You Can Now Buy a Keg of Ranch Dressing

Calling all ranch lovers...

Hidden Valley is starting off the new year on a high after they revealed their new product, and it's bound to sell out in a flash.

But first, let's take a look at some of our top products that are bound to make your life easier. Because let's face it, you deserve a break after the doozy of a year we just had...

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This Ice Cream Maker That's Almost Too Easy To Use

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You made it through 2020, so you deserve a treat. And this Zoku Ice Cream Maker makes treating yo'self ridiculously easy. Simply pour in ice cream mix, stir and scrape until ice cream is formed, add your favorite toppings, and voila! Homemade ice cream with minimal effort! Plus, it doubles as an ice cream bowl so you dirty fewer dishes.

This Milk Frother Saves You A Trip To The Barista

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It's tough to make it to the coffee shop these days - capacity is much lower, so chances are you're waiting in line longer, and is it really safe to expose yourself to the virus just for a caffeine hit? Now you can get your fix with much less emotional turmoil with this milk frother. We have this one - it's easy enough for the kids to use, and it foams the milk beautifully whether you're making a latte or hot cocoa.

The Littles In Your Life Will Love This Fire 7 Kids Edition Tablet

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Kids love screens, so why not gift them one that can actually teach them a thing or two? This Fire 7 Kids Edition Tablet includes access to over 20,000 apps, games, books, audiobooks, and educational content so they’ll never run out of ways to use it. Plus, it’s built to stand up to even the most intense play.

This Outlet Shelf for Amazon Echo Devices Is A Must-Have Accessory

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I can’t go even a few hours without using my Amazon Echo, so naturally, I had to have this handy Outlet Shelf for Amazon Echo Devices to go with it. It fits directly over my outlet, so it won’t take up space on my counters while still keeping my Echo within earshot at all times. Brilliant!

This Egg Cooker Is Effortless

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Want a quick way to cook a bunch of eggs to perfection every time? Try this egg cooker, which can make hard-boiled, soft-boiled, poached, scrambled, and even individual omelets in minutes. Reviewers rave about the ease of use and delicious eggs it creates. Over 27,000 glowing reviews can't be wrong!

This Pet Paw Cleaner Is Genius

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When you take your dog for a walk on the muddy, dirty ground, their paws are inevitably going to track that right into your house. Avoid the mess with this awesome MudBuster paw cleaner - all you do is fill it with a little soapy water, dunk your pet's paw in, and the lid gently scrapes all the muck off, leaving squeaky clean feet!

This Pet Hair Removing Broom Is So Effective

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If you've got a pet hair problem, I've got the solution. This grippy silicone FURemover pet hair broom is great at grabbing every last bit of hair or fur from rugs, floors, upholstery, and more. Plus, this amazing broom comes with a matching brush to de-fur your pets before their hair gets on everything. And it's got nearly 50,000 rave reviews right now for ease of use and efficacy!

These Divider Sticky Notes Are Essential

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If you're taking notes for work or school, you're going to want these divider sticky notes to keep things organized. Simply stick one onto your notebook page to create separate sections for different topics. It couldn't be easier to keep your stuff in order, and you'll get such a sense of satisfaction from having the neatest notebook in the room.

This Silicone Scrubber That's A Major Multitasker

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This Bump It Off silicone cleaning brush has so many uses that there simply isn't enough space here to list them all. And since you can buy one for under 10 bucks, I own four: one for my shower, one for my dishes, one for my countertops, and one for exfoliating my legs after shaving.

This Window Blind Cleaner Is So Satisfying

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Anyone with window blinds knows how dusty and dirty those things get in a hurry. This window blind cleaning tool makes it simple to clean up quickly since it has three arms covered in microfiber that sweep away dust and debris quickly! And you can remove the microfiber sleeve to wash it, so this eco-friendly tool is reusable many times over.

These Pet Hair Removing Gloves Work So Well

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Pets are fun, but all the fur they shed is a real pain in the rear. Now there's an easy way to remove pet hair while bonding with your pup or kitty. You just run the pet grooming gloves over their body like you're petting them and watch how much fur comes off. They couldn't be easier to clean; peel the matted fur (yum) from the silicone nubs and toss it!

This Shampoo Brush Deep Cleans

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Getting to the salon these days is pretty risky even if you're wearing a mask, so bring the salon experience home to you with this shampoo brush. It works the product into your hair more thoroughly, detangles hair, boosts scalp circulation, and gives an amazing scalp massage thanks to the vibrating feature. Almost 10,000 glowing reviews back it up!

These Soap Sheets Are So Convenient

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It's always a nightmare when you're in a public bathroom, and you go to wash up, realizing there's no soap left. It's even more crucial in these germ-laden times to wash hands, so come prepared with your own soap sheets. Just remove one from the extremely cute bear-shaped container that you fit nicely in your bag, add some water, and lather up. It couldn't be easier or more convenient!

