Prime Day 2020: All the Best Deals on the Big Ticket Electronics

It's Prime Day! The eagerly anticipated annual event of special deals has arrived, and just for Amazon Prime members. If you haven't made your wishlist yet, never fear - I've made one for you. That's my first piece of good news.

My second piece of good news is that Prime Day is actually two days: October 13-14.

This wish list is focused on the best Prime Day electronics deals. Like, how about some Powerbeats Pro wireless earphones for $75 off? Or a cool red portable bluetooth speaker for just $22.99?

Now's the time to stock up on gifts for loved ones, and a little something special for yourself.

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!

Just be aware that deals come and go, and they sell out fast! So keep checking back all day Tuesday and Wednesday for the latest stock.

We hope you find these handy products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We participate in affiliate programs, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page.

These Amazon buyer-fave bluetooth earbuds are on Prime Day special for only $25.49

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More than 10,000 buyers have rated these earbuds 4.3 stars. They boast having the most advanced earphone chip there is, which means a stable signal, better sound quality and lower power usage. They can be used for eight hours on a single full charge! Whether you're looking for your first set of wireless earbuds or a backup pair, now's the time. You can't beat $25.49 for these babies.

This small, powerful bluetooth speaker is loved by Amazon buyers, and can be yours for just $22.99!

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I know it shouldn't matter, but I find myself pre-liking this bluetooth speaker just because it's so darn cute. But never fear, it's far more than a pretty face. This little red wonder offers 24 hours of playtime with stereo sound and a 66-foot bluetooth range. More than 43,000 Amazon buyers have rated it 4.6 stars! With this Prime Day deal, you can get it for the unbelievable price of $22.99.

Get 31% off this gorgeous 75-inch QLED TV with Alexa built in

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We've all been stuck at home way too much this year! That money you saved by not going to the movies could be used to bring the movies to you with this big-screen Smart TV with all the latest features. The resolution on this thing is amazing, and it's engineered to give you sharp color and a reduced glare no matter what angle you view it from. Plus, it's got Alexa built in, so without moving a finger you can open apps, change the channel, search for movies and shows, play music and more.

This iPad case with keyboard turns your tablet into a laptop, on sale for only $27.99

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Travel ultra-light with this iPad case that turns your tablet into a laptop with full-sized keyboard. The keyboard is beautiful. It's backlit, with seven vibrant color settings and three brightness levels. The case is made of durable synthetic leather, and it's thin and lightweight. With this Prime Day deal, you get $16 off the space gray cover, which normally goes for $43.99.

These hot red noise-cancelling headphones are a Prime Day deal for only $45.26

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I've had my eye on these noise-cancelling headphones for a while now, so I'm excited to see they're on Prime Day special. And the super cute red pair, no less! These headphones are rated 4.4 stars by more than 46,000 Amazon buyers, so you know they're something special. They have 90-degree swiveling ear cups with a comfortable, skin-like texture. You get 30 hours of playtime per charge in bluetooth mode. And you can use them for phone calls, too, because they have an included mic.

This waterproof bluetooth boombox normally goes for $400, but you can get it for just $279.95

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This Prime Day deal gets you 30% off this powerful bluetooth speaker, which buyers rate a whopping 4.7 stars. This JBL boombox promises monstrous sound and the hardest-hitting bass. Enjoy music for 24 hours on a single charge. And since this baby has a powerful built-in battery, you can use it to charge your phone while it's playing music. Because it's waterproof, this speaker is ideal for pool parties and outdoor events.

Want Beats by Dr. Dre? These Powerbeats Pro wireless earphones are on Prime Day special for 30% off

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Get nine hours of listening time from these popular Powerbeats Pro wireless earphones, which rate 4.5 stars on more than 20,000 reviews. These sleek earphones are sweat-resistant and have adjustable, secure-fit ear hooks for comfort and stability, making them the perfect companion at the gym. They're compatible with Apple and Android devices. Their Apple H1 headphone chip and class 1 bluetooth give you extended range and fewer dropouts. This is a rare chance to get them for just $174.95.

This portable charger for your phone or tablet is only $33.99

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A portable power bank is essential for emergencies and super handy for everyday use, too. This one happens to be in a cute blue color, and it has three USB ports so you can charge multiple devices at once -- and at a high speed. I keep a battery power bank like this in my computer bag so I always have fuel on hand if I'm working remotely and my phone needs more juice. (I'm done searching for power outlets at the coffee shop.)

Get 44% off this bestselling gaming headset with noise-cancelling mic

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I don't do online gaming, but I have half a mind to buy this headset anyway because it's so cool looking! Maybe I could use it for some sort of costume... Anyway, for those of you who are gamers -- or who are looking for a gamer gift -- this headset is where it's at. It's compatible with Xbox One, PS4 and PC systems. It's got a noise-cancelling microphone, 50mm drivers and incredible surround sound. Check out the reviews from the more than 40,000 buyers who've rated it 4.5 stars!

Get 48% off this portable DVD player with 15.4-inch screen

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A portable DVD player is the perfect companion on long flights and on car rides with the kids. This little powerhouse has a 15.4-inch screen with 70-degree rotation and a 180-degree flip feature. It'll run for up to six hours on a single battery charge. And it's a region-free machine, meaning you can play DVDs from all over the world, not just those produced in the U.S. market. (I look for that so I can watch my British DVDs.)

Make your home entertainment system complete with this bluetooth sound bar with stereo surround sound

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Still using the built-in speakers on your TV? It might be time to upgrade to this powerful bluetooth sound bar, on Prime Day special for $61.12. It's streamlined and attractive, and can be mounted to the wall for even sleeker design. It's got four full-range speakers and two tweeters, with special settings for movies, news or music. Amazon buyers love it, giving it 4.4 stars.

Stock up on 16GB thumb drives with this 10-pack for only $24.21

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I find USB thumb drives super handy for when I need to share confidential files (like financial or medical stuff). You don't want to send those files by email since email isn't secure. And I've hit walls trying to share password-protected files online with businesses whose systems restrict their internet access. A thumb drive has more than once been the solution in these cases, and I'm glad I had a bunch of hand when I needed them. Of course, you can use them for lots of other purposes as well. These Netac drives are rated 4.5 stars by Amazon buyers.

Get 34% off this indoor/outdoor security camera with night vision and motion detection

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This little video surveillance camera will give you peace of mind. It has infrared night vision to capture what happens in the dark, whether inside or out. And you can check in with it from your phone or computer while you're away, so you always know what's going on at the house. It's got easy plug-and-play setup, but you can customize your settings in all kinds of ways. Like you can designate an area for motion detection. The camera will notify you when movement is detected, and save images or video as well.

Protect yourself when you're behind the wheel with this mini dash cam, on sale for $25.49

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A dash cam is SO useful in the event of an accident. It automatically records everything that happens while you're driving, so you have footage at hand when the unexpected happens. This dash cam has a 170-degree wide angle lens and takes clear video during day and night. The camera is small enough to hide behind the rearview mirror, so it won't distract you while you're driving. And the kicker is that it'll keep an eye on your car while it's parked, too. It can detect impacts, and will power on and record automatically.

Turn your home into a movie theater with this mini video projector that's $56 off

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Hey, we're all spending lots of time at home, and this little gadget can make that time SO much more fun. This mini projector will connect to your phone, camera, computer, DVD player, TV stick or gaming console. Watch movies in the backyard. Have a grand-scale video game tournament. Or project a slideshow of pics onto your wall as a backdrop for your party. It has up to 236-inch projection with sharp contrast and a built-in stereo speaker. Those are my top 15 Prime Day electronics deals. For more of what we love on Amazon, keep reading!