Affordable Clothing Items That You Need Right Now

There's something so nice about being able to refresh a few key pieces in your wardrobe and feel like a new person. While Amazon is not necessarily known for clothing and accessories, you'd be surprised at how many amazing bargains that you can get on the site. From cute clothing items, to layering items, shoes to jewelry, there are so many unique and great value for money pieces that you truly cannot find anywhere else. If you're anything like me, I will happily pay a little bit more for a high-quality product that will last me years to come, but my basics and items that I buy for fashion and function I like to refresh every season. Lucky for you, I've rounded up 37 economical clothing options from Amazon's section that will revamp your wardrobe for an affordable price. All you really need to do is get reading and click to cart. Enjoy!

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!

Recreate Emily Ratajkowski's Look with These Glasses

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I'm a huge fan of Emily Ratajkowski's style and these sunglasses are so on-trend right now. I found a lookalike pair on Amazon that are not only a great price, but they're high-quality sunglasses too. These specs have UV400 protection and the square frame is so on trend and very flattering on the face.

Silky Satin Scarves are Great to Have on Hand for Fashion and Function

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Scarves are the perfect accessory to any outfit, adding both fashion and function to an ensemble. And this silky satin scarf has been my go-to. It's super affordable on Amazon, but all my friends think I've spent a fortune on it.

A Set of Gold Hoop Earrings Are Always on Trend

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Gold hoop earrings never go out of style and Vanessa Hudgens is a fan of the timeless trend just as much as I am. There's a huge price difference between different types of hoops though, but I found these 14K gold plated hoops on Amazon for a great price. It means that the trend is affordable for anyone who wants to get Vanessa's look.

This Super Soft Sweater Is Lightweight for In-Between Seasons

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It'll be hard to find anything as soft as this sweater, which is why it's one of my favorite mid-season items. The fabric is super soft on my skin and the neutral shade goes with almost everything in my wardrobe. It's lightweight and even fits in my handbag if I'm out with friends and want some warmth as backup if the weather changes.

These Waist Control Leggings Have a Handy Side Pockets

Whereas some leggings are on the thicker side, these ones are thin, making them perfect for running outside in warm weather. Or, if you're just looking for a quality pair of pants, they're also made from four-way stretch material so that they don't become transparent when you bend over. Oh, and one reviewer even wrote that "If you are trying to make your decision about workout pants, these are awesome...the pants are true to size, and do not cut off circulation."

Jennifer Aniston's Sparkling Necklace Without the Hefty Price Tag

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Whether you have a fancy event to go to or not, it's always nice to wear a bit of bling, so long as it doesn't cost a fortune. This is why I love this rhinestone crystal choker necklace from Amazon and it looks just like the one Jennifer Aniston wore to the Emmys. I'm pretty sure hers cost a lot more than this great deal on Amazon though!

These Gold Hoop Shell Earrings Add to Any Look

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If you're looking for statement jewelry, here it is. These gold hoop shell earrings are an ode to the beach, but can be worn all-year round. They're a bohemian-chic accessory that will match dresses or linen pants and sandals for a casual yet elegant look.

These Waist Tie Shorts Look Great With Any Top

Wear these shorts with a crop top, and you'll be ready to hit the beach, town, or even just the 7-eleven down the street — who am I to judge your weekend plans? They're made from soft polyester that won't leave you sweating. Just make sure to size down if you'd like a less-oversized fit.

This Racerback Crop Top Reviewers Love, Love, Love

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I'm not the only one who loves this crop top — thousands of reviewers have left glowing comments, raving about how it "looks great" and fits "true-to-size." Plus, one even wrote that "I don't have the time to take a picture, but I'm a bigger girl and this top fit PERFECTLY. It is form fitting, but not tight. I absolutely love it."

Elegance is in the Details… With This Gold-Plated Bracelet

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Not all jewelry has to make a bold statement and this understated gold-plated bracelet is the perfect accessory for subtle elegance for those close-up photos. It might be fine and subtle on the wrist, but you'll be surprised at how many people notice it. And the affordable price tag is the best part!

These Shirts Help Wick Away Sweat

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Nothing's worse than walking around in a shirt soaked with sweat — ok, a few things are worse. But it's still uncomfortable, so why not grab these Hanes tees while they're on sale? The polyester material wicks away moisture to help you stay cool, and the hems are double-stitched to prevent frays. Choose from more than 10 colors.

