Crash Safety Experts Claim That When Seconds Count, This New 6-in-1 Emergency Tool Could Easily Save Your Life!

New 6-in-1 Emergency Survival Tool Helps Drivers Stay Safe

July 3rd, 2017 is a day that changed my life forever. My wife was in a car accident. She was driving home with our 2 daughters when she swerved to miss a deer. She went down an embankment and the SUV landed on its side. My wife recalls trying to stay calm, but our 2 daughters were frightened & crying. To make matters worse, my wife couldn’t get our youngest daughter’s seatbelt unlocked. That’s when she started panicking.

Fortunately, people came to her aid almost immediately and were able to get my family out safely. But my wife said those few seconds felt like hours. And that while she was putting a brave face on for our girls, she never felt so helpless or scared in her life.

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That’s when I vowed I’d make sure my family NEVER found themselves in such a desperate situation like that again.

It didn’t take long before I quickly found out that seatbelt cutters and windshield breakers were actual things. And that car safety experts have been doing their best to bring more awareness to the public about the importance of them.

With over THREE THOUSAND people dying EVERY DAY in road crashes, there’s no telling how many lives these types of devices could save.

ONE BIG PROBLEM…the few people who actually have them usually keep them in their glove box, center console, or worse, their trunk. Which makes no sense, because in any emergency…

no matter how great an emergency tool is, if you can’t quickly grab it, what good is it?

Which is why when I found this survival tool that was a phone charger for your car AND has 5 other life saving features for ANY emergency, I didn’t think twice! I bought 5 of them – one for me, my wife, my sister, my mom, and my dad.

What Is It?

It’s called CrashSafe, and whether your car is sinking, on fire, upside down, or simply broken down on the side of the road, this ‘all-in-one’ car emergency tool will be your best friend in those most desperate times.

But here’s the brilliance of CrashSafe…

It’s a phone charger and a portable powerbank too! Simply plug CrashSafe into the same 12V power port you use to charge your phone (aka: cigarette lighter) – making it easily accessible when you need it most. Now, charge your phone like normal AND take it with you to keep your phone charged if you get stranded!

Use CrashSafe EVERYDAY and…

ALWAYS have it handy just in case of an emergency!

And when fractions of a second tick by and can mean the difference between living and dying, that’s when the power and versatility of CrashSafe shine most!

CrashSafe: 6-In-1 Survival Tool

Convenient Everyday Use AND Handy Emergency Use

  • Patented Window Breaker — Easily break and smash through windshields and car windows with one strike using the patented, small metal pin hidden in the tip of the charger plug. (The charger tip/spike shield automatically compresses on contact so that the spike hits the glass.)
  • Seatbelt Cutter — Designed to quickly and easily slice through seat belts while preventing you or your child from getting cut.
  • Car Charger — Keep CrashSafe easily accessible and handy by plugging it into your car’s 12v outlet (aka: cigarette lighter) and use the USB port to charge your mobile phone or other devices.
  • Portable Power Bank — Take CrashSafe with you – the 2200 mAh lithium battery stores enough power to give your phone a complete charge in stranded situations.
  • Ultra-Bright LED Flashlight — Stranded in the dark? Use the powerful torch at night when you need to change a tire, look under the hood, or walk to safety – provides 4 long hours of light!
  • Flashing Red Emergency Beacon — Use this high-powered flashing red light to prevent oncoming traffic from hitting you or your stranded vehicle and to signal & wave down emergency personnel – lasts a whopping 10 hours!

All 6 of CrashSafe’s life-saving features are packed into ONE handy device! Yet the compact, sleek looking design means CrashSafe seamlessly fits into your life!

Listen, take it from me. Regret is the worst feeling in the world! Knowing you could’ve done more to protect your family, but simply chose not to is no way to wake up every day. You never want to be left wondering what those last few minutes were like? Wondering what more you should have, or could have, done?

PLEASE – DON’T LET AN UNFORTUNATE ACCIDENT TURN INTO A LIFETIME OF REGRET! Arm your family with CrashSafe and increase the odds that you get to hug and tuck them into bed each night – safe and sound!

Because outside of doing the impossible – preventing all future car accidents – the best thing you can do, is get them CrashSafe!

And with an awesome 60-Day Money Back Guarantee, you have absolutely NOTHING to lose and EVERYTHING you hold near-n-dear to your heart to SAVE!


As of Tuesday, September 18th 2018, CrashSafe is still on sale!  

Get 2 FREE when you buy 3, PLUS get FREE SHIPPING!

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