Amazon Health & Household Items You Won’t Want to Overlook

Need a little something for your house? Whether it's a beautiful piece of decor, some cozy bedding that instantly improves your sleep, or even cleaning supplies that you keep forgetting to pick up from the store, Amazon has got you covered. I've pulled together a list of the 37 best health and household items we've ever written about.

From nifty cleaning gadgets that make your life easier to home products with over 10,000 positive reviews, these are the holy grail household products that you need to know about. I, personally, own most of the items on this list, so I can vouch for how amazing they are.

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!

This Body Pillow for Side Sleepers Prevents Back Pain

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If you like to sleep or lounge on your side, you need this Body Pillow! It measures 54 inches long, providing soft support along your body to help you stay comfortable and keep your spine and neck properly aligned. It earns high ratings from customers for being "softer than clouds" and "the perfect size."

Elevate Your Home Decor

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If you're looking to bring your home decor to the next level, you need these throw pillows. So soft and so stylish, these really added the perfect finishing touch to my home decor. Spruce up your couch or living room and create the perfect haven for yourself - you deserve it.

Beat The Heat With This

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Picture this: It's a hot summer day, you're relaxing at home when suddenly, your AC stops working. Yikes. I've been there, and the one thing I wish I had at the time was a reliable fan to use. If you're still putting off getting one, it's time to add this to your cart.

We've Found The Softest Rug Ever

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No joke, this rug is like nothing I've felt before. The perfect touch for your bedroom, this rug feels like cashmere to the touch and is so luxurious - it feels like I'm walking on a cloud. I LOVE it and know you will too. Now I'm just trying to convenience my boyfriend that we should change our living room rug too.

This Portable Vacuum Can Be Taken Anywhere You Go

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​My car gets, to put it nicely, pretty gross. I got this portable vacuum and have been amazed by the difference it's made since the first time I used it. It even has a built-in quick flip crevice tool that makes getting those hard-to-reach places a breeze.

The Perfect Skinny Storage

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Tell me I'm not alone: Small space, but there's storage needed. Unfortunately, nothing quite fits ... until now. I found this 10-tier narrow organizer quite by accident, but it has been a very happy surprise. It fits perfectly where I needed it to and can even be reduced in size by simply leaving off a tier or two (in case it's too tall). And, no, I don't use it for shoes, although I certainly have enough pairs to justify one of these.

Get A Swiff Of This Deal

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I hate mopping. Wait, no, I loathe mopping. But, it must be done. It's a little less painful with the Swiffer WetJet, which doesn't require pulling out a mop and bucket and solution and on and on and on. This box includes everything you need to be a mopping superstar, including the mop, pad refills, cleaning solution, and even batteries. Hey, you might even start to love mopping, but I won't hold my breath.

Meet Your New Best (Bar Keepers) Friend

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No, you don't have to have a bar at home to use this, but Bar Keepers Friend is another one of those miraculous cleaning products that'll have you asking, "How did it do that?" It's a bleach-free product that's excellent for cleaning stainless steel, but that's not all it can do. It also easily removes rust, tarnish, mineral deposits, and tough stains from most surfaces. You can even use it outdoors!

This Wire Basket For A Few Extra Rolls Of Toilet Paper

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Hang one of these baskets from those floating shelves for a cute farmhouse look, or even let it sit on the back of your toilet. It's large enough for multiple spare rolls of toilet paper, while the built-in handles make it easy to move from room to room. Plus, it's also got a rust-resistant finish to keep it looking great in humid bathrooms.

This Steam Cleaner Powers Through the Toughest Jobs

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Got some grimy tile that could use a deep clean? This steam shot using ultra-hot water to power through all sorts of stubborn dirt — without needing any help from harsh cleaners. It only takes about 30 seconds to heat up, and each order even comes with tools to help you clean grout.

Upgrade Your Spice Rack with this Lazy Susan

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This two-story clear lazy Susan rack makes the most of the limited space in your kitchen cabinets, leaving you more room for the snacks you really love.

Stack and swirl all your seasonings in one lazy Susan. And if you know your way around the kitchen, she won't be lazy for long!

Neatly organize all your favorite spices and seasonings at a terrific bargain.

