The CreaClip Tool Is Perfect for Cutting Your Hair at Home

We have all become experts at cutting our hair over the last eighteen months. However, there's nothing scarier than cutting your own hair. You start off slow, you cut maybe an inch off the bottom, and then suddenly you look like Billy Ray Cyrus and you blacked out a little and you can't remember what happened.

Fortunately for those of us who weren't blessed with the art of Edward Scissorhands, we have been blessed with a contraption which means we get a straight cut all over our head.

It was even featured on Shark Tank so you know it's legit. Created by Mai Lieu, the original Creaclip was designed and developed to give you hair cuts at home, hassle-free.

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The CreaClip is essentially a ruler for your hair, giving you the smartest, straightest cuts for any hair length. And it means that you're not having to break the bank every time you fancy a little change with your style.

It works by you clasping the clip around a section of your hair and pull the clip until the end. Then use the rotating level to ensure you have a balanced cut every single time you use it. Set in two different sizes, it's become one of the most versatile and most purchased hair cutting tools on the market.

The smaller clip can be used for short hair or your bangs and the long one can be used for your hard-to-reach places. It also accommodates thin hair and thick hair and allows for anyone to use the clip at any time.

So, before you reach for the scissors and begin snipping at your hair like a teenager who hates their parents, make sure you give this a go. They make it easy, and they make it fun! No more spending £100 (at least) every 8 weeks when you can definitely do it on your own at home.

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