37 Amazon Home and Kitchen Items We Could All Stock Up On

When you go over to your friend's or family's homes, do you find yourself looking around at a bunch of things you wish you had? We do too. Never fear, we can help you find all the kitchen and home items you want, all available on Amazon. You may think you need to hop over to a department store to find all your home and kitchen needs, but Amazon actually has a lot of solid options for your viewing pleasure.

From extension cord organizers to the most modern lunch boxes, if you want them, you can have them! In this list of 37 home and kitchen products, we have got you covered. Now when your friends and loved ones come over to your house, they will be the ones swooning over all of your neat appliances and groovy decorations! Stock your shelves and organize your life, or just find some handy gadgets you never knew you needed. We have got you covered.

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!

These Loops That Keep Extension Cables Looking Tidy

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If your extension cables are sitting in a jumbled pile somewhere in the garage, consider tidying things up with these loops. The high-density weave can support up to 50 pounds — and reviewers loved how well they work. "Solved my problem of how to store coiled rope, garden hoses, and extension cords," wrote one. "They are also being used to secure items like lawn chairs, multiple boat cushions, canoe wheels, compound bow case, etc., to the hooks on the wall in the garage."

Your New Best Buds


Wireless earbuds are almost a necessity in the 21st century, but that $200 price tag is not. These wireless earbuds come from TaoTronics and you can snag them for less than $50. They deliver rich sound, boosted bass, noise cancellation and one-step pairing. Maybe best of all, at least according to me, is that you can purchase them in black, which is something I desperately want the powers that be at Apple to get on with.

The Perfect Skinny Storage

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Tell me I'm not alone: Small space, but there's storage needed. Unfortunately, nothing quite fits ... until now. I found this 10-tier narrow organizer quite by accident, but it has been a very happy surprise. It fits perfectly where I needed it to and can even be reduced in size by simply leaving off a tier or two (in case it's too tall). And, no, I don't use it for shoes, although I certainly have enough pairs to justify one of these.

Ice, Ice, Bento

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I love the look of bento boxes for lunchtime, but how do you keep anything cold in those things? Enter these slim ice packs that work as well for lunch boxes as they do bento boxes. Oh, you say you're not into carrying dino ice packs into the office? Fine, party pooper. These also come in pineapple and rocket ship designs for yourself or your little ones who'll be too cool for school.

Achieve The Perfect Temp

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I've been cooking meat for a long time, but never better than when I'm using a meat thermometer. Why did I wait so long to invest in one of these? This one, from ThermaPro, is digital and waterproof as well as motion-sensing so it's awake and ready to go when you are. It doesn't just work for meat temperatures, though. You'll find it to be super handy when baking or candy-making, too.

Clean Your Clothes Cleaner

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I had a front-load washer and dryer some years back and I loved them with one exception: The washer would get super stinky. Stinky enough that I had to start leaving the door open to let it air out. That was pre-Amazon and pre-Affresh washing machine cleaner. These tabs go in your machine one time a month to help attack odor-causing residue.

Give Yourself The Comfortable Sleep Support You Need

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Support meets comfort with this memory foam body pillow. The pillow conforms to your body shape to help you find a comfortable position and drift into the deepest sleep. Plus, the 5-star reviews speak for themselves: Guaranteed you'll love cuddling this body pillow.

Wet It And Forget It

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What sounds better when it's time to clean your shower: Scrub on it for an hour or wet it and forget it? It's the latter, right? (If not, you're one sick puppy.) This shower cleaner thrives on the "wet it and forget it" mentality by encouraging once-weekly application that cleans and prevents soap scum, mold, and mildew buildup. No scrubbing or wiping is required.

This Portable Handheld Fan to Keep Cool

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When I need to keep cool on the go, this is my go-to portable handheld fan. It's perfect for having on you all day because it lasts for six to 15 hours before needing to be recharged.

So, whether you're doing outdoor activities or need to cool down at work in your office, I would highly recommend this fan. Plus, it's been ranked an Amazon's Choice product.

Save All the Space With These T-Shirt Organizers

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Confession time: my drawers are a mess. I don't really fold things so much as mash them in there and hope they fit. It's not ideal. So I've been eyeing these t-shirt organizers. They're not just for t-shirts: any shirts fit into them and allow you to neatly stack your shirts. Plus, you can easily see where each item is.

