People Are Going Crazy for This Adorable Cactus Scratching Post

If you own a cat, you'll know the perils of their claws. Cats love to scratch - and often they'll take it out on chairs, floors, carpets, and other precious household items unless you provide them with a scratching post. And the latest post to go viral might just be the cutest we've ever seen.

It looks like a cactus!


While most scratching posts are something of an eyesore, this one makes a cute ornament in any room.

It's suitable for cats of all sizes.


There are three individual cactus posts, plus a base that looks like a sandy desert floor.

It comes in two sizes, medium for cats under ten pounds, and large for any size of adult cat.


There's a bonus dangling toy on the top post to stimulate cats into playing with it.

The product currently has nearly 1,000 5-star reviews.


"My cat loves this cactus. Half the time that a walk into the room the cactus is in I find Pepperoni with a faraway look in her eyes as she's hugging the cactus. She leads me to the cactus when I get home and flips out and rolls on her belly or does a big stretch up to it. She also likes to randomly run at the cactus to hit that silly lil ball. Other times she pretends she's on an episode of Tiger King and wraps her feet around the cactus and kicks it with her back legs. Anyways enough about how Pepperoni loves the cactus. I personally like it because it's saved my furniture from her claws and also fits my plant lady aesthetic," one reviewer raved.

"I ordered this post for my two cats and they absolutely love it! It was very easy to assemble and the diagram that shows the assembly is quite clear and easy to follow.
My cats both love this scratching post. My male cat loves scratching sisal and has totally destroyed several posts, and my female tends to like furniture more. However, I was pleasantly surprised by how much she took to this one. She liked the scent for some reason and marked the base immediately, then she used the post. She continues to use it and my furniture is spared. My male also loves it. I highly recommend this post," another agreed.


Feeling tempted? You can purchase yours here.