37 Things Way Too Useful To Be Under $10 on Amazon

They say the best things in life are free. That may be the case, but spend just a little bit of money, and you may be surprised by the awesome item you can score. There are so many amazing things under $10 on Amazon — stuff that can help you clean your house, beautify your skin, or just make your pool party all the more fun. No matter what you're looking for, be it a unique gift for a friend or something not-so-fun that will help you tackle your next major household task, there's an inexpensive product on Amazon just waiting to be discovered. 

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!

Whether you’re seeking that awesome float for your new pool, a set of tattoos that can double as jewelry, or a pair of kitchen scissors you'll use for so many things, this list has you covered. I scoured Amazon for the best products for a micro budget, and here are the hidden gems I found.

We hope you find these handy products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: we participate in affiliate programs, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page.

A Lip Balm Set In Lip-Smacking Flavors

If your lips are perpetually parched, let this Eos lip balm set come to your rescue. With four different choices of balms to choose from, you can tuck one in your purse, another in your work desk, and one more in your jacket pocket while still having an extra juuuust in case. Strawberry sorbet, vanilla bean, sweet mint and pomegranate all sound good enough to eat — but um, don't.

A Dinosaur Cookie Cutter To Kick Your Cookies Up A Notch

Round cookies? So boring! These dinosaur cookie cutters are adorable and so fun. Heading to a kid's birthday party? Make sure you bring dino-shaped cookies as a treat.

A Deodorizing Bar So Your Hands Don't Have To Smell Like Whatever You're Cooking

Cooking with garlic and other aromatic ingredients may lead to delicious meals, but your hands likely don't love the stink. Fortunately, a quick rub of this deodorizing bar will remove any stench from your hands. (You will still need to brush your teeth, though!)

A Kitchen Scissor You'll Find So Many Uses For

If you don't have a designated set of kitchen shears, what are you doing? This affordable scissor makes cutting veggies, slicing pizza, and even crushing nuts a breeze.

A Pail You Can Take Anywhere

This collapsable pail has so many uses. Take it to the dog park to make sure Fido stays hydrated without having to lug around a bulky dog dish, or bring it to the beach so you can craft your own sand castle.

A Lightweight Duffel Bag Perfect For Planes

This lightweight, foldable duffel bag is ideal for last-minute adventures. Bring it as a carry on for a plane ride, then stash it in your suitcase later when you no longer need it.

A Set Of Appointment Cards To Make Everyone More Mindful

While iPhone reminders are great, sometimes a physical reminder card can make the difference between someone showing up on time to an appointment...or at all. This affordable set of cards is cute and will hopefully make people remember you set a meeting.

A Set Of Notepads That Are SO Pretty

If you're prone to scribbling thoughts down, this set of pocket notebooks is for you. They come in cute animal-themed patterns and are lightweight enough to toss in a small purse or even back pocket.

Unicorn Keychains To Add Some Sparkle To Your Life

Sometimes sparkly things are just the way to go. This set of unicorn keychains will help jazz up a basic black purse, and are eye-catching enough to attach to a set of keys you would otherwise totally lose.

Avocado Spoons So You Can Lunch Guilt Free

Sometimes a disposable spoon is more convenient than a metal one — but that doesn't mean you have to use wasteful plastic. These spoons are made from the pits of avocados, making them both durable and better for the environment.

Disposable Wipes You Can Toss In The Tiniest Bag

Makeup remover wipes tend to come in big packages, which make them annoying to toss in your purse. These individually wrapped wipes, however, are a breeze to toss in your bag for when you need to freshen up after a last-minute spin class. They're even small enough to slide into a wallet.

Charcoal Toothpaste For Keeping Your Pearly Whites Clean

Want whiter teeth, but don't want to pay for pricy professional whitening? Enter this charcoal toothpaste, which allegedly helps brighten your smile.

Hair Dye For The Commitmentphobe In All Of Us

If you're a brunette who always wanted to dye your hair, but are a little afraid of the commitment, this wash-out hair dye in fun colors is just what you need to experiment. Unlike many dyes, this one allegedly pops on dark hair — no damaging bleach required.

Magnetic Eyeliner That Helps Give You Full Lashes

Magnetic false lashes are a lot easier on your skin than lash glue. This magnetic eyeliner helps them adhere to your skin, so you can have full, lush lashes without going to a salon.

