Amazon Gadgets For Anyone Who Doesn't Want to Lift a Finger

You've heard of the lazy days of summer, right? But, what about the lazy days of spring, winter and fall? I have my fair share of lazy days regardless of what the weather is doing outside, which is why I'm pumped about this list today. It's packed full of Amazon gadgets for folks who don't want to lift a finger. Cue: Me. From a seat gap filler that'll keep you from having to root around in your car's floorboards for a lost phone to a gadget that'll clean your microwave for you with just a little water and vinegar, you're definitely going to find something here that will simplify your life ... or at least help the lazy days keep on rolling. Whatever age-old problem you're having, Amazon has something that will fix it for you. The only finger you have to lift is the one that pushes "Place Your Order." What are you waiting for? Don't be lazy! Scroll through this list of save-the-day gadgets now.

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!

Stop the Drop


How many times have you looked down in the gap between your car seat and the center console and found a litany of "stuff" hanging out down there? It's like its own little village of lost things. You can stop the drop with this car seat gap filler, which originally made its debut on the TV show "Shark Tank." Drop Stop attaches via your car's seatbelt and moves with you as you adjust your seat.

Take the Plunge

Nobody likes to talk about toilet plungers and toilet brushes, but I'm daring to go where no man has gone before by introducing you to this plunger and bowl brush combo, which honestly doesn't look half bad tucked in beside your toilet. This set eliminates the need for multiple potty accessories by combining it into one neat and discreet package.

Blast Off With the Rocketbook

Are you tired of taking notes on paper only to have to transcribe them on your computer later? You can eliminate the middle man here with a Rocketbook smart reusable notebook. Whether you're jotting down notes from a meeting or putting together the week's dinner menu, you can write things down on this notebook's special paper and then blast your notes to any popular cloud service like Google Drive, Dropbox, OneNote and more.

Pull the Plug on Traditional Outlets

These smart plugs from Kasa will make you feel like you have a personal assistant going in and out of rooms ahead of you. Compatible with Alexa, Echo and Google Home, you can turn lights, gadgets and appliances off and on with only the sound of your voice. I've got enough of these in my home now that I never have to touch a lamp or a light switch.

Unwind In a Bottomless Bath


I love a good, luxurious bath, but my pet peeve about them is the limited amount of water you can soak in thanks to that annoying (but overall useful) overflow drain. Bypass that feature by grabbing one of these overflow drain covers. It'll give you a few extra inches of glorious bath water by safely overriding your tub's built-in overflow measures. It's totally worth the $6 this gadget costs.

Put a Ninjain Your Wallet


Would you like to carry 18 useful tools in your pocket at all times? Sure you would, but how would you do it without your pants falling down? The Wallet Ninja is your answer. The shape and thickness of a typical credit card, the Wallet Ninja will be the most useful thing in your wallet with a box opener, screwdriver, bottle opener and more. Unless, of course, you stumble upon a killer sale, then your emergency credit card will be much more useful.

Shower Yourself With Organized Bath Products


If you're short on storage space in your shower, you need one of these three-chamber shower dispensers. Stash a good supply of shampoo, conditioner and even body wash in one minimalistic device and then hide the bottles out of sight until it's time for a refill. The design of this one allows you to mount it in a corner or flat on a wall for additional versatility.

Make Your Garage Smart

You don't have to spend big bucks for peace of mind. For just $30, you can transform your existing garage into a smart garage with this myQ smart garage hub. Open or close your garage door from anywhere, give access to friends or family when you're out of town or even accept Amazon delivers in the safety of your garage with this handy gadget. You can buy additional sensors, cameras and locks, too.

Pop Those Tops With Ease

If you don't have someone in your house that you can say, "Can you open this?", to, are you even an adult? This under-cabinet jar opener will eliminate all of that with a quick mount and the twist of your wrist. This gadget will open even the most tightly sealed jars in a snap and won't take up any of your coveted drawer or counter space, safely hidden away under your existing cabinets.

Pitch a Fit (Drink)

Bottled water? Too much work. Tap water? Eww. Filtered water directly from a Brita pitcher in your refrigerator? Yes, please. This pitcher holds 10 cups of water and gives you fresh, great-tasting water that requires you only to fill and refill it as needed. You can feel good about your environmental impact, too; using this pitcher eliminates about 1,800 single-use plastic bottles each year.

Make This Mama Angry


I've written about the Angry Mama microwave cleaner numerous times now for two reasons. For starters, look how adorable it is? And, secondly, I love how it cleans your microwave with very little effort on your part. All you have to do is fill "mama" with water and vinegar, then turn on your microwave and she does the rest. Have you ever seen steam come out of your mama's ears? Wait, don't answer that.

