You Can Finally Buy a Potato With Your Face Printed on It

We know what you're thinking - how did it take the internet so long!?

Meet the potato pal.


This gag gift might just take the prize for the weirdest thing on Amazon.

It first came to the world via Shark Tank...


And all you simply need to do is upload an image and Amazon will print it onto a real Idaho potato.

It makes for a truly unexpected gift.


But you may be surprised to learn it currently has over 250 5-star ratings.

"I hand these out to advertise my business. It's a little more difficult than a regular business card as I have to carry a massive sack of potatoes everywhere I go, and it won't fit in my wallet. You also have to make sure to hand them all out before they sprout or get all mushy and gross," one reviewer pointed out.


"Such a random thing I couldn't resist getting it for my friend as a Christmas gift, and I had the perfect picture of her. We always buy each other silly gifts. I think I outdid myself this year. Everybody loved it. Can't wait to see where it starts to sprout or how she looks when it shrivels. The picture is actually a thin sticker that they put on the potato, the message you can have put on the other side looked like someone with nice penmanship wrote it with a permanent marker," added another.

Are you able to resist this essential item?


If not, you can get it right here!