This Art Supply Organizer Tidies Up Your Workspace

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If I counted the number of times I find kids' markers and gel pens in places they have no business being, it'd take me all day. Now they can stay organized with this art supply holder that can contain up to 96 markers, paintbrushes, pens, and more. Plus, when you can see everything you've got at a glance, it's easier to be creative!

This Drain Snake Does Your Dirty Work

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Living with two long-haired little girls creates a lot of hair buildup in drains, evidenced by our bathroom sink that clogs every month. Trying to clean a drain without this drain snake is a nightmare - I'd never want to attempt it on my own! This couldn't be simpler to use, just stick it down the drain and wiggle it around, then pull up the grossest, slimiest hair clog ever. It's gag-worthy but so satisfying, kind of like watching those pimple popping videos.

This Ice Cube Tray Has A Handy Lid

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Trying to make it from the sink to the freezer without spilling any water out of your ice cube tray is a feat few are successful at. This tray makes it easy to make a clean transfer since it has a silicone lid that keeps the water in. People love the simplicity of the design and the fact that it really works!

This Crock-Pot Liner Makes Clean-Up A Breeze

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I love cooking in my Crock-Pot; it makes dinner so easy! What's not easy is the cleanup afterward - you have a giant, heavy insert that's hard to transfer to the sink but has stuck-on food, so you have to scrub it. Enter these slow cooker liners that make cleanup a breeze - just pop one on before setting your cooker, then throw it away when you're done because no one looks forward to heavy-duty cleaning after a long day.

This Zipper Pull Helps You Get Dressed

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If you've ever tried to zip up the back of a dress by yourself, you know the physical contortions you have to make to do it. For those who are tired of the gymnastics routine or can't physically do it, here's a zipper puller that makes getting dressed easy. Just attach it to your zipper and pull up! Simple but genius.

This Blind Spot Mirror Is A Life Saver

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If like me, you hate changing lanes on the highway because you're scared someone will roar up in your blind spot and cause a huge accident, you're not alone. This blind spot mirror will be our savior since it lets you see 360 degrees and is adjustable and tiltable. You could even install one in your cube at work to see who's sneaking up on you.

This Instant Pot Cheat Sheet Is Incredibly Useful

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I love cooking in my Instant Pot, but I have to look up how long to cook anything from frozen chicken to baked potatoes every time I do. Now there's an easy way to find out cooking times at a glance - these Instant Pot cheat sheets are magnetized, so they stick right onto your cooker or fridge and tell you exactly how long pretty much everything needs to be cooked. So, so handy.

These Bedsheet Suspenders Keep Your Sheets On The Bed

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It's hard to think of something more annoying than when your sheets keep coming off your mattress, so you have to adjust them every time you roll over. I'll never have to deal with that again because these bed bands keep your sheets where they're supposed to be - on your bed! They simply clip onto the corners of your fitted sheet and keep it nice and snug on your mattress, no fiddling required!

This Meat Chopper Makes Cooking So Much Easier

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We cook a lot of ground meat in my house, whether it's for chilis, casseroles, or spaghetti sauces, so I got my husband, this meat chopper for Christmas. It works amazingly well - the material stands up to high heat so it won't melt, and it chops the meat into the perfect sized pieces for whatever you're cooking up! You can also use it to chop up eggs for egg salad, which makes the process about a million times faster.

This Wine Stopper Is A Must-Have

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This wine cork is a must-have for any wine lover - it's a 4-in-1 tool that aerates, filters, pours, and provides a leak-proof stopper for your bottle. You can even store bottles on their side in the refrigerator, which might be life-changing. This handy little gadget has over 5,000 rave reviews for ease of use and how well it works!

This Mail Stamp Protects Your Identity

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Identity theft is no joke - it happened to one of my friends this year, and she's had a nightmare of a time getting everything straightened out, from resetting all her passwords to freezing her bank account and all the other things you have to do when this happens. You can protect yourself by using this mail stamp to cover over important info in case you can't shred it or unsuccessfully try to black it out with a permanent marker. Simply roll this self-inking stamp over your confidential information and have one less worry when it comes to someone stealing your identity.

These Toaster Bags Make Excellent Grilled Cheese

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My husband makes a pretty amazing grilled cheese sandwich in the cast iron pan, but my arteries cower in fear when I see how much butter he uses to make them delicious. I found a much easier and healthier way to make this all-time favorite food. Just pop your cheese sandwich in one of these toaster bags, insert it into your toaster, and in minutes you have a gooey, melty, toasty sandwich without the cleanup!

This Foot Glide Prevents Blisters

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Blisters on your feet are so painful, and they happen so quickly from new or too tight shoes. Let's avoid them this year - apply this Foot Glide balm to hot spots, and it'll prevent blisters from forming! Almost 5,000 reviewers rave about this wonder product for everything from breaking in new shoes to being on your feet all day at Disneyland!

These Clothes Hangers Make It Easy To Get Extra Closet Space

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Think you have to undergo a major construction project to get more closet space? Think again with these genius hangers that instantly create more space. Just hang your clothes as normal using these hangers, then detach one end, so it hangs vertically. Voila - you instantly gain more space without having to limit your wardrobe to the essentials or bring in a wrecking crew!

This Nail Polish Holder Makes DIY Manis Easier

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Since the only manicures I'm getting these days are the ones I do myself, anything that makes it easier is a win in my book. I'm pretty hopeless at painting with my left hand, but at least with this Tweexy nail polish holder, I won't have to worry about how to awkwardly hold the bottle while I amateurishly daub polish on my non-dominant hand! It also works great for DIY pedicures.

This Spill Stopper Keeps Your Stove Clean

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Whenever I'm cooking a pot of spaghetti it inevitably boils over, making a mess of the stovetop. But with this silicone Spill Stopper, I don't have to worry about that happening anymore! It also acts as a splatter guard if you're pan-frying food or cooking spattering sauces.

These Double-Sided Shower Curtain Hooks Are So Convenient

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Every month or so, I like to run the shower curtain inside liner through the wash so they don't get completely gross and mildewy. My least favorite part is painstakingly unhooking each of the shower curtain hooks, which takes way too long and kills my back. Getting excited about finding these super-convenient double-sided shower curtain hooks is maybe the most lamely adult thing I've done lately, but they're so awesome! The liner and curtain hang separately, so you don't have to remove both when you only want to wash the liner. Why didn't I think of this?!

This Tub Shroom Saves Your Drains

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When the shower started draining a lot more slowly this year, we had to take the drain apart to find the giant hair and soap scum blob that was causing it. It was super hard to clean out and incredibly yucky. Since then, we've gotten this Tub Shroom that has worked amazingly well in catching stray hairs before they clog up your drains. It's still a little gross to clean, but the hair comes off with a few swipes of a paper towel. So easy.

This Electric Wine Opener Is Easy To Use

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Opening wine bottles can be dicey when you're using a regular old corkscrew. I tend to leave half the cork in the bottle or end up pushing the cork all the way in! This electric wine opener makes even klutzes like me seem like a professional sommelier! Just place it over the neck of the bottle and press a button, and you're wine's uncorked immediately and flawlessly! This would make a great gift, too.

These Fridge Liners Preserve Your Produce

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Not getting to eat the produce you purchased before it goes bad is such a disappointment and a waste of money. But there's a way to prolong produce life right in your fridge! Pop in these special fridge drawer liners and watch how much longer your fruit and veg stay fresh - they'll pay for themselves after one use.

This Sink Caddy Keeps You Organized

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I'm not too fond of the cluttered look my sponge, and dishwashing brush makes when the only place to put them is on the countertop, which is why I love this kitchen sink caddy to keep everything together and less visible. It can hold sponges, brushes, and other cleaning implements, plus it drains well, so things won't sit in stagnating water, getting moldy. It fits right over your faucet and hangs into the sink, so the clutter won't be the first thing you see in the kitchen!

This Taco Toaster Gets Shells Super Crispy

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These Taco Toaster tools are such an easy way to get crunchy, toasty taco shells that stand up on their own, ready for fillings. Pan-frying shells creates a giant mess on your stovetop and isn't the healthiest way, and oven baking takes way too long. With these, you slip the taco over the holder then put it in the toaster. These come as a set of two, so you'll be able to toast up a whole platter in no time!

This Tile Finder Is Great For Scatterbrains

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My dad, who is forever losing his keys, sunglasses, wallet, you name it, got himself a Tile Finder, and his life hasn't been the same since. Just stick the tile onto whatever you often lose (it can even go on pet collars), and your phone automatically finds it for you and pings it! No more being late because you couldn't find your keys during the morning rush.

This Dish Brush Is A Real Stand Up Guy

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As I mentioned before, I don't like any clutter sink-side in the kitchen, so I love this dish brush that conveniently and politely balances itself on the side of the sink. Keep your counters clear and never misplace your dish brush - the best part is it drains into the sink so you won't have puddles of soapy water all over the counter, either!

And now, some good news for ranch lovers (I think I'm speaking to everybody there)...


You can now buy a 5-liter keg of Ranch dressing.

5 liters...

Hidden Valley has listened to the people and is finally selling an entire keg filled with it's delicious Ranch dressing.

And what's even better is it stays fresh for the whole year! (Not that it'll last that long.)

The keg costs $50, but can you really put a price on dreams?

Understandably, the demand for this product is growing.

We can't wait to get a keg or 2 of our own!