Keep It Wrapped Up


Presuming you have wine leftovers (and I'm not sure that's a thing for a lot of us), these wine condoms are both hysterical and practical. They unroll just like, erm, typical prophylactic devices, but these keep a tight seal on open bottles to protect and preserve their sacred contents. These provide a water- and air-tight seal and can be used over and over again.

Soap at Your Fingertips

Here's one handy gadget that you actually will have to lift a finger — or, make that an entire hand — to use: A touchless automatic soap dispenser. These aren't just for bathrooms in businesses; one of these installed in your home bathroom will ensure everyone, from your littlest kids to your biggest ones, keeps clean and sanitized at all times.

Just Hangin' Around


Think of this product as your "I'll only have to lift a finger once" gadget. That's because after you hang your clothes up on these velvet clothes hangers from Amazon Basics, you won't have to worry about them sliding or falling off. The notched shoulders also ensure a good grip from the get-go. They're available in packs of 30, 50 and 100 and various colors.

Indispensable Dry Food Dispensers


Do you have little gremlins who live with you who demand breakfast at an ungodly hour? Seriously, though, nobody should be asking for breakfast before you're at least one cup of coffee down. This dry food dispenser is the perfect solution for dispensing cereal as well as nuts, candy, granola and more with just a few turns of the knob. Now if the milk would just pour itself ...

Batter Up


Don't pancakes sound delicious? The butter, the syrup ... phew, mama. I love them, but I don't love how messy they are to create. That's why I bought one of these pancake batter dispensers. You can fill the pourer and then squeeze your way to perfectly proportioned pancakes. You can also try it with cupcake batter, waffles, muffins, funnel cakes and more.

Your Personal Toothpaste Butler


Who has time to actually squeeze a tube of toothpaste twice a day? I mean, seriously, I'm not into manual labor. I kid, of course, but if you like gadgets that make things easier, try out this automatic toothpaste dispenser that you can mount(with sticky pads) to your bathroom wall. Insert a tube of toothpaste and get to brushing. This might make a great addition to a kid's bathroom to help encourage good dental hygiene.

Do the Can-Can


One of the worst parts of my pantry is the wire shelving, which doesn't encourage cans to sit very evenly. This stackable can organizer is a genius addition to a pantry or kitchen storage space because it holds up to 36 cans in a rolling dispenser design. Unpacking your grocery bags upon returning from the store has never been simpler.

Laundry Detergent's Best Buddy

Do you buy in bulk? I try to when I can and any trip to Costco, Sam's Club or BJ's Wholesale Club has me wanting to buy 92-roll packs of toilet paper and 500 oz. containers of laundry detergent. The tricky part with the latter is getting the detergent out without needing a crane or the world's strongest man. These tidy cups attach to the nozzles of those supersized containers for easy dispensing without the mess.

These Bowls Mix and Nest


Do you have multiple mixing bowls or are you content to use just one, mixing and then cleaning to use again? These stainless steel mixing bowls nest inside of one another so they don't take up any more room than a single bowl would and it gives you multiple places to chop, blend, mix and toss. If you haven't graduated to "full-blown adult," this purchase will get you one step closer.

Snap and Strain With Ease


One of my biggest kitchen struggles is a colander and do you know why? I don't always need one so storing a big one is a pain and when I do need one, I never seem to have one that's adequate for the job. I'm adding this snap 'n strain silicone colander to my Amazon cart ASAP. It snaps onto your existing bowls or pans and stores in a quarter of the size of a traditional colander. Win-win.

Get a Grip, Rugs


I used to have to pick up, rearrange and reposition my kitchen rugs some — oh, I don't know — 4,000 times a day. (Fine, that's probably an exaggeration, but whatevs.) I solved my bend-and-readjust problem by investing in these inexpensive rug grippers. I made the original purchase at a local store because I was desperate, but I've since purchased more from Amazon to get them delivered right to my door.

Shower Yourself With Simplicity


Almost 60,000 reviewers can't be wrong about this heavy-duty plastic shower curtain. And, I know what you're going to say, O.K.? It's not the most beautiful shower curtain you've ever seen. Fine. But, it is mold-resistant thick and stays in place thanks to the stone used as weights on the bottom so you're not getting water on the floor or having a curtain blow in on you while you're trying to shower. It's $10 so give it a try!

Get Lit With Smart Bulbs

We've already talked about how smart outlet plugs can change your life, but let's step it up a notch and add in some smart light bulbs. This set of four is packed with features including tons of color-changing options, smartphone app control from anywhere, and the ability to turn your lights on and off using your existing digital assistants like Alexa or Google Home.

