Amazon Is Selling Alcohol Test Strips for Breast Milk To Put Mom’s Minds at Ease

These alcohol test strips for breast milk can allow moms to enjoy life without feeling guilty!

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These strips promise to change the game for moms.


They can quickly and easily help you know if your breast milk is safe for your baby!

They don't just give a positive or negative read...


They also give an accurate and precise reading of how much alcohol your breast milk contains - and how long it will take to be safe for your baby again.

They're also really simple to use!


So moms can treat themselves to a glass of wine after a long day without stressing out about breastfeeding the next morning.

There are over 100 satisfied customers on Amazon!


"I thought they worked super well! Had a weekend getaway and needed to be sure I put enough time between drinking and pumping. Did my best. One night the indicator came out dark blue and I immediately threw it out. The other I kept and tested all at once. I had 2/7 turn a light blue! So happy these worked and I was able to throw those out!" one happy customer wrote.

​"Honestly there is Z E R O shame in wanting to have a glass or two of wine. You deserve it and don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Seems accurate enough and easy to use," another mom agrees!


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