You Can Now Get Your Dog a Pair of Mini Crocs and We Can't Handle the Cuteness

Crocs have had a huge resurgence in the past year. Something about lockdown has managed to convince us all that slip-on rubber clogs in bright garish shades and patterns are actually the way to go. And we're definitely on board!

But now, Crocs have decided that no one should miss out - no matter whether they're a human or not. FYI, the latest Crocs launch may just be the cutest thing we've ever seen.

Ok, they're not actually crocs brand - they're by Geharty, and are available on Amazon for our furry friends in blue for $14.99. You can also bag a two-pack for $21.99 if you want all four paws covered.

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The shows currently have a 3-star rating on Amazon, with several satisfied customers. "They are super cute. They are a fairly hard plastic, though, not the soft stuff Crocs for humans are made of, so I'm pretty sure they would be too uncomfortable for dogs to walk in. Also, there are only 2, not 4. However, as toys for very small dogs or novelties they are cute," one writes.

The dog Crocs measure in at 2.76x1.15x1.15 inches, making them suitable for the vast majority of paws. One reviewer explained, "For cuteness absolutely worth it, you need to buy two sets though and they didn't fit my dog's feet so I had to return. Love them wish it worked out."

But sadly, they do miss one important feature - the brand says the shoes aren't fit for walking or running. They're strictly for lounging at home - and taking some fabulous pictures, of course.


They're in stock as we speak, but they're constantly selling out - and it's not hard to see why. And you should measure your dog's paws before purchasing, as there have been some reviewers who claim they ended up not fitting their doggies.

Some people are absolutely loving these cute shoes. "The only time crocs are appropriate," one Facebook commenter laughed. Another wrote: "Are we going to get matching Crocs with our dog? DEFINITELY!" "I can't believe that I'm saying this but this cutie has made these ugly shoes look hella adorable!" added a third.

However, some others are a little more skeptical. "Never, these are awful, dogs don't need shoes," as one naysayer put it. Another had similarly harsh words: " Crocs are not cute!!!!!!! No dogs need these, period." "Wow, now I've seen it all," laughed another.

Will you be buying your 4-legged friend a pair?