Alarm Clock Gradually Grows Brighter and Brighter So That You Wake Up Gently

Do you find it difficult to wake up in the morning? Does the shrill buzzing of an alarm pull you away from your dreams with the viciousness of that scene in Inception?

Well it's time you found a new, more sensitive way to begin your mornings.

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The Lumie Sunrise alarm is the new way to wake up…


It works by lighting up slowly over the course of thirty minutes, gently waking you from your sleep. Add a beep or one of 5 natural sounds as an optional extra alarm. Snooze allows an extra 5 minutes.

Or maybe you need help winding down…


The alarm clock also has a dimming feature to help you relax before you slip off into the land of nod. You can also pick from it's natural sunshine glow or 6 other colors including green, red, blue, pink, orange, light blue.

"Have wanted a sunrise alarm for quite a while now and with so much choice available it can be quite difficult to choose, however, as soon as I saw this Lumie model I felt happy to purchase and I'm glad I did!" one happy customer wrote.


"It's very simple to set up and I don't need to refer to the instruction leaflet everytime I need to change a setting. This model has lots of settings including the sunset feature which I absolutely love, it really helps me to unwind and I generally fall asleep before the light goes out

"The sunrise function works very well as it brings me out of sleep gently with the increase in light and by the time the birds start tweeting (alarm setting) I'm ready to open my eyes and start the day!

"Also this model has a battery powered back up in the event of a power cut, which keeps the alarm and clock settings, so no risk of over sleeping! I would definitely recommend this alarm it really does make waking up nicer experience."

"Really pleased with my Lumie! It's easy to set up and works beautifully to lighten the room slowly and then I wake up to the sound of a blackbird singing. I can read by the light of it and the fading sunset is so relaxing when I'm ready to sleep. It does what it says it does!!"


And for less than $60 you can transform how you wake up and begin your day, find you have more energy, better moods, and longer sleeping patterns.

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