I'm Your Biggest Fan

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If you're going to buy a fan, it might as well as a chic fan that adds to your room's style rather than detracts from it. This soft-bladed fan from Sharper Image comes in small and medium sizes and both black and white options (honestly, either looks good against the wood grain). This fan plugs in using a USB and is small enough to stash just about anywhere.

This Saline Nasal Spray Is Making My Allergies More Bearable

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Seasonal allergies are upon me, which means I'm filling my virtual Amazon shopping cart with medications and anything else to find relief. That includes this Saline Nasal Spray. It relieves dryness and prevents my nose from feeling like a red, raw piece of meat!

All Out of Sorts

Your family doesn't like to sort laundry. Heck, they may not even like getting their laundry from the bathroom or bedroom to the laundry room. This three-section laundry sorter takes a lot of the work out of prepping loads for the week by giving you designated sections for light clothes, dark clothes and perhaps towels or delicates. It won't make doing the laundry any more fun, but it will make it easier.

Cut Through Grease And Grime In No Time With Earth Brite

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I'm all about products that can do it all. Why should you have to buy thousands of products to get the job done? That's why Earth Brite is so handy. It cleans, polishes, and protects for a spotless, streakless shine. It can be used on jewelry, bathtubs, counters, sinks, grout, furniture, grills, etc. Just a small amount of clay packs a serious punch.

The Most Unique Amazon Find We Know You'll Love

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If I'm being totally honest, I had never heard of an eye massager. But after spending hours on end in front of a screen, this gadget became a godsend. Goodbye migraines and eye bags, and hello relaxation. Bonus? It connects to Bluetooth so you can listen to your favorite playlist while giving your eyes some much-needed R&R.

One Pillow, Two Pillow, Three Pillow — Floor

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I love the mandala print on this floor pillow cover, which also comes in black, blue, and shades of red. This cover fits a 32-inch round pillow which you will have to buy separately, but can easily add to your cart on Amazon, too. (Peep the pillow insert here.) This is the ideal addition to a lonely corner in your house to make the perfect reading nook or hang-out spot for the kids.

When Everything Dies, These Flowers Will Thrive

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If you are truly incapable of keeping plants alive, you might as well cut your losses and buy this bouquet of fake baby's breath flowers. I've actually got them sitting in my front hallway, as I'm too cheap to buy fresh flowers every week — and they genuinely look real no matter how close you are. Choose from six colors: blue, purple, dark blue, white, yellow, or pink.

Wage War On Bugs With This Salt Gun

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Before you freak out, let me explain. This isn't a gun in the traditional sense; it's not even a gun in the non-traditional sense. This is a unique way to rid yourself of bugs, dubbed the BUG-A-SALT. Maybe my favorite review on all of Amazon is part of this product: "Don't shoot wife in foot or ask if she wants salt on her food." Other reviewers rave about how effective this bug zapper truly is.

This Handheld Fan Makes Existing in the Heat Slightly More Bearable

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For shopping trips and picnics in the park, a portable, handheld fan is a must-have, in my most humble, heat-hating opinion. I don't want to give up my fave activities just because doing them makes me feel like I'm about to catch on fire. I love having this fan on hand and that it's the same size as my phone, so I can easily fit it in my purse (and maybe pockets ... one day).

This Cooling Pillow Makes Sleeping in the Summer Way More Enjoyable

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Since sleeping on a cooling pillow, my world has been changed and I will never look back. I have a lot of hair and no air conditioning in my bedroom. That means waking up on a sweaty pillow in the hot summer months nearly every morning. Having a cooling pillow has made me sleep better and wake up more comfortably.

Don't Throw In These Towels

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There are two things you can never have too much of: Chocolate and bath towels. I'll save the chocolate talk for a later date, so let's talk about these Hammam bath towel sets. When you make your purchase, you'll get a matching bath towel, hand towel, and washcloth. Not a bad deal for less than $17. These are lightweight and soft and were designed to take less time to dry to save on energy costs.

Recreate Spa-Like Relaxation At Home

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Drift off to sleep wearing this weighted lavender eye mask. Good for yoga or meditation, this eye mask is super soothing and helps with relaxation. Honestly, there is no better way to end a long, stressful day: Treat yourself and let yourself indulge in blissful comfort.

The Adorable Duvet Set That Is Having A Major Moment

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Okay, tell me you're not in LOVE with this duvet set. Just looking at it gives me all the hotel vibes so I feel like I'm staying at a luxurious 5-star resort. Sleep like your most lavish self deserves by slipping under these silky-soft covers before drifting into dreamland - you can thank me later.

