Fan Almost Makes Rooms Too Cold, and It’s Only $15

Amazon shoppers have been left astounded by this $15 fan that almost makes the room feel almost "too cold." Scroll on to check it out...

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Finding a fan that actually works well and cools down a room can be hard...


Well, not anymore as Amazon is selling a fan that is so good at cooling down a room, it might even be too good!

The Honeywell HT-900 TurboForce Air Circulator Fan is a small but powerful fan suitable cooling down small to medium sized rooms.


With 3 speeds and a ninety degree pivoting head, the Honeywell fan has "an aerodynamic turbo design to help maximize air movement," while offering the power for intense cooling or energy-saving air circulation.

Suitable to sit on a table or on the wall, this fan will help to improve air circulation and can be felt from up to twenty-seven feet away.


The Honeywell fan is also "25 percent quieter than its competitors and represents a superior selection for those seeking a relatively noiseless experience when it comes to emitting large amounts of cool air."

Customers described the fan as "powerful" and great at "bouncing air across the room," leaving them feeling as "cool as a cucumber."


"Let's be realistic: when you buy a fan, you want it to move the air. This beauty does it IN SPADES! Even on low, it is still pushing quite a bit of air and does so relatively quietly. I set it up a few feet from my bed thinking it was "enough". Wrong. It's almost too much, and from me, that's saying something. If I lay with my back to it (like I normally would) there is enough wind going past my ears that IT MAKE A SOUND - yes, literally the wind rushing past my ear. And that's on low from 3 feet away! ... Frankly, I LOVE IT! I have had too many little fans that just couldn't live up to the task. But this little jewel does EXACTLY what it is supposed to do. But be advised, it makes noise. Especially on high. This is a FAN! And I am a FAN of this fan!" one customer wrote.

Priced at just $14.94, this fan could be the answer to all your heat problems.


Get your Honeywell HT-900 TurboForce Air Circulator Fan here.