48 Items From Amazon That Improved Our Everyday Lives

We all have those products in our lives that help make life better. They are our go-to grabs when we want to get stuff done, clean the house, or even just make our outfit that much cuter.

The following gadgets and products actually follow through on their claims and have been awesome improvements to our lives. Keep scrolling if you want your life to instantly improve for the better.

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and Brainjolt may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!
Looking for a tool that does it all? Check out the wildly popular Kitchen Innovations Garlic-A-Peel Garlic Press. With this handy device, you'll be able to peel, slice, dice, and grate garlic in seconds. Built to last, this press is BPA-free and made with high-quality plastic.

This oversized basket is so stylish, but it's also one of the most important workhorses in your house for organizing the clutter. I use mine for corralling the kids' toys, but you can also use it as a laundry basket, a place to store throws and pillows in the bedroom or living room, pretty much anywhere you need some extra storage that also looks great!

Yes, these silicone trivets that come in a million colors will protect your countertop and table from scalding hot pans or bowls, but you can also use them as jar openers thanks to their flexible construction or to protect your hands from hot pot and pan handles. You get a set of three they'll use daily, plus these have over 2,000 five-star reviews so you know they're a quality gift.

A fantastic value, this Moroccan Pouf is made from genuine goatskin leather. It comes in two colors, both of which feature exquisite contrasting embroidery on top and along the seams. Note that it arrives unstuffed; most customers fill it with blankets or stuffing from the craft store.

Thanks to TikToker @scurtoworld for introducing me to this gorgeous eyeshadow palette with 60 different colors. There are metallics, mattes, glitters, shimmers, satins, and more. They're highly pigmented and blendable.

This Fossil bag couldn't be cuter with its leather and textile combination. It's just the right dose of pattern to make it unique and stylish on casual days. I love the signature key accent, too!

This may be the most fun workout you've ever tried. Grab a mini trampoline on Amazon for right around $40 and you'll enjoy three guided workouts with your purchase and an LCD monitor that tracks your workout metrics. One reviewer said it was "very secure" with a "good bounce." Don't think a trampoline can get your heart pumping? Send your kids outside on their own for 20 minutes and see what happens.

Being a grown-up lady doesn't mean you have to wear granny panties. But it also doesn't mean you should be forced to wear uncomfortable undergarments.

These set of six panties are made from breathable cotton, provide full coverage, and fit so perfectly to your body that you'll probably forget you're even wearing them.

I can't believe I've wasted so many years wearing the wrong type of undies!

I'm not the only one in love with these camping mugs - over 3,000 people love them for how hot (or cold) it keeps their favorite beverage for hours. The insulated 16oz mugs are also leak-proof thanks to a clever spring-loaded lid opening that works with a slide of a button. The handle's also lined with cork so you won't burn your hands, a thoughtful touch that makes this mug even easier to love.

These Kate Spade Earrings That Add Sparkle Without Being Too Flashy

Kate Spade is one of my favorite designers because this brand is both classic and quirky. Take these earrings for example. They're classic studs that aren't too crazy, heavy, or garish. However, they're also made of a colorful, glittery material that comes in different color schemes –– so they attract just enough attention to feel unique. Who doesn't love getting new jewelry for the holidays?

You can never go wrong with a good throw blanket, and this one is made from ultra-plush faux fur. For me, I use this blanket everywhere — it sits on my bed as a cute accent piece, and I like to snuggle up in it when I'm too lazy to turn the AC down. Choose from dozens of colors, including blue, dark rose, teal, light pink, and more.
This oil and vinegar bottle works as good as it looks and is such a nice way to store these everyday salad staples. It makes the mundane special when you store balsamic and olive oil in this gorgeous sculpture. It also comes in grape motifs, but the bubble one is a modern look I love.
Nothing compels a houseguest to leave more than a dirty shower, so make sure your grout is clean with this high-powered scrubber. It's water-resistant so you don't have to worry about it getting wet, and I like to use mine for those tight spots you can't easily get into — you know: grout, shower tracks, tire rims, etc.
Many kids find the smooth, elastic sensation of the Sensory Sox to be very calming. Wearing it increases body and spatial awareness, and also inspires new, creative ways to play and relax.
I have and love this Black & Decker handheld vacuum for exactly the reason shown in the image above - it works amazingly on pain-in-the-butt baseboard dusting! It's also great for quickly cleaning up little messes, from spilled cereal to crumbs. I love the nozzle extender for getting into tight spots, like the back of cabinets or in between the bathroom vanity and the wall.

This Butter Saver That Gives You Fresh, Soft Butter Any Time

Wouldn't you love to have fresh, soft butter every morning? I know I'm not the only person who has tangoed with super hard butter straight from the fridge, but there's not a lot of options out there if I want to keep my butter fresh. Until now, that is. This unique save keeps your butter soft and tasty, and you can even leave it on your countertop without worry.

Why do I feel like this Angry Mama microwave cleaner resembles me on cleaning day? She may be grumpy, but she sure does deep clean your microwave! If someone zapped the chili or spaghetti sauce for too long and it spattered all over the place, she's your gal. Fill her with a mix of vinegar and water, then microwave her for seven minutes - the steam will loosen up all the gunk, so all you have to do is wipe it down with a paper towel!

