Viral Bagel Slicer Is Here to Make Life Easier for All Bagel Lovers Out There

Calling all bagel lovers out there! Your lives are about to be made so much easier...

​Because Amazon is selling a bagel guillotine slicer.


Brought to us by Slyce, this innovative design allows you to perfectly slice through your bagels effortlessly, neatly, and most importantly, safely.

The slicer is designed with a wide base for stability and a comfortable handle to ensure the slicer doesn't fall or move during use.


There are 2 acrylic shields around the blade to keep your fingers and hands protected.

And to make things even better...


The slicer comes in a wide range of colors, including black, blue, pink, light green, red, and yellow.

Well, customers have been loving it, it's safe to say...


"Great product, easy to clean, cuts well. It does help to take your time, especially with really fresh bagels. Let the tool start cutting then apply more pressure. Best thing is that I don't worry about family members without knife skills cutting themselves trying to prep a bagel," one happy customer wrote.

"Sharp, durable, and scary, in a good way. This thing means business."


Interested? Then click here to buy your very own bagel slicer!