These Outlet Covers are a Safety Must

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Babies are curious little creatures and have no sense of self-preservation, so these outlet covers are a must-have safety item! I like that they're clear so they don't call attention to themselves and they're easy for adults to install but hard for little fingers to remove. You'll get a set of 30 for pocket change, which is quite a deal on an actual life-saving product.

These Kitchen Scissors are So Handy

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I love these handy kitchen scissors for small chopping jobs like veggies and fresh herbs. You don't even need the cutting board since these have a little "shelf" for holding whatever you're cutting! I love anything that makes meal prep go faster, and these are definitely one of my new fave kitchen tools.

I Don't Know How I Ever Lived Without This Microwave Shelf

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Alright alright — I lived by eating balanced meals and eating three times a day. But other than that? My life was empty before this microwave shelf came into it. Not only is it made from tough carbon steel, but the height, and length, are also adjustable so that it'll work with practically any microwave.

This Lunch Box Is Totally Old School And Helps Cut Down On Plastic

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​Whether you're looking for a new lunchbox for your children or yourself, this stainless steel lunch box is a great option. The set comes with three different-sized boxes so you can organize your meals easily, and they're a great solution to wasteful lunch packaging and Tupperware.

These Mixing Bowls With Lids are So Convenient

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These mixing bowls with lids have all your kitchen and baking needs covered, hands down.

"The best stainless steel bowls ever! Just flawless! The air-tight covers don't even let liquids come out of it! After receiving my first bowl set, I bought three more sets to give as gifts! The colors are just beautiful! I highly recommend." - April

These Shower Shelves are a Breeze to Install

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Hesitant when it comes to drilling into your walls? Just hang these shelves in your shower. They come with waterproof adhesive that keeps them firmly in place — no drilling required. And since they're made from stainless steel, they're also rustproof.

This Popsicle Maker Set for DIY Ice Treats

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Nothing says summer like the taste of sweet frozen popsicles and these high-quality silicone molds will allow you to make your own at home. I've been making a huge variety of flavors and so far, they've all been delicious.

They're easy to use and all you have to do is add fruit juice and pop them in the freezer for the ideal summer snack.

Add Some Color To Your Knife Block

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Nobody ever tells you that a lot of you'll buy as an adult are necessary, but kind of boring. Knives are one of those things. They typically come with a plain black or brown handle and very little personality. Unless, of course, you purchase this 12-piece knife set with an assortment of bright colors. This rainbow set includes a chef knife, bread knife, slicer, santoku, utility knife, and paring knife.

This Grill Gets High Marks

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It's too hot to grill, O.K.? But, that doesn't mean you can't still enjoy all of your grilled favorites ... inside ... from the comfort of air conditioning. This smokeless indoor grill has a large 14-inch cooking surface and an adjustable temperature setting up to 450 degrees. The best part is that you can still get those glorious grill marks. (Oh, and it being dishwasher-safe is pretty awesome as well.)

This Waffle Maker Can Do So Much More

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You're not stuck just making waffles when you've got this waffle maker — oh no. It's so versatile that you can also bake paninis, hash browns, or even delicious little biscuit pizzas. And if that isn't enough? It's small enough to fit in even the most cramped of kitchen cabinets. Now you can have amazing meals with basically no work at all.

This Cooling Mattress Pad Levels Up Your Bed

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I've always been a hot sleeper, and often wake up in a puddle of sweat while my husband is cool as a cucumber beside me. I'm adding this cooling mattress pad to my cart immediately after seeing the over 9,000 glowing reviews! The Nanotex fabric technology dries 100% faster than cotton, and it's well-cushioned to make your bed even comfier.

A Hanging Organizer That Adds Shelves To Your Closet

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With six shelves and five drawers, this hanging organizer is a must-have if you need a little extra storage space in your closet. It's great for underwear — and since it can hold up to 30 pounds, you can even put shoes on it if you need. The fabric is tear-resistant, and reviewers loved how it was "easy to assemble."

You Can Get Organized

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​I don't drink much soda, but I do love me a good energy drink or three. The problem is, whether it's a skinny can or a tall can, neither fits into a standard bin organizer. I went on the hunt to find a can organizer that would work for odd-shaped containers and found this one. And, apparently, I'm not alone, according to this reviewer: "I've bought 3 of these so far. They're really great for fridge organization. I love that they fit tall cans (it was really hard to find a bin that would!)."

A Window Fan That Gets The Job Done

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Look, I know this window fan isn't the most glamorous thing in the world — but if your home is hot? It's a total must-have when trying to beat the heat. And unlike the other window fans on Amazon, you can grab it for less than $45!