I had one of these Conair Topsy Tail Kits as a kid and get super nostalgic every time I use it as an adult. It makes my hair look polished and "done" with minimal effort on my part, which is basically a miracle considering the amount of time I have to spend on myself every morning.

​The makers of the Supoon claim it's the world's best cooking spoon, a claim so bold that I decided I had to try it. This silicone tool is sturdy at the tip but flexible on the sides. It includes measuring marks, so you can use it to add ingredients directly to the pan without dirtying another spoon. It also has a bent handle, so it sits up off the counter, making one less spot I have to clean. So, yeah, I agree it's the world's best cooking spoon, or at least the best one I've tried!

I've got this Stila liquid eyeliner in about four different colors, and I love it. It's so much easier to apply than many other liquid liners, and I find it doesn't smear. They've got several beautiful variations of gray, brown, and black, plus midnight blue, paradise pink, and white.

If you have filthy grout and tiles or want to get things super duper clean, try these drill brush attachments to get things sparkling. You get three brush heads to tackle any number of jobs, from bathroom tubs, floors, tile, and grout to car cleaning! The before and after user pics are unbelievable, and it has over 13,000 glowing reviews.

Learn A New Hobby With This Crochet Set

Rated 4.8 on nearly 5,000 reviews, this crochet hook set is beloved. The soft rubber handles are designed to reduce fatigue and prevent cramping. The kit comes with everything you need to make your first project (except the yarn). You get nine hooks in all the key sizes, a stitch marker, knitting markers and sewing needles -- plus a cute carrying case. Pull up an easy starter pattern online (there are tons of free ones) and make yourself a washcloth or scarf. Before you know it, you'll be hooked (pun intended). If my main pick is out, try this excellent alternative.
I work from home and have a 13-month-old son, so I'm able to spend all day long in the comfiest clothes I own. That now includes this SweatyRocks Women Khaki Hooded Dolman Sleeve Faux Fur Cardigan Coat. It's incredibly soft, comes in a variety of colors, and isn't too heavy to wear around the house.

This Six-Piece Titanium-Plated Knife Set

Talk about making grown life easier! You'll be able to slice and dice all the ingredients for your home-cooked meals with this six-piece knife set. And the knives will look great in your kitchen, too. They've got sleek ergonomic handles and stainless steel blades with a black matte titanium coating that doesn't chip or scratch off. They're rust resistant and dishwasher safe. And each knife comes with its own protective sheath.
Cooking enthusiasts in the know know that end grain cutting boards are the most durable, easiest on knives and longest-lasting you can buy. Usually they have a pretty steep price tag, but this generously-sized version is a bargain for something you'll use every day.

These Easy-Fan Eyelash Extensions

You know the lashes are good when even professional lash artists are raving about them! That's the case with these fanning volume lash extensions, which come in at just $7.88. Amazon buyers say they're easy to work with, curl beautifully and hold up for weeks.
Winner of the National Parenting Center award, this soap-making kit is fun and educational! The instructions include scientific explanations so kids learn about the chemical reactions taking place while they melt and mold up to 10 custom soaps.
If you would've told anyone 20 years that we'd have tiny Bluetooth headphones that hide inside a bracelet that can keep track of your heart rate, they probably would've called you crazy. But here we are in the present and things like this actually exist! What a time to be alive.
Along with all those pies, my husband's also been making big bowls of homemade whipped cream (goodbye, waistline). We just use a spoon to slop it onto the pie, but this whipped cream dispenser would be such a better way to do it. Plus you can make so much more than whipped cream - you can use this durable dispenser to make nitro coffee, chocolate mousse, frothed lattes, flavored seltzers, and even butter!

This Pretty Little Car Trash Can

These cute little geometric trash capsules will fit in your car cup holder and look like a fancy travel mug. I love this idea! My car is always littered with mint wrappers and other little debris that would easily fit into one of these small receptacles. The best part is that they don't look like trash cans. They're stylish and easily pass for a high-end car accessory, all while secretly protecting passengers from the sight of your wadded tissue and melted lip balm.

I learned about EltaMD Tinted Mineral Sunscreen at my dermatologist's office. It's an extremely gentle mineral SPF formulation, which makes it suitable for use on extra-sensitive skin. It's also a good choice if you've recently done a facial, peel, or other treatment that can leave skin tender. As a bonus, it's lightly tinted to provide additional coverage and take the place of the foundation.

I love the idea of decorating for dinner parties or Sunday brunches, but I get overwhelmed when I contemplate fresh flowers, candles, and all the other Pinterest-panic-inducing choices. Instead, I've learned it's a lot easier to find one big accessory that does all the decorating work at once. That's the idea behind this Eucalyptus Garland with Champagne Roses. Measuring 78 inches long, it's made from fabric and looks gorgeous draped down the center of a table. One Amazon reviewer also displays hers on the fireplace mantle with string lights woven in. Pretty!

