Amazon's Best Rated Hairdryer Is up to $200 Cheaper Than Its Rivals

Hairdryers nowadays can range up to crazy prices. But one that's a relative bargain is taking Amazon by storm and people are obsessed.

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The Tineco Moda One Smart Ionic Hair Dryer seems to be a game changer.


It takes its inspiration from the highly pricey hairdryers on the market (Dyson, we're looking at you).

Rather than having a high or low setting, the dryer measures hair moisture and temperature and changes several times per second to prevent damage to the follicle.


​It uses LED lights to detect moisture, and as soon as your hair is dry, it lets you know to move on. Say goodbye to dryness and frizz!

It's lightweight and super quiet.


It also uses ions (nope, us neither) to add extra shine!

"This product will completely change the way you dry your hair. Not only does it dry hair extremely quick but it leaves it shiny and not frizzy at all!" one reviewer says.


"I like to use something new and smart technology stuff. This smart hair dryer is a perfect fit for me. I bought this hairdryer almost a month ago. It works well. I like the app control and the smart drying function of this dryer.
Most of the hairdryers will easily get burnt or over-dry your hair, but with this hairdryer, you won't have any of the issues anymore. It has a ring of light at the back of the dryer. When it's red light, it means your hair is still wet, if it's blue light it means your hair is dry. So it will keep the hair healthier and won't get a burn.
And the Tinceo app is a very helpful function for my 10-years-old daughter. I just have to open the app on my phone and set it to kids mode. So my daughter can blow her hair by herself sometimes while I'm busy. It's easy to use and powerful. It takes much less time to dry my daughter's hair. She has long and thick hair.
Overall, I was so pleasantly surprised by this hairdryer; it is working quickly and effectively and It also feels very high quality, the price it's not cheap it's cost $400 (I bought it $100 off when it's on sale). But it's worth it for the price even not on sale. My family is very satisfied with this product. Highly recommended." adds another.

It's safe to say there are many satisfied customers!


Tempted? Get yours here for $299.99.