This Ezy Dose Pill Cutter Makes Breaking Pills a Breeze

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Stop breaking apart pills with your fingers and use a tailor-made device designed to make accurate incisions in your medication. You can accurately divide and titrate your meds with this simple and easy-to-use pill cutter. Buy one for each bathroom!

Natural Melatonin That Helps You Hit The Hay

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I'm a light sleeper who spent years having trouble getting a good night's rest. These melatonin gummies have made it much easier to get the full night's sleep my body deserves after a long day.

They're an all-natural sleep aid so you won't have to worry about forming any habits or waking up feeling groggy.

I strongly recommend them to anyone who's spending their nights tossing and turning.

These Sheets Keep You Cool

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If you're a hot, sweaty sleeper like me, you're gonna want to pay attention to this part. These 100% bamboo sheets work to keep your body temp cooler, so you won't wake up in a puddle anymore when you're just trying to get a good night's sleep! The silky smooth set feels like butter, too, according to the tens of thousands of happy customers.

Spin Away Germ-Filled Dirty Water With This Spin Mop

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Mopping is one of my least favorite cleaning jobs. The water gets dirty so quickly, so it never feels like you're truly cleaning your floors. That is until you try this spin mop. The mop spins the dirty water away from your mop head, so you can confidently mop your floors with clean water every single time. Long gone are the days of spreading bacteria around.

This First Aid Kit May Literally Save A Life

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Everyone should have access to a first aid kit, which means you probably need at least one. It's a good idea to have one in your home and even in your car because you never know when an emergency might pop up. This kit is OSHA compliant (that's a good thing!) and contains disposable gloves, adhesive bandages, burn cream, tweezers, and more. It's a no-brainer for less than $20.

A Towel For in the Shower

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Repeat after me: Towels don't belong in the shower. Towels don't belong in the shower. This towel belongs in the shower? I'm now questioning all of my life choices. This is an exfoliating shower towel made in Japan and reviewers say it leaves their skin softer and cleaner than ever. I love its exfoliating capabilities and how well it helps your soap or shower gel to lather.

Light Up The Night

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One of the things I hate most about traditional candles is how quickly they can burn down if you're using them very often. No such issues here with this set of flameless candles. You control the "flame" via remote in an assortment of sizes that will look great on your patio or deck. These are realistic, wax-look candles, but they're weatherproof so you can use them indoors or out.

This Squatty Potty Really Helps You Go

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If you've got problems in the #2 department, help is on the way. This Squatty Potty changes your posture so that it's easier to go, and boy does it make a difference. It's got nearly 20,000 rave reviews on Amazon right now for doing exactly what it claims!

These Toilet Tablets Do the Dirty Work for You

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Raise your hand if you love cleaning your toilet. Yeah...that's what I figured. But with these toilet tablets, it's as easy as dropping one in, flushing, and going about your day. They use the power of bleach to pulverize germs and leave your bowl sparkly and fresh. Where have these been all my life?!

This Miracle Cleaner Will Clean Literally Every Surface

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Perfect for tough stains and hard surfaces, this miracle multi-purpose cleaner removes grease and grime, leaving your home shiny and clean. Whether you're cleaning tile, glass, furniture, sinks, you name it–this will get the job done. Everyone is always on the lookout for the perfect cleaning product that will help you deal with messes with ease. This is it.

Scrub Tough Mildew With This Grout Brush

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​How often do you deep clean your grout? I'm going to go off a limb here and say it's probably not often enough. Get in those deep cracks with this grout brush. The bristles maintain their shape even on the toughest jobs, and the angled design gives you optimal cleaning precision.

Make Your Bathroom Shine With Kaboom Foam

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I absolutely swear by Kaboom for my bathroom. The foam sprays on blue and turns white when it is ready to clean, so there is no guessing game. It'll remove even the toughest stains in a matter of minutes (which, let's face it, is what we all need for our bathrooms).

This Automatic Toilet Bowl Cleaner Will Let You Go Longer In Between Cleans

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I think we could all use some cleaning products that actually take care of the whole "cleaning" thing for you. This automatic bowl cleaner gives you a sparkling toilet every time you flush. It evens removes years of hard water stains!