Why Every Girl Knows High Heels Are The Worst — And Wears Them Anyway

Although no two women are exactly alike, there are some frustrating experiences that we all share.

For instance, you will lose your hair tie as soon as it reaches the perfect level of


Also, it doesn't matter how many bobby pins you have in your house. The only time you are 100 percent, without a doubt guaranteed to come across one is when you don't need it.

And finally: You will wear high-heeled shoes. And they will hurt your feet.

You might even try to “fix" your shoes by putting in those beige foam inserts, but they never actually relieve the pain. They're usually way too bulky to comfortably fit your feet inside, and the cushioning really only masks the pain for a little while.

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And yet, we wear them anyway. Why? Well, because heels look pretty dang fabulous. Obviously, there's nothing wrong with wearing flats — even to a fancy social event — but high heels definitely make your outfit seem more polished overall.

Not only do they look great; high heels also come in so. Many. Varieties. Strappy sandals. Thigh-high boots. Classic pumps. If you want to add a little height to your look, you've got plenty of options.

But still, the pain. It's enough to make you wonder whether it's really worth it to wear your favorite heels if it means that you're in pain for hours.

The main cause of pain when it comes to wearing high heels is the fact that your body weight rests almost exclusively on your toes and the ball of your foot. Imagine walking around on your tiptoes all day. That's pretty much what wearing high heels does to you!

The only way to truly prevent pain altogether is by using an insole that literally changes the way your foot sits inside your shoe. That's actually something that Vivian Lou insoles accomplish.

Believe it or not, these ultra-thin clear resin inserts were designed by a podiatrist and engineered by a rocket scientist to fix the problem all high-heel-loving ladies face. They rotate your heel bone up and back, which redistributes your weight throughout your entire foot. Once you pop these things into your shoes, you can wear them up to four times longer with no pain.

And unlike those pillowy beige monstrosities at the grocery store, the Vivan Lou inserts are virtually invisible — you can even wear them in your strappiest sandals and no one will be the wiser. Since they're so thin, there's also no danger of feeling like you have to cram your foot inside your shoe. And, since they're running a buy-2-get-1-free promo right now, you can afford to make every pair of heels in your closet as comfortable as an Ugg boot, with a whole lot more style.

So, that's at least one problem solved. We can go on looking fly as hell in our favorite high heels and stop feeling miserable while we do it. Talk about a win-win.

Now we just need a rocket scientist to invent an un-lose-able hair tie...