Facetory Face Masks That Are The Epitome Of Self Care

Sheet masks are an easy form of self care, and this set of face masks from Facetory come in fun packaging and boast soothing ingredients.

A Best Friend Necklace Set Where Everyone Is Included

If you have one best friend, a dual heart necklace is all you need to show you care. But if you are part of a larger squad, this four-part best friend necklace set is ideal to make sure everyone feels included.

Cute Earrings That Are Truly Out Of This World

This set of astronaut earrings is super fun. Give them to the friend who is always reaching for the stars.

A Plush Sushi Toy For Your Fanciest Pet

You may not want to give your dog scraps from the table — especially not if those scraps include salmon sashimi. Let your pup in on the fun with this plush sushi toy instead. If you're more of a burger-and-fries kind of person, your dog can be, too.

A Card Game That Will Make You The Most Popular At Brunch

Whether you're waiting for a table at a restaurant or at the beach, this portable card game provides hours of entertainment, zero Wifi or complicated set up required.

A Sprinkle Set For The Fancy Baker In All Of Us

Love that monochromatic life? This set of sprinkles allows you to create cool custom cupcakes in a chic blue tone.

A Set Of Party Cups So Pretty They're Better Than A Birthday Gift

Who says red solo cups make a party? This set of iridescent party cups will stand out in a sea of basic paper goods.

Flip Flops Perfect For Lazy Summer Days

You can't go wrong with an extra pair of cheap flip flops. This handwoven braided sandals are affordable yet cute for any beach trip.

A Unicorn Pool Float For Enjoying A Beverage In The Pool

Let your drink float with you in the pool. These unicorn floats fit your beverage so you can sip without spilling.

A Notepad Holder That Will Help Organize Your Desk

This note holder doubles as a place to put your pencils and other office supplies, saving you room at your desk for your Starbucks macchiato.

Chalkboard Stickers For The Super Organized Person

Organizing your kitchen? Use these chalkboard stickers to make note of which ingredient is in which container. You'll never mix up powdered sugar with white flour again.

A Magnetic Calendar That Makes Scheduling So Simple

Sometimes you need to see your whole schedule laid out in writing. This magnetic calendar is ideal for your fridge, so you can be reminded of important appointments daily.

A Set Of Tattoos Better Than Bracelets

Tattoos are typically a big commitment, but this set of metallic temporary tattoos isn't. Wear these instead of jewelry on a night out for some extra sparkle.

A Set Of Gel Pens For The Doodler Inside All Of Us

Whether you love to doodle while you're on the phone or consider yourself a true artist, this set of gel pens will hopefully inspire you to draw something fun.

A Sink Shelf That Makes So Much Sense

Sometimes you need more room at your sink, be it for a sponge or somewhere to put yet-to-be-washed vegetables. This attachable shelf sink is the solution to those annoying kitchen problems.

A Sequined Pillowcase To Spice Up A Living Room Couch

This sequin pillowcase adds a touch of sparkle to any living room. There's also something therapeutic about running your hands across these sequins to reveal their dull side underneath. (What? Can't be just me!)

A Cute Plant Holder That Makes A Thoughtful Gift

Want to get someone a cute gift for their new office? This cute plant holder is shaped like a puppy — and your friend will have fun giving their new friend some fun hair.

A Massage Roller That's Even Easier Than Foam Rolling

Foam rollers are great, but they can be bulky and difficult to use for a beginner. This handheld roller allows you to get some myofascial release in, hassle-free.

A Skull Ice Cube Mold For Spooky Cocktails

Your cocktails don't have to be deadly for them to benefit from these cool skull ice molds. These skulls will melt slowly in your glass, allowing your drink to stay cold without being too diluted with water.

A Brain Jello Mold So You Can Bring The Creepiest Dessert To A Party

Who said jello was a boring dessert? This creepy brain jello mold will delight (and maybe disgust) kids and adults alike.

A Light Bulb Lamp That's A Very Bright Idea

A brilliant idea: Snag this lightbulb lamp for a friend or yourself to brighten up any bedroom.

A Massage Ball For DIY Self Care Days

Want a quick pick-me-up? This massage roller ball makes giving yourself a massage super easy. It's so small that no one will notice if you roll it over your shoulders in the middle of a workday.

A Silicone Sponge Set For Easy Cleaning

Traditional sponges can get dirty and gross — a problem, considering they are what you're using to clean other things! This set of silicone sponges is easy to keep clean thanks to its nonstick surface. They can even go in the dishwasher!