These Mottled Bohemian Earrings Add Va-Va-Voom to Any Outfit

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A funky set of earrings, like these bohemian accessories, can add just the right amount of va-va-voom to any outfit. They're the ideal jewelry to add to a simple outfit and they come in a pack of four sets, so you have plenty of options to mix and match with different ensembles.

If You Like Higher Socks, These Ones Are Made With Breathable Cooling Panels

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I like to wear high socks when I go running, and these ones help keep my feet from turning into total swamp monsters. Trust me — Shrek ain't got nothin' on these babies after even the lightest jog in warm-ish weather. But since these socks are made with breathable cooling panels, my skin has room to breathe — and the bottoms are even cushioned for extra comfort.

This Tank Top is a Warm Weather Must Have

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I literally live in tank tops 24/7/ That's one perk of living in the desert. So I'm always looking to expand my tank collection. That's why I ordered this classic tank top. It's a staple piece that can be worn with almost every bottom imaginable, and it comes in so many colors that you will never run out of options. I now have it in white, black, and light blue. I wouldn't be surprised if I order one or two more soon.

This Panama Hat Stylishly Keeps Sun Off Your Face

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Sun protection is no joke - make up for some of the damage you did during your reckless teen years with this cool Panama hat. "I got this over a year ago because it was inexpensive and had a broad brim for sunny days, thinking, "it will do." Since then, I've worn it to dozens of festivals or camping trips or whatever I felt like, and it's kept its shape perfectly. It's not hot, it's not rigid, it's not scratchy. It's actually great." - crime scene

This Oversized Cropped Sweater is Ideal for Coffee-Sipping Posts

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Influencers love wearing oversized sweaters with jeans or shorts as they sip on their daily coffee. And this cropped sweater is ideal for such a post, or whether you're at home relaxing on the sofa. The knitwear comes in different colors and unique patterns so you can decide what suits you best.

These High Waist Leggings are Fashionably Reflective

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With contoured stripes that reflect light, these leggings keep me visible whenever I'm running early in the morning. Granted, that doesn't happen too often (read: ever) — so mostly I just like wearing them around the house, or to the gym. They're also soft, stretchy, and don't become transparent when I bend over.

This Distressed Top with Thousands of Good Reviews

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The glowing reviews are why I bought this top, but the comfy, breathable fit is why I decided to keep it. It's great for working out, as the back features slits that help me stay cool when I'm sweating. But if that isn't enough? You even have the pick of more than 40 colors.

This Top Flatters Every Body Type So Well

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The world just seems to be getting more and more expensive–especially the fashion industry. We live in a world where brands can charge $50 for a solid-colored tee, and people will pay it! It makes 0 sense to me. Especially when it's literally blank. This top is proof that you don't need to drop a lot of money to get a quality shirt. It comes in so many different colors, comes in tank top styles, and the wrap waist will make you look so snatched.

I Love Amazon's Activewear, and This Sports Bra is No Exception

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Amazon has some of the best activewear I've ever come across. And this sports bra is a hidden gem that everyone should know about. Lulu dupe, anyone? Your problem is not going to be how durable it is or will it hold the girls in while you're working out, or is it going to break the bank. The only problem you'll face when buying this sports bra is choosing your favorite color.

This Classic Wrap Dress for Elegant Soirées

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Every girl needs a classic little black dress in her wardrobe and this wrap V neck design is perfect for an elegant night out or causal afternoon. The stretch fabric is soft on the skin and easy to move in, so if you're out on a photoshoot you'll be tactile. No matter your body shape, this Amazon dress is sure to flatter your figure.

This Loose Tee Comes in the Most Gorgeous Colors

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Coral, mint, wine — this tee comes in so many trendy colors you'll wind up grabbing more than a few of them (I know I did). The scooped neckline is perfect for a small necklace, and I like that the fabric even has a little stretch to it.

I'm Obsessed With These Boho Pants

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Wear these boho pants with a crop top, or even tuck a tank top into them for a cute summer look. You can also wear it with regular tees, as I'll throw them on with one when I'm chilling around the house. Plus, the rayon fabric is so breathable.

You Do Need a Bodysuit...Trust Me

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Hear me out: for a long time I thought bodysuits were for special situations. Or fancy people. Or sexy people. But certainly not for me. I was wrong. A good bodysuit is an incredibly sleek way to make your outfit look put together. Pair it with literally any bottom and you've got yourself the best fitted shirt ever. I love this simple black number as an entree into the world of bodysuits.