Upgrade Your Shower Experience


The quickest way to upgrade your shower experience is to replace the shower head. But, before you feel intimidated at that prospect, let me tell you that it couldn't be easier. Seriously, I've done it myself and I'm nowhere near "handy." This high-pressure rain shower head draws rave reviews like this one: "The 'rain' design allows the water to cover more area as opposed to the small somewhat direct stream I had before. The high-pressure rainfall also helps to rinse hair more thoroughly which is a must."

Storage Solutions for Small Spaces


Short on space, but tired of sitting down on the toilet only to realize the toilet paper is out? (Man, I hate with that happens.) You can stuff this narrow storage cabinet just about anywhere and hide several rolls of TP behind the door while using the built-in dispenser for your current roll. I like the little shelf on top, which looks like the perfect place to prop up your smartphone to watch TikTok videos in the john.

A "Perfect" Paper Towel Holder


Have you ever stopped to think about how convenient paper towels are? No? Just me? Never mind then, but you're going to want to grab this wall-mounted paper towel holder, which is a perfect addition to your kitchen, bathroom, garage, craft room and more. The technology behind this one keeps the roll from unraveling and allows you to grab one paper towel one-handed.

All Out of Sorts

Your family doesn't like to sort laundry. Heck, they may not even like getting their laundry from the bathroom or bedroom to the laundry room. This three-section laundry sorter takes a lot of the work out of prepping loads for the week by giving you designated sections for light clothes, dark clothes and perhaps towels or delicates. It won't make doing the laundry any more fun, but it will make it easier.

Your Caddy for Doing Dishes


Golfers have caddies that follow them around, toting their gear and keeping things clean. Now you can have a caddy of your own — a stainless steel sinkware caddy, that is. This cutie is made by OXO, which if you've read any of my other lists, you know I love. This little storage gem has room for two sponges and two brushes, with a vented insert to help speed dry time.

Put Pet Feeding on Auto-Pilot


Pets are a blessing, but they're also a lot of work. The grooming, the feeding, the walks, the mess clean-ups. This automatic feeder and water dispenser set will take a chore off of your daily to-do list, giving Garfield and Odie (how about those names?!) around-the-clock access to grub and fresh water. Ideal for cats or dogs — or, I don't know, gerbils? — each piece of this set has a one-gallon capacity.

Put This Light Under Your Patio Umbrella


A patio umbrella is a must-have for backyard gatherings or just dining al fresco with a bit of shade from the sun. This patio umbrella light is a super-smart addition to your outdoor oasis, offering additional light in a wireless design that slides right onto your existing umbrella pole. It has three brightness modes, clamps on without tools and uses batteries for wireless operation.

A Video Doorbell for Less


I know, everybody you know has Ring doorbells ... andddd, they spent a few hundred dollars getting them, installing them and setting them up. Don't be like everybody. This wireless video doorbell is only $36 and has all the features your neighbors have: Smartphone app control, two-way audio, and an early warning function that alerts you when somebody is at your door. It also supports cloud storage services.

Make Your Bi-Det


You don't have to be European to feel fancy while you're a-peein'. You can install a bidet toilet seat attachment to your existing potty for less than $40. Did you know that bidet sales soared in the United States during the Great Toilet Paper Crisis of 2020 (which is what I'll call it forevermore). This one has self-cleaning nozzles and adjustable water pressure control.

Light Up Your Space


I love outdoor lights. There's just something soft, quaint and romantic about them; I mean, just look at that photo! Don't you want to just curl up on that couch with a good book? Outdoor string lights are a must-have for jazzing up your space and yes, it'll require a bit of work initially, but then you can sit back and admire your handiwork for months to come.

Let the Outdoors in With This Magnetic Screen Door


​If you love bringing the outdoors in but could do without all the flying creatures that come with it, you need to invest in one of these magnetic screen doors. This one features easy installation, windproof magnets on the bottom to help it stay in place and tiebacks for those moments when you want a bit more openness. You can get this one for less than $20, too.

Your Own Virtual Assistant


I can't leave this list without tossing an Echo Dot on here because — let's be honest — having a virtual assistant is pretty rad. Yes, there are lots of options out there, but this one priced at less than $35 is probably the best value out there for the money. It has all the features of its more expensive Echo cousins (except for the video component) and you can ask it everything from "How's the weather?" to "Where's my Amazon package?"

No More Lost Socks Thanks to These Mesh Bags

RIP to your lost socks. You'll have no more laundry disappearances with this set of mesh laundry bags. Made of a durable and breathable polyester fiber material, they come in multiple sizes so they're perfect for everything from socks to delicates to traveling. And, not only can you use them in the wash, but they transition flawlessly to the dryer as well.