This Colorful Tea Kettle

At $23 and rating 4.5 stars, this electric kettle is a great gift for the stylish host or hostess. Loved not just for the way it looks (though come on, it looks fabulous), this kettle is highly durable and works like a charm. It boils a full 1.5-liter pot of water in seven minutes or less. It has an auto shut-off feature and comes with a two-year warranty. Choose from lime green, purple, fuchsia, orange, red, maroon, white, or black.
One of the biggest pains about doing laundry is the detergent getting everywhere. This laundry detergent cup caddy provides an innovative solution to an everyday routine. Gone are the days of detergent all over the counters!
I am a self-proclaimed plant mama and take pride and joy in all of my plant friends. However, I still struggle to keep plants alive every now and then. When I found this self-watering mid-century planter, I knew I had to give it a shot. It’s not only decorative and matches my office decor perfectly, but it’s also taken all of the guessing out of taking care of my plants. Now I never have to worry about whether or not my plants are getting thirsty!

This Clump-Free Mascara That Truly Stays Clump-Free

Buying expensive mascara is a true waste of money. Regardless of whether you finished the tube, you should throw it away every three months or do to avoid clumping or infected eyelids from bacteria. Yes, your mascara can expire. So, buying a $20+ mascara makes very little financial sense. Luckily, I found a mascara that I truly love that is less than $10, and this is it. No matter how much I layer it on, it stays true to its promise of being clump-free.

Stop searching for the right lid with this organizer. It also just looks so neat and tidy compared to a pile of random plastic.

Picture this: you step out of a hot, steamy shower onto your bathroom floor, realize there's no bath mat to step onto, and immediately lose your balance and go crashing to the floor. Avoid breaking a rib with this AmazonBasics Non-Slip Microfiber Shag Bathroom Rug Mat. The rubbery backing keeps it from sliding around. I can't get enough of the Seafoam Green color.

C'mon now, just look at that picture. It's black, silky, strappy, and lacy — the final four of sex appeal. This is the perfect starter for an evening of going out with a chic blazer or even a denim shirt. Reviewers love the tank's stretchiness and deep V, which perfectly accentuates all of your assets. Aiming to be the showstopper? This is THE one.

This Squishy Unicorn That Will Ease Your Stress

If tiny squishies are not enough, reach for this fun unicorn toy. It is filled with satisfying gel-like balls and has lots of different textures. Keep it by your desk for those times when the news is just too anxiety-inducing or that work Zoom meeting is getting you down. You'd be surprised how much a stress ball (or stress unicorn) can help soothe your nerves and boost your mood.

If you are terrified of losing or damaging your rings, this fake engagement ring is the solution. I switch this out with my real one for vacations or even housework. The 1-carat diamond on a silver band looks totally real - it's even fooled some of my friends!

This Nightlight Is Absolutely Dreamy

I was actually surprised to find this cool nightlight on sale for so much off since it's a really popular item that rarely gets discounted! It projects a rotating, multicolor moon and star pattern on the ceiling that's great for getting babies and kids to sleep peacefully. It's the perfect gift for the little on your list who's afraid of the dark!

It all started with a TikTok video. One minute I was blowdrying my hair straight; the next, I was deep-diving into Curly Girl territory, complete with co-washing and plopping. I also discovered that my old hairdryer was way too harsh on my waves, so I added this Bed Head Diffuser Hair Dryer to my curly arsenal. Thanks to the large drying surface and removable diffuser attachment, I can control the drying process, resulting in less frizz and a lot more natural shine.

For a small item with a big impact, you can't do much better than the charming Haitral Swing Arm Desk Lamp. This creatively designed lamp consists of a wood base and linen shade and is suitable for up to a 40W bulb (not included). The best feature is the posable sections that can be moved into a variety of positions, so your lamp can sit, stand, hang his head, or otherwise convey whatever emotion seems fitting.

This Power Strip That Has a 4.8-Star Rating

Let's face it: We all need lots of power outlets these days, and we need them to be located conveniently. This surge protector power strip covers all the bases, with six widely-spaced outlets for bulky plugs and six vertical outlets for normal plugs. It also has three smart USB ports so you can charge-up your phones and tablets. And the power cord is six feet long, so it can easily reach wherever you need it to go. This power strip lists for $49.99, but you can get it on Prime Day for $22.99.

I love simple purses that are large enough to carry my laptop and other items while traveling between coffee shops. This genuine leather bag is ridiculously affordable considering its real leather, and it will last you forever. I've carried my Macbook in it and then some, and it's held up extraordinarily well.

This 12-pack of Creamy, Colorful Lip Liners

Talk about a bargain! With this set, you get 12 beautiful, highly pigmented lip liners for just $6.82! And according to buyers, these are smooth, creamy and long-lasting. They're full-length pencils -- much longer than the typical size. They're fine-tipped, and the colors go from dark red to bright red to pink to purplish-berry. You get all this for less than the cost of a single drugstore lip liner.
I've been looking for a kitchen rug for a while now, and this Non-Skid Slip Rubber Back Antibacterial Runner Rug is everything I wanted and more. The non-skid back keeps it in place, the trellis pattern adds a classic touch, and the stain-resistant design keeps it looking clean (even when it's disgusting).