These Bed Sheet Fasteners Will Change Your Life

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Can I just hallelujah! There's finally a device that helps your sheets stay in place. These bed sheet fasteners are such a simple invention yet truly life-changing. With over 26,000 reviews, it seems that other Amazon users agree!

The Home Projector Kit of Your Dreams

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And with a projector that beams a 100-inch picture, you'll be having everyone over for your home cinema parties in no time.

Dress Up Your Pods

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I've bought the last few of my AirPods cases from Amazon and I've been, shall we say, generally happy? I'd spend seven or eight bucks, the case would last six months ... rinse and repeat. I finally broke down and purchased this Spigen AirPods Pro case (still a reasonable $27), and it's love. The color above perfectly matches my keyring and it keeps my AirPods safe with easy access to charging and the earbuds themselves.

These Glass Jars are Perfect for Spices

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Turn any plain spice rack into an Instagram-worthy photo with these jars. They're made from sleek borosilicate glass — not plastic — while their airtight lids help keep everything inside fresh. And unlike other jars, these ones even have cute bamboo lids.

Moving Boxes is Easy with this Standard Grip Transfer Tape

grip transfer tape via Amazon

Transfer, move, and relocate your heavy items without the heavy lifting! RIZEE standard vinyl transfer tape is designed to work with Indoor/Outdoor Adhesive Vinyl including Cameo, Silhouette, Provo Craft, Cricut Vinyl, Pazzles, Oracal vinyl, and much more

Extend Your Bedside Table With This Caddy

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I'll be honest: I felt a little silly buying one of these. Actually, no, scratch that. I felt a little grandmotherly buying one of these. But, can I just tell you how unbelievably handy this bedside storage organizer is? I have a very small bedside table and way too many books and gadgets. This caddy freed up some of my table space while keeping things like the remote and my Kindle within arm's reach.

This Cleaning Paste Is A One-Stop-Shop For All Of Your Cleaning Needs

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Looking to clean stainless steel, copper, aluminum, chrome, linoleum, glass, patio furniture, and more? Well then you're in luck, because this cleaning paste does it all. Once you start using it, you're going to find that it becomes your one-stop-shop cleaning supply that works for literally any surface.

Shoe Storage That's A Step Above

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Shoe lover? Sneakerhead? You haven't crossed into the obsessive category until you've purchased individual shoe storage boxes like this set of 12. Put them on display, hide them away in your closet or stuff them under your bed — the choice is yours. These boxes are sturdy and durable and can be organized in a number of configurations or folded flat when not in use.

Throw This Over Your Couch

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You can never have too many throw blankets. Just like you can never have too many pillows. (No matter what that insurance commercial says.) This one comes in six great neutral colors in a generous 50x60 size. One reviewer said: "I bought this because of the reviews and it is amazing, really glad I got it. Super warm and soft but also kind of lightweight. It's the perfect combination!"

This Dish Drying Rack Can Handle Pots and Pans

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Our existing dish drying rack can't handle pots and pans, but this one's oversized design is a major improvement.

"I have come back to the Kitchen Aid dish rack I originally loved and bought many years ago. If you need a large, well-built dish rack that maximizes your counter space and actually drains into your sink and doesn't slide all over your countertop you could (and probably will) do worse" - Richard

These Tiki Mugs Will Have You Feeling Like You're on Vacation

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​I recently went to a tiki bar, and I got my Mai Tai in a small souvenir glass, and I have to admit that I went on Amazon and bought these tiki mugs as soon as I got home. There's something about sipping a fruity rum cocktail out of a glass that makes you feel like you're in Hawaii. You can bet I will be only using these mugs from here on out.

Stop Worrying About Bugs In Your Drinks With These Drink Tops

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I try to spend as much time outside as possible. My ideal afternoon is spent outside watching the sunset with a glass of my favorite wine and a delicious meal. Unfortunately, bugs make this a bit difficult. But it's not a total loss–not with these drink tops anyway. They keep undesirable elements out of your glasses, so you can enjoy your outdoor time.

This Pizza Cutter Works Like a Charm

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If you've ever tried to cut homemade pizza with a knife or lesser pizza wheel, you know the frustration and mess it makes. Want a pizza cutter that'll never let you down? Try this extra-large 16-inch sharp rocker blade with a cover to cut through even tough crust as easily as a hot knife through butter.