Simple and Sexy LBD is Will Have You Party Ready

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Everyone needs a good little black dress. This dress is more than that: it's a little black dress with pockets that's flattering to pretty much everyone who puts it on. And if black isn't your jam, it comes in plenty of other colors too. But if it were me, I'd grab one in black and one in a pattern. Just to cover my bases.

This Skirt Can Be Worn With So Many Different Outfits

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​The 70s had some of the best fashion of all time (this is a fact, you can't change my mind). Who doesn't want bell-bottoms and floral everything? I know I do. I think this skirt is very reminiscent of the era, so I'm totally digging it. Pair it with a lace or floral blouse, and you will be feeling totally groovy. Or wear it with a simple tee and thigh-high boots for a more modern look.

Feel Like You're Walking on a Cloud with These Fluffy Slippers

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These slippers will be the best you ever have, no joke. The bottom is sturdy but plush, and the fur… So. Soft. These are a must-have for lazy weekend mornings around the house. At the price, you might as well pick up a few colors. Don't judge me if you see me walking my dog in them. They can pass as flip-flops right??

Go Fully Floral With This Sleeveless Jumpsuit

Here's one final option for my gals who have a preference for pants. This strapless floral jumpsuit lets you show off those gorgeous collarbones but keeps everything else safely tucked away. The wide-leg design skims away from the body, which makes you look thinner, and the relaxed fit means you'll be cool and comfy wherever the day takes you. (Don't forget the pockets!)

This Sleeveless Vest Can Be Worn Solo or Over T-Shirts

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The great thing about knit vests is that they can be worn solo as tops, or worn over T-shirts or shirts. If you like a preppy streetwear look, this is a must-have item. It can be worn to the office or worn casually on the weekend with jeans and either way you'll be going out in style.

This Tank Looks Just as Good as the Photo

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You know how the pictures can sometimes look nothing like the garment you receive? That isn't the case with this tank. Not only is the bright color gorgeous, but the high neckline goes well with just about any body type. And since the back is thong-style, there's no need to even think about panty lines showing.

This Tunic is So Flattering and Gives Total Coverage

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With its extra length and cute print, this tunic will keep you protected from fashion faux pas — all while making you look oh-so cute to boot. Wear it with leggings, jeans, or even capris when it's warm. Plus, the button closure lets you adjust how much you're revealing up top.

Keep This Sweatshirt Handy

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It doesn't matter whether it's blazing-hot summer or chilly winter, I always have comfy sweatshirts within reach. I mean, c'mon, when the sun goes down, it gets chilly ... and don't get me started on the frigid air conditioning inside. This pullover sweatshirt is "super soft with an oversized fit," according to one reviewer. Another said, "I love the weight of this top which is between a light sweatshirt and tee."

These Nipple Covers Keep You Decent

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If you can go braless but want some extra coverage, try these nipple covers that keep you from poking out for the world to see! They come in three shades, light, medium, and dark, so they work for many skin tones. These are washable and reusable, and the stickiness will last for up to 30 uses!

Track This Killer Buy

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If two-piece sets are your thing, but you like to stay a bit more covered up, grab this two-piece tracksuit for $25. With a pullover sweatshirt top and sports pants, you'll be matchy, but not, you know, matchy-matchy. I like the pink and dark purple set above, but it's also available in green, black and blue. One reviewer said, "It's super comfy and stylish with the geometric pattern and athleisure look."

This Striped Sweater is Internet Famous

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This striped sweater is blowing up the Internet for good reason - it's stylish, has a comfortable weight and looks amazing in person! It's got nearly 10,000 glowing reviews that say it's super soft and of great quality. "I am in love! It is so light and comfortable. It kept me warm in my freezing cold class and not too hot when I went out in 70° weather." - Clarissa

This Bomber Jacket Is Super Trendy

Looking to add a sporty look to any outfit? Add this bomber jacket. Levi's did an amazing job creating a jacket that is extremely versatile and of high quality. Just ask Amazon user Meredith, "I am so happy with this jacket! It far exceeded my expectations and the quality is amazing!! It's not cheap like some of the others I've seen, fits like a glove and I can't wait to wear it this fall."

These Cat Eye Sunglasses for Retro Vintage Shoots

These vintage retro sunglasses are a hit on social media and they also protect your eyes with UV400 protection. They come in a range of colors, but my favorite is the pink frame with brown lenses. They're the perfect look to accompany any summer outfit.