This Jumbo Doodle Mat Will Keep Your Kids Entertained for Hours and It’s Under $20

Keeping your kids entertained without sticking them in front of a screen can sometimes seem challenging. But this jumbo doodle mat makes it feel simple - and kids absolutely love it.

The Toyk Water Doodle Mat is taking the internet by storm.


Parents can't get enough of this bargainous buy.

​It's filled with fun and educational activities. 


Thee are jigsaws, puzzles, stencils, and more.

It's also environmentally friendly thanks to the fact you need need to add water to get the pens to work.


The mat also folds up super small so it's easy to transport from place to place. Kids can enjoy it indoors and outdoors!

It has over 14,000 5-star ratings!


"I got this hoping to keep multiple kids busy at the same time while playing at 'grandma's house,' and this did not disappoint. The mat is large enough that many kids can draw on it together. It comes with six writing tools to fill with water to create the "magic". There are two broad-tipped, two medium-tipped, and two fine-tipped. Plus, it comes with lots of stencils. Even without the stencils, there's lots of fun on the mat by itself. The mat is framed by the alphabet, with animals and objects that correspond to each letter, only to be uncovered and discovered by using the magic water pens while coloring around the letters. The coloring surface is white until it's wet, then it turns rainbow-colored. The surface dries quickly for repeated fun and drawing adventures. I enjoy drawing on it, too! It is a very fun play mat and I highly recommend it!" one happy customer wrote.

"My kids are 2 and 8 years old. They both enjoy drawing on this mat. They opened it as soon as the package came and it's been used every day since. They were really excited about all the different stencils and tools," another added.


You can buy your very own right here.