Bracelet Shocks You for Spending Too Much Money or for Eating Fast Food

Ever find yourself falling into bad habits like spending way too much money or eating too much fast food? Well, there's now a bracelet to help you stop that! Read on to check it out...

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This special bracelet will give you an electric zap whenever you fall into one of these bad habits!


Meet the Pavlok 2 Wearable Fitness Tracker.

The Pavlock 2 is a behavior training device that monitors your behaviours and bad habits using internal sensors and your phone.


This monitoring means that Pavlok knows when to reward good behaviour and when to punish bad habits using vibrations, beeps, and zaps.

Pavlok helps people to break bad habits by administering an electric stimulus when bad behaviours takes place.


The electric stimulus that Pavlok provides helps to train your brain to associate the bad behaviour with the stimulus.

With a battery life of between 5 and 7 days, Pavlok also includes sleep tracking, a smart alarm and hand detection for nail biting.


Pavlok also uses a Core App which offers support from the Pavlok community, allows you to chat with coaches, and track your progress online.

"Great product the company definitely stands behind it I had an issue with mine and they have sent me a replacement Right away. The app is very helpful it keeps you on task on what your goal is. The jolts get your attention for sure . This has helped me a ton with stopping my bad habits and laziness. One of my favorite thing is the a alarm it gets me awake a alert better then any alarm clock I have ever had . Highly recommend this product for anyone who is trying to better them selves," one customer wrote.


​So, if you're looking to improve your life and break bad habits, why not start now! Order your Pavlok here.