Dog Nerf Gun That Fires Balls Is a Must for Dog Owners

Need new ideas for your dog? Don't know what cool toys to invest in next? Well, look no further as Amazon is selling a dog nerf gun that fires's a must for ALL you dog owners out there who know your pup won't chew the balls.

The 4.3-star Nerf Dog Tennis Ball Blaster Toy comes with a hands-free pick-up feature, giving you no need to break your back bending over for the ball every time your dog fetches it back to you, and is compatible with all Nerf Blaster Balls at the cheap price of $19.99.

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And here's what Amazon has to offer...

A twelve-inch blaster for $19.99, a sixteen-inch blaster, a twenty-inch Ultra-Compact Blaster with 1 ball, or a twenty-inch large blaster with 4 balls! So much choice...

And the cutest reviews were left for the products too, so if these don't encourage you to purchase a little gift for your furry friend, well, I don't know what will!

"Rex tested, Rex approved!!!" the human wrote on behalf of their pup.

"Hi my name is Rex and I'm a black lab. I LOVE to play ball in our huge backyard. Dad is a great ball thrower but Mom well she throws like a girl (don't tell her I said that or no more cookies and I love cookies as much as I love playing ball). So one-day mom was crusin' Amazon and found this K9 ball shooter. She ordered it along with a bag of (I'm so excited) Tennis Balls. She knew when there were going to arrive (I don't know how she does that)," the pup hastily explained.


"But she told me to wait by the front door for the brown truck because the man in the brown truck was bring me two boxes with smiles on them. Sure enough, he pulled up in front of our house and out came 2 boxes!!! Mom opened the first one and "ok box of balls come on the lady I know what to do with those", then she opens up the second box and pulled out what looked to be well I was stumped and Rex is never stumped. After mom took it out of the package we went out," Rex continued with the story.

"Mom shouted come on Rex let's play ball. OK, I'll let her "throw" the ball. So I sat next to her because she made my ball disappeared into this machine, cracked it back, and shot it over the shed-45 ft. WOW!!! Mom can throw better than dad. All afternoon we played ball, mom was getting tired but not me."

With a 5-star review, we think it's safe to say that Rex loved it!

And so did everyone else...


Although the balls didn't last long with some dogs, the owners couldn't fault the gun! "The gun is amazing. You can use the barrel to get the ball off the ground which is nice when you're drunk and prone to falling over," one person humorously disclaimed.

I think it's safe to say our furry pups are going to be tired at the end of the day...


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