Best Cold-Weather Camping Gear for Snow (2020)

Camping is one of the best ways to get away from home and take a vacation without breaking the bank. But I'm from Minnesota, which means that 9 months out of the year camping is only for those who will brave the snow. What camping gear do you take in the snow, you ask? Well, I'll tell you. I have the perfect low-down on the best cold weather camping gear.

Check out these 10 ideas for top-notch cold-weather camping gear, then pack some extra socks. Winter camping is a blast!

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The first and most important gear is your tent

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If you're heading out to camp in the snow, you better have a good, solid shelter. Choosing the right tent is incredibly important. If you want the best snow camping tent, check out this option from Naturehike. It's affordable, incredibly lightweight, and has a good snow skirt to keep out the cold.

Stay warm while you sleep

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The next essential piece of gear after your tent is a sleeping bag. Nights get cold when you're out in the snow, and you want to stay tucked up warm and cozy. This Sea to Summit sleeping bag is rated down to 10 degrees, and will keep you absolutely toasty all night long. Let me tell you: being warm is essential to sleeping.

What about outside the tent?

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You'll also want some snow gear for when you head out into the wilderness. If you're planning on hiking, getting through that snow can be tough. The solution? Some snowshoes! These babies are lightweight and easy to use, so you can get moving and check out all the beauty of nature in the cold and snow.

Kepe your hands warm

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While you're out and about, it's very easy for your fingers and toes to get cold. It doesn't matter how good your gloves are, there are times where you need an extra something. Sure you could use the disposable hand warmers, but that's a massive amount of waste to deal with. This hand warmer from Zippo is reusable: just refill it with their fluid and you've got hours of warmth.

Don't get caught in the dark

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Here's something you might forget: if you're camping somewhere that it has snowed, you're likely to be somewhere the sun is going down earlier. If you're winter camping in my home state, your daylight hours are 8 a.m.-4 p.m. That makes it all the more important that you have a really good light for all your needs. Make sure you get yourself a headlamp before you head out snow camping. It's a lifesaver.

Never worry about starting a fire

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An essential part of every camping experience is a beautiful campfire. Even more important when it's snowy and cold, and you need that extra bit of warmth. Here's a secret: it's actually pretty hard to start fires. This fire starter from Bear Grylls will do the work for you. My tip to you.

Keep your toes warm and dry

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Any good Minnesotan knows that your most essential piece of winter gear is your boots. You need something that keeps out cold, is water resistant, and doesn't let snow in over the top (if you have never had snow slowly seep down your foot into a cold, wet mush, you may not understand this pain). The same goes for snow camping. You want the best gear for your feet, since you're going to be on them all day. These ones are the best. This reviewer can tell us why: "I highly recommend these boots for the great look, incredible insulation, extreme comfort, waterproofed, and how light and sleek they are compared to every other winter boot I have tried on."

Make sure your gear stays dry and safe

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The last thing you want when you're snow camping is to roll in to camp at the end of the day, unload your pack and realize all of your gear is wet and slushy. Your bag is an incredibly important piece of gear: it should be light, comfortable, water resistant, and have plenty of pockets for your needs. This bad boy hits all of those marks and is durable enough to hold up to lots of use.

Make cooking a cinch

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When you're out in the cold all day, you absolutely want a hot, filling meal when you rest for the night. The best tool for that job is this Jetboil stove. It's easy to use, will get your water boiling quickly, and is lightweight enough that you're not toting around a huge stove system.

Don't forget your coat

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Of course if you're headed out into the snow for a camping excursion you want to make sure that you have a good coat that provides solid insulation. A high end coat can easily start hitting a price tag in the hundreds, which can be a big deterrent if you want to start cold weather camping. If you're looking for the best coat that doesn't break the bank, this Orolay jacket will only run you about $150 and gives you plenty of warmth. Here's a hint from a Minnesota girl: definitely get the jacket that goes down past